Over the past three decades JRH Marketing Services has accumulated a wealth of research and consulting experience across a broad range of demographic and business categories. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. 4 knockout questions to every marketer- Do You have a mobile marketing plan?- Does your marketing reach your customer through mobile?- Is your store or restaurant using mobile to your advantage- Do you geo-target your mbile marketing? To succeed as the app-based search ecosystem evolves, brands need to understand the relevant apps on the market, the value proposition of each, and how to build rank and findability. Do you think that you are wasting money on conventional marketing campaigns and are not gaining any profit? Como proceder então para que sua campanha de e-mail marketing tenha bons resultados?
Sometimes the path of least resistance unwinds into a far more complicated and arduous journey than we anticipated. I read a review about Engage once that read, “Brian Solis takes the fun out of social media.” The author’s point was that the book took an academic approach when the industry could benefit from something that focused on best practices, case studies, and actionable takeaways. Shortly thereafter, I participated in a day-long event at a leading global consumer brand.

Between the review, others like it and that on stage remark, I was starting to think that maybe I was beating the wrong drum. The truth is that the customer gap existed prior to social media and successfully closing it takes more than basic conversational or content-driven strategies in Twitter, Facebook and other social network. No matter how hard we try, we just can’t build a customer-centric organization if we do not know what it is people value. MarketingSherpa combined three questions about social marketing tactics: The effectiveness to achieve objectives, the degree of difficulty to implement each tactic, and the percentage of organizations using them. Social media doesn’t have to be void of “fun.” It must offer value and usefulness to be successful.
Following my presentation, the person, a representative from a leading social network, took the stage and started her presentation by slighting the general theme of my discussion.
While I appreciate their perspective and their ideas, there are those of us who must march to the beat of our own drummer. The ability to deliver against brand lift, ROI, or an established set of business and operational metrics and KPIs is all in the design.
Here we see the following programs carry greater reward for consumers and businesses alike, but as such, you get what you pay for.
This is why my work focuses on how to bridge the gap between customers and businesses, nothing less, nothing more.

The difference between today’s media and the the networks of yore is nothing less than the democratization of information, from creation to consumption to sharing and the equalization of influence.  The marketing landscape has been reset and thus requires a shift from a casual approach to genuine leadership. Develop content and click paths that matter and deliver value on both sides of the transaction. Learn what it is they value and develop engagement programs that offer tangible value (what’s in it for them and their audiences). As part of a recent study sponsored by Vocus, MarketingSherpa discovered that a majority of social media programs focused on programs that were deemed “fast and easy.” Sound familiar? It is not easy nor is it supposed to be when your mission is value, starting with the end in mind and working backwards from there.
Indeed, those programs that focus on social media programs that are easy are less effective than those that require a deeper investment of time, understanding and resources.

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