October 2011Klutz - Wicked Cool Friendship Bracelets product reviewsSuper clear instructions for making 5 styles of bracelets, complete with luminous beds and charms. The book has really clear step by step instructions on how to complete each bracelet idea which are accompanied by illustrations which are great for people who need a bit of a pictorial representation. The kit has a good amount of beads and string to get you started to get a feel for the book and then you will need to buy more. I liked with this - as with all the Klutz products - that it really is for beginner dummies. I really liked the quality of this product as it was robust and didn't feel like it would break easily. I must confess to being a fan of the Klutz products I think because every step is explained and they have little hints on every page just when you need them about what to do ie "if a bead slips out of position just push it back into place". This gets top marks from me and I will certainly be getting the kit back out when Miss Five is ready to tackle it herself Thanks Klutz!!
A NOTE FROM ME: overall this was a great product, I was very proud of what charlotte achieved and that she was patient enough to sit there for a good period of time to complete the craft. Given the chance to review this, I was in like a shot, this time though, the junior crafter wasn't getting her mitts on it, this was all for me!

This came with everything I needed to learn how to make these fun bracelets, beads, charms and cords.
Now that I've learned some new skills, I'm enjoying making some more with my own materials and already plan on getting some more cords as well.
I like that it has good instructions as im not very good at making plaits so I can learn how to at the same time, and i can read all the words which is good because it is for kids like me.
I personally enjoy products like this which can draw in a child and hold their attention span for more then 20 minutes, with something they can appreciate and keep in the end. I am an avid geo-cacher and as part of that we sometimes leave small trinkets in caches for others to find and swap. If you are a fellow geo-cacher, you never know, you might see one of my "Roses & Thorns" friendship bracelets turn up.
I like that it is something not too girly and that there are lots of different types to make and heaps of cool beads for me to pick from.
The knots and braiding technique is very similar to the ones used in Macrame so I found it quite easy to do.you could also make other projects like beaded dangly braids for your cell phone or hand bag.
I've been thinking long and hard on a "signature" item that I could leave and friendship bracelets fit the bill!

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And the instructions were great due to the vast range of ideas and being easy to read and follow. Plus with vamps and such like being so popular at the moment, it makes these bracelets something that I can see any young girl keen on making. In most cases, prices and dates stated are approximate and should be considered as only guidelines. I also Agree with charlotte on the subject of it being nice that it is not so girly, we are forever trying to find different items that are not all hearts flowers and pink so I was very impressed and grateful that we got to review this.
I'm sure this craft set will sell well and inspire the crafter to design and make lots of new projects.
I had a lot of fun using this kit and the only downside to it was the silver cord drove me absolutely batty with how it frayed and the trouble I had threading beads onto it!

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