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Make sure that if you’re using a laptop it is connected to a power point or at the very least fully charged. This methodA will notA clear data, and you shouldn’t lose any of your app data or settings. If it still isn’t being read, try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for your tablet.
If that doesn’t work try manually installing the drivers by following this link to download the universal drivers for your tablet. Just choose the correct zip file for your respective device and download it, and then continue with the instructions already provided. Have you used ADB sideload to push the Android 4.4 KitKat update to your Nexus tablet or are you waiting for the official OTA? Can’t I just download the update and manually flash it on recovery (not using adb sideload) ? For a start it’s the result of a partnership between Google and Nestle which will see the new Android operating system named after the KitKat, and so the campaign to reposition the fingery favourite in the tech-cult-context makes a lot of sense.
How To Make Better Advertising And Advertising Better is a new book by Vic Polkinghorne and Andy Palmer, who run the creative agency Sell! Lernert and Sander sure now how to make tech look fun: by strapping it onto the back of a turtle, and making him shoot a bunch of running dogs.

Holiday rental website HomeAway has launched a new global ad that shows the downsides of renting a room in someone else’s home instead of a whole house.
Most of us are familiar with the dulcet, shouty tones of Cillit Bang spokesperson Barry Scott. Nothing better therefore than using this same item to give them a break during the moments when tiredness strikes.
Companies around the world rely on the talented and creative minds of designers to create visually impactful and memorable product advertisements.
Unfortunately, Google tends to take its time updating devices and we could be in for a rather lengthy wait. Make sure you have a microUSB cable at hand, as well as a PC or Mac, and are running the latest Android 4.3 version. Connect your tablet to your computer and a warning should pop up with the computers unique RSA number asking if you want to connect to the computer. Return to your tablet and power it back on by holding Power and Volume down buttons at the same time (for the Nexus 10, hold down the Power and volume up and down buttons simultaneously). Hold the home powerA button down first, then quickly hold the volume up button while still holding down the power button (this is a little difficult and you’ll need to work on your timing before getting it right). If you’ve done everything correctly, you can now sit back and watch your device install the update itself, if not head to the troubleshoot section to see some of the problems you could be facing. One the update has been installed, you’ll see the counter hit 100% and you can now boot up your device. The program is normally used to tether your smartphone to your computer, however it also works very well helping you install the drivers for your device.

Whether you stayed up to watch the game or couldn’t give a hoot that the Broncos beat the Panthers, everyone knows the real excitement is in the deluge of ads that erupts before and during the game. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi London, the ad plays out the various and mostly unpleasant side effects of sharing with strangers while on holiday. We develope a notebook with an inflatable cover, which, once inflated, transformed into a pillow.
Advertising differs from other forms of design, as you often have to incorporate a product, a logo, a company image and other details to meet the client needs. The tome offers a no-nonsense approach to the bonkers world we call ad-land, all set in a neat little cloth-bound volume designed by the agency’s Lee Freeman. Made with easily available material and at low cost we were able to impact our young target in an innovative way. Therefore, being able to manipulate results to match the color scheme, subject matter and target market are essential skills for any designer. Unfortunately, this guide won’t work on the LTE Nexus 7 (2013) or the 3G Nexus 7 (2012).

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