Its quite rare to find a Kannada Movie star(Actor) in an advertisement, for whatever product. Honestly I have never heard of Kalyan jewerllers before, but seeing Shivraj Kumar in their advertisements creates an interest.
With Shivraj Kumar's brother Puneet Rajkumar already endorsing Mannapuram the Rajkumar brothers are already well ahead of competition on the road less travelled by other Kannada heroes. Some of the heroes may have stayed out of endorsements on principle, some for lack of opportunity and some did get lucky.

The ads, be it the outdoor ones or the more recent print ads in Vijaya Karnataka are refreshingly simple.
For the few ads that I may have chanced upon with our Kannada actors as brand ambassadors, the products, scale and production quality have not really stood out to do much good for the advertiser. The only exceptions being Prakash Rai with Vodafone and Upendra with "Yella ok, cool drink yaake?". With that kind of a background I was very pleased to see the launch ads of kalyan Jewellers with Shivraj Kumar as the brand ambassador.

It does not come out as a general South-Indian ad, but instead stands out as one that has been created from scratch to get a Kannadiga's attention.
There is no hotch-potch, instead it has a simple uncluttered layout, a n interesting headline and elaborate description for those interested.

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