The final word on Cardiff City's Hillsborough humiliation: does Vincent Tan stick with Slade, or twist with a new boss?
JOB opportunities in Wales remained virtually flat last month compared with a year earlier, according to new research published today.
Seasonal falls in vacancies saw month on month index figures down 12 points (9%) in December compared to November, although two job sectors a€“ hospitality and purchasing a€“ bucked the downward trend.
This brought the December 2011 index back to Septembera€™s level, making it 21% higher than two years ago when the index was set at the 100 base level in December 2009. Overall this year-end report demonstrates how sustained the growth in demand for new staff has been in 2011 when compared to 2010.
Technical staff such as engineers, IT and telecommunications specialists were at the forefront of this trend, with an annual increase in job vacancies of over 40%. Year on year demand for staff in job sectors as diverse as construction, qualified accountants, sales, leisure and tourism have all risen considerably higher than the average 17% growth. Demand for financial services staff levelled off in December to a little below its level of 12 months ago, although with a Reed Financial Services Index reading of 104 it is still above its level of two years ago. The former Tory leader is behind plans to introduce Universal Credit in April, which brings together working-age benefits. The Chronicle snapped Mr Duncan Smith as he left Oldham Job Centre on Union Street after the visit lasting around an hour. I do hope one of the many flunkies in the council gave him a guided tour of the building site, sorry town centre! He could have gone on a shopping spree in the Town if he had wanted that would have taken another ten minutes. In opposition, ahead in the polls, the coalition getting battered from all sides & you came 4th!! I’d normally wait until I had a dozen or so Chronicles before consigning them to the recycling bin, but on this occasion I made an exception. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Sunday School LeadersIf you are a teacher, leader, facilitator, director, or education minister; you are part of the Sunday School movement. In November it was above the 100 base level at 105 a€“ with the highest monthly level since the start of the index achieved in February of 2011 at 125.
We may not officially be in recession but that's only because we are waiting for the second quarter to be completed, and things are not looking good. For details about finding a job centre or JobCentre Plus near you , we've added a straightforward directory, you can also use Google maps to find your closest jobcentre plus. Mr FA?rst said the fact the 19-year-old was not spoken to on the phone first 'should not have happened'. Demand for public sector staff continues to collapse, and is 15% below this time last year and a third of its level two years ago. Fill in as complete a profile as possible focussing on previous work experience and projects.
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