I am seasoned knitter of sweaters for humans, and I never thought that one day I would be knitting a sweater for a little dog that doesn’t even belong to me, but she is sooooo cold when taken outside.
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Infinity scarf, one of the most stylish and chick varieties of scarves looks amazing on everyone. Knitting a pair of tiny baby booties does not take much time, but they are great for keeping your baby warm while giving him an effortless stylish look. Knitting is an amazing and constructive way of spending your leisurely hours while making whatever you want to. The Sweatshop of Love Blog celebrates every aspect of knitting – from finding a pattern to finishing a project. Lace knitting is ideal for making girly and pretty clothing and accessories as the delicate designs look amazing on scarves, shawls, jackets and Afghans. Like any Mobius strip, Mobius scarves are non-orientable circular scarves that resemble the infinity scarf in appearance. So, whether you are a high school student or a college girl, a fashion diva or a housewife, an infinity scarf is sure to boost your whole appearance.

How about knitting an adorable designer sweater that will make her look so stylish while keeping her warm and cozy?
There are countless attractive patterns for knitting fashionable baby booties that can be further adorned by the use of buttons, ribbons, knit flowers, braided knit laces and pom poms.
Be it a sweater, a stylish cowl, a baby blanket, a fluffy pair of slippers, designer socks or stylish mittens – you can make them all by hand knitting. I publish my own patterns, share everything on my needles, and help knitters of all skill levels get excited about knitting. The intricate patterns compliment your knitting abilities while in reality, they are not that hard to achieve.
The fashionable Mobius scarves are sported by men and women of all ages as they are great for boosting one’s appearance, giving them an outdoorsy look in minutes. There are countless unique patterns for hand-knitting attractive scarves, further accessorized with designer yarns and cute buttons. Animal and cartoon character patterns are great for making cute customized booties while simple ones knit with garter or stockinette stitches looks amazing as well. There are countless designs to choose from including complex floral and leaf patterns, lacey geometric patterns and simple zigzag patterns.

The best thing about Mobius scarves is that you can easily make one at home and it does not even take much time! Blue, purple and green are often used for knitting booties for little boys while pink, red and peach are common for girly booties.
More than anything, The Sweatshop of Lover's Blog LOVES knitting and wants to make you love it, too. However, you can opt for more complex patterns to produce unique, designer slippers with ribbons and buttons for making them more attractive.
So, whether you are going to a casual get-together with friends or have a formal party to attend – a hand-knit light lace scarf or a shawl is sure to suit your attire. But, make sure there is no loose yarn or adornment for your doggy to chew off as it can cause serious health hazards.

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