K & M Rentals is your #1 Orlando Scooter Store offering quality new Mobility Scooters for sale. We offer our customers the best price on new and used Mobility Scooters in the Orlando Area.
If you are searching for tips on how to select the right ECV rental for Theme Parks, then you have come to the right place. Here are three great reasons to take advantage of our Orlando Theme Park Scooter Rentals Coupon. Ensure that the pedometer is tracking your steps effectively by setting the pedometera€™s sensitivity mode to a€?moderatea€™. Conserve energy and be healthy at the same time a€“ take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Organize a walking tour a€“ the City of Toronto is filled with beautiful parks and scenic trails. Recruit your family, friends, colleagues or classmates to join a walking club a€“ map out different distances and walking routes throughout your challenge. Choose from Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus Mobility Scooters,  and Pride Mobility Victory 10 Mobility Scooters, all available in both 3 & 4 wheel models. Why rent a scooter from a theme park when they won’t let you take your scooter out of the park? It quickly breaks down into 5 lightweight, easy to manage pieces (the heaviest piece is 32.5lbs) making it a breeze to transport in your Car, SUV or Van. In addition to mobility scooter rentals, we also have a wide-range of high quality ECV scooter accessories available for rent, such as sun-shades, baskets, cane and oxygen tank holders.

With its delta tiller and wraparound handles, the Go-Go Travel Scooter is also designed for easy, intuitive operation. We deliver your scooter accessories directly to your Theme Park Resort, Vacation Villa, Hotel or Resort free of charge!
And with a cruising range of 18 miles and maximum speed of 4.5 MPH, you will have no problem getting round the theme parks and other Orlando attractions.

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