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The biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl, will be the key factor in persuading men to join Kellogg’s campaign. Kellogg’s will explain they are starting a Kellogg’s Super Bowl Campaign promoting a healthy breakfast, healthy city, and healthy sportsmanship. And because they happened to select Pinterest as one of their two main social media platforms – the other one being Facebook-, and because you know Pinterest is one of my fields of expertise, I decided to perform an analysis to find out how they were faring. Food is a very viral category on Pinterest and, if properly leveraged and implemented, it will definitely account for an extremely successful Pinterest marketing strategy.
Another great move are the links back to their sites and the Recipe Rich Pins for their Rice Krispies and Froot Loops brands. The Froot Loops boards gain and average of 235 pinners per month, a pretty low number for being a world-known brand, Dias Grandiosos gained 268 followers on their first month. Froot Loops and Rice Krispies created their first board about a year ago and Dias Grandiosos about a month ago. It is evident that out of the three Pinterest accounts, Dias Grandiosos has the most Kellogg’s love and attention but that is not enough. Add a community board that parallels their online Dias Grandiosos community for Latinas to Pin Kellogg’s products related images.
These are just some of my suggestions. Their fan base would quickly grow as would referral traffic to their websites. After all, General Mills and Kraft are already planning on paying to advertise on Pinterest. And now, for your advertising entertainment, I have selected a few Kellogg’s vintage ads.
With over 80 years of legacy behind it, the Kellogg’s All-Bran brand is now one of the most significant trademarks of the company.
CHALLENGES FACED BY KELLOGG INDIA• Cultural factors and eating habits – population not used to processed foods• Easy availability of low-priced traditional breakfast• Low awareness about processed foods and calorie requirements• Price sensitive customers• Kellogg India has been steadily overcoming these and has contributed to the rapid growth of the breakfast cereal market in the country.
TARGETING• To caters the mass market but they only caters to the A-Class towns or the more affluent consumers.• Disappointed with the poor performance, Kellogg decided to launch two of its highly successful brands - Chocos (September 1996) and Frosties (April 1997) in India.
Promotion• Kellogg also increased its focus on promotions that sought to induce people to try their product and targeted schools across the country for this. This has to be one of the most ridiculous uses of 2D barcode technology that I have seen, and I congratulate the person(s) who was able to 'sell' Kellogg's Crunchy Nut's marketing team on the idea to use 2D for this campaign. Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal is currently running a campaign, which is titled "It's Morning Somewhere" and the idea behind the campaign is that anytime is like breakfast time - a great time to eat and enjoy Crunchy Nut cereal.

The video is all but 15 seconds in length and reminds me of the television show"Seinfeld." Why?
In this campaign sports fans will be able to participate in decision-making factors of a super bowl commercial, and they can winan all paid trip for two to the Super Bowl with free Kellogg’s breakfast for a year. According to International Business Times, it costs $4 million for a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl.
The thought process is that males enjoy sports and they view the super bowl as a big powerful event. Dias Grandiosos is a new digital hub that provides a community for Hispanic families to share cultural experiences. Although many of the Pins still point to Tumbl.r or have been uploaded directly onto the platform. After all, that’s what you may wander what to do with besides placing them in the toaster. Recetas para fiestas is a direct translation of Party Recipes but it is not how Latinas search for it in Spanish. Of course, I would also recommend having a Hispanic Market Pinterest specialist on staff or to consult with. What was once a name for cereals and cornflakes, now represents nutrition and healthy eating. To promote the campaign, Kellogg's has placed a QR Code on the back of Crunchy Nut cereal boxes.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but is perceived as childish, feminine and weak.
Having the Kellogg’s campaign based around football will hopefully gain males attention to the brand, and furthermore, sports loving females as well. Months before the 5 teams of the AFC and the 5 from the NFC are declared, The campaign will kick start with Social media to gain awareness of the campaign. With a lot of sports fans being male, this should be the right target area.Facebook will be the top form of social media used at the beginning of the campaign. With the Kellogg’s Campaign airing two commercials, it will approximately be around $8 million just to air the two commercials.
Google Adwords reports only 90 monthly searches for this term while Comida para Fiestas has 720. Through this project we explore the different aspects of the Kellogg’s All-Bran brand and its future. When the code is scanned, the customer is brought to a very simple mobile page, which is divided into three sections. All the video shows is two people walking in a country field, which I'm guessing is Magnolia, Washington.

The next time Crunchy Nut's marketing team wants to implement a 2D barcode campaign, maybe they should take a play from the Special K marketing team.
If that's the case then my question remains, where or how does the consumer benefit by scanning the code? I say sort of as it was scanned at 11:05am and told me it was morning in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - just 4hrs away with no time difference! Once the teams have been declared, NFL fans will be able to go online and contribute their opinions on their favorite NFL team and their thoughts on Kellogg’s.
Other social media sites such as Twitter, and Instagram will be used to reach out to Sports fans in general.Spreading hash tags to gain awareness will make a huge impact. To produce a commercial Pikewood Creative, a commercial production company says, “Multiple day on-location productions that include crews up to 10 or more, and equipment that includes custom designed sets, helicopter aerials, professional actors, animation, and extensive post-production can range between $50,000 into the millions.” To approximate the Kellogg’s budget to produce the super bowl commercials we will have to look at the amount of research and time spent before the commercial was even made.
I still remember eating my Zucaritas (Frosted Flakes) and Choco-Krispis (Coco Krispies) although Banana Frosted Flakes were my favorite. For men, breakfast food needs to be portrayed as an energizer, masculine, popular, and accepted by other men.
The fans opinions will be put together to create two commercial’s that will be aired during the super bowl, one for each team playing. To produce the commercials I would approximate a $1 million budget due to all of the social media research for each NFL city involved in the campaign. Letting the fans preach about why their city is the best through Kellogg’s will create even more loyalty to their NFL team and to Kellogg’s. If it was me, I would take it a step further and create a Group Board on each Pinterest account where they let people Pin their own photos and recipes and who knows? The commercials will display the unique parts of the NFL’s city, and how Kellogg’s breakfast can contribute to a better day in the city. Maybe I will video my Rice Krispies on orange juice and show them that they also Snap, Crackle and Pop! Second, the insight provided in this analysis is as much as most others, so I don't understand the reason for your saying that zero insight was provided. With a campaign that supports the NFL, Kellogg’s will hopefully gain more brand loyalty from the male population. Third, I too mentioned that there was a need for a coupon, recipes, nutritional info, etc., so nothing new there.
Fourth, if this is a new product launch then why test something half-baked like this 2D promotion?

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