Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. 7) Don’t Read - This one is a no brainer, but somehow Powerpoint makes people think they can get away with it. 10) Don’t Plan Gestures - Any gestures you use need to be an extension of your message and any emotions that message conveys. 13) Come Early, Really Early - Don’t fumble with powerpoint or hooking up a projector when people are waiting for you to speak.
16) Do Apologize if You’re Wrong - One caveat to the above rule is that you should apologize if you are late or shown to be incorrect.
During my early days keynoting events I did some social media consulting work with Tony Robbins. Whether you're presenting to a small group or large audience, there is often someone in charge who wants to check out your slides before you deliver your speech.
Aside from building a killer deck, a good pre-speech routine can help to fight your nerves. Learn to implement the 3-step technique used by JFK, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and other great speakers to persuade & inspire audiences of 10 to 10,000!  Regardless of how you perceive your abilities as a presenter, chances are you engage in the same counterproductive actions and beliefs as 95% of all public speakers today. Actions and beliefs you acquired long ago, and have worked against you and your audiences ever since. Doug demonstrates that we only BELIEVE we fear public speaking because our most common behaviors when in the spotlight produce exactly the same physiological responses as when we are genuinely facing a life-threatening event. I’ve also heard from salespeople that you shouldn’t focus all your attention on the decision maker since secretaries and assistants in the room may hold persuasive sway over their boss. Come early, scope out the room, run through your slideshow and make sure there won’t be any glitches. They were those eager young souls who volunteered to read aloud in grade school and now welcome any opportunity to present in front of a group. I was approached by an agency in 2007 to give a presentation about strategies for social media success. While I'm fine sharing my deck, I warn this person that my slides are a work in progress. It shows you don’t really understand your message, a huge blow to any confidence the audience has in you.

17) Put Yourself in the Audience - When writing a speech, see it from the audiences perspective. 8) Speeches are About Stories - If your presentation is going to be a longer one, explain your points through short stories, quips and anecdotes. 11) “That’s a Good Question” - You can use statements like, “that’s a really good question,” or “I’m glad you asked me that,” to buy yourself a few moments to organize your response. 14) Get Practice - Join Toastmasters and practice your speaking skills regularly in front of an audience.
The very thought of standing up in front of a group, all eyes on you, is a terrifying endeavour. However, I recognized that it was a great opportunity to increase awareness about my new consulting business and, well, the pay wasn't too shabby. There is nothing an audience appreciates more than hearing you say that you just found a new stat that very morning or you grabbed a relevant screenshot the night before. I didn't learn this right away, but after a couple of years on the speaking circuit I started to notice the exact times when I had the most people engaged. Speaking is an inefficient medium for communicating information, so know what the important fifteen words are so they can be repeated. Great speakers know how to use a story to create an emotional connection between ideas for the audience.
Will the other people in the audience know you are using these filler sentences to reorder your thoughts? Not only is it a fun time, but it will make you more competent and confident when you need to approach the podium. For example, I just spoke at a mobile learning conference, and I included a Twitter quote I saw from an attendee just hours before my speech started.
My stories aren't long-winded, but simple little anecdotes to make the content more compelling.
After signing a speaking contract, I counted down the days until I faced one of my biggest fears. I don't recommend that you change every slide at the last minute, but sprinkle in a few final tweaks to keep your deck fresh and your audience engaged. And even if they do, it still makes the presentation more smooth than um’s and ah’s littering your answer.

Four years later, with more than 120 keynote speeches under my belt to audiences ranging from 30 to 3,000 people, I truly love delivering a presentation. They’ve probably been bored at earlier presentations, and associate yours with “yet another boring one”.
Projecting your voice doesn’t mean yelling, rather standing up straight and letting your voice resonate on the air in your lungs rather than in the throat to produce a clearer sound. 12) Breathe In Not Out - Feeling the urge to use presentation killers like ‘um,’ ‘ah,’ or ‘you know’?
Start with a storyA great opening will intrigue your audience, and they will be hooked right away.
Personal stories do this very well, because don’t we all love them?If all you talk about is stats and figures, apart from being extremely boring, you will also fail to bring your listeners on the same page. By opening with a story, you’re really sharing a piece of you with them, which lets them identify with you on a personal level. Just pick a quote relevant to your speech and establish a theme for what’s coming.But don’t just stop there – add a twist to it to arouse interest. For a health-awareness presentation, you could open with “Each year, 4.6 million people die of air pollution”. Or, “Did you know that more people die of air pollution than automobile accidents in the world?”That’s startling enough to hold their attention as you open your speech.4. Ask a “what-if” questionPeople love to imagine, and you naturally want them to imagine a positive outcome at the start of your speech.This can be easily done when you ask them a what-if question. Most people love movies and identify with them, especially all-time favorites like The Godfather.Movie quotes can lighten up the mood, arouse their attention and break the ice as you open your talk. When done right, you can engage, entertain and lead your audience.Whatever you do, remember there is always the first time.

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