According to the State of Industry Report by ASTD, the top G500 organizations have about half their training done through technology-enabled methods, which include eLearning. To succeed at your own eLearning enterprise then you must be able to understand what kind of skills and people that are required to design, develop and deploy successful eLearning.
Typically a stakeholder is the one who affects or is affected by the organizations’ actions directly or indirectly.
The stakeholder appoints a project manager who is in charge of the day-to-day running of the project.
A skilled project manager estimates, manages and delivers the project within the given time and budget allocated for it. A trainer or subject matter expert has a good knowledge over certain subjects that are specific to the organizations. A Learning and Designing team consists of highly proficient Instructional and visual designers.
A good instructional designer must design the course as per the client requirements and have good knowledge about the standard instructional strategies and its principles and must understand different adult learning styles to make learner-centric courses. The eLearning courseware development team consists of highly skilled experts at authoring tools and able to work with the different and multiple audio and video editing software applications. It’s important for everyone who are a part of the eLearning industry to know how well-designed and learner-centric eLearning courses are developed .
In a similar way, your student ministry is also a two-against-one strategy with the key players being you and the parents of the students that you lead. It takes more time for a pitcher and catcher to be on the same page and work together as one.
My encouragement through the blog today is simple: spend more time with the parents in your ministry. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

His band 'Chutes' are currently doing some wonderful things, and I would advise you to give them a listen! Don’t Forget These 5 Essential Factors,” I have discussed the essential factors that need to be well-thought-out while developing a course. A good stakeholder will have a clear training vision, be self-directed and take greater initiative towards achieving the learning goals.
This is possible through  good planning and understanding, organizing and monitoring the project from the initiation phase of the project to the completion of the project by understanding the client requirements and project objectives. These people are also called content developers, who develop content for the course and play a crucial role in developing successful eLearning  courses. These people must have a sound knowledge about the variant web-application tools like LMS, LCMS, etc.
There are many thoughts about why this happens: there are more pitchers on a team than any other position player so they need more time to get everyone working, there’s much more coordination that takes place between a pitcher and catcher than anyone else, some believe that pitchers just need more time to get back into the groove of things. There are so many intricacies that exist in calling pitches, knowing batter tendencies, defensive alignment, how each pitcher throws and how each catcher likes to work the plate.
With our passions and backgrounds, we aim to represent a list of charities, and fundraise for them. Even companies that generate a few hundred million dollars in revenue are also heavily into eLearning. Now let us look at who are the key players involved in providing end-to-end solutions in eLearning Development. In an eLearning context a stakeholder is the one who makes the investment on eLearning projects and provides his feedback on the project and gives the approval on the concerned project. This team develops the course as per the storyboard and includes layouts, course screens, simple navigations and incorporates multimedia elements to make the eLearning course more effective and engaging as well. In the middle of the bitter cold for much of the country, this day reveals something warmer on the horizon.

If we really believe that parents are the primary disciplers in the home, then as student pastors we have to see part of our role as a discipler of parents, not just students. Essentially, we hope to make the student voice aware of itself, and inspire it to make a difference. In our fundraising events, we hope to inspire YOU, the student generation to, in turn, make a difference in something YOU believe in. To many, today is just another day, but for the baseball fan you know today as the day that pitchers and catchers report to spring training.
Pitchers and catchers are key players on the team and the coordination they need to have with each other is essential to the success of a team. When you, as the student ministry leader, and the parents aren’t on the same page it can cause chaos and a great deal of disruption in the ministry as a whole. In some cases your discipleship of parents will be trying to lead them to Jesus while at other times it will just be encouraging them and making yourself available to them because they are already strongly walking with Jesus.
For the non-baseball people out there: pitchers and catchers from MLB teams across the country are heading to the warmer states this week and beginning their first organized practices for the upcoming season. In fact, a solid pitcher and catcher combination can double-handedly (if that’s a phrase) control an entire game.
You can spend all your time in campus ministry, sermon preparation, and early morning Bible studies, but if you aren’t working in tandem with parents then you are limiting your effectiveness. It takes more than a weekly newsletter and a video announcement on Facebook (though these are good ideas) to have the relationship with them necessary to make the most impact in the lives of the students in your ministry. Student ministry is a two-against-one battle where you and the parents partner together to battle for the life of the student to see them become a reproducing disciple of Jesus.

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