Nestle Netherlands' Kit Kat goes against the grain of advertisers who offer up free Wi-Fi at public locations and kills your connectivity, in this out of home campaign out of JWT Amsterdam.
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The ambient advertising that can be found throughout Amsterdam, was created by JWT Amsterdam and designed by Kyoko Takeshita.

To promote the candy bar's long running mission to give you a break, the agency blocked all signals so people could free themselves from email, social media updates and any other digital distractions.
When you’re raising 3 small children, a husband (yes I’m raising him too!), chickens, horses, cows, cats, dogs and what ever else might come my way, you have to be frugal!
I’ve learned repeatedly, if you want to be frugal you have to save time, as well as money, and you have to get organized and that’s my job - I’m here to help you!

To give them space to enjoy the paper, a real-live book or even have a genuine face-to-face conversation-all while munching on a Kit Kat.

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