Appandaway is another good resource when it comes to discovering mobile apps on iOS and android. Herea€™s how to make the most of it a€“ even if you dona€™t have any experience with web design. If you have a dev blog a€“ which you should a€“ definitely link it to your landing page, at the very bottom, in small print, for the 1% of visitors who will want to find it.
Today we’ll continue with another roundup article containing 22 of the best Bootstrap landing pages, some free and some premium. Jedy is a free responsive landing page made with Bootstrap that comes with modern minimal design, fullscreen backgrounds, CSS3 animations, Font Awesome icons, iPhone and computer mockups, etc.
Jesis is a perfect Bootstrap landing page for presenting and promoting your new mobile app.
Sssoon is a nice free coming soon template built with Bootstrap for your new product or service. Marco is a premium Bootstrap landing page to present and promote your product, service or application. Some of its features include: responsive layout, fullscreen backgrounds, working AJAX email subscription form, working contact form, font icons, pricing tables, responsive videos, testimonials section, CSS3 animations and more. Landing Sumo is a premium bundle with 20+ Bootstrap landing pages to use in a variety of projects: mobile Apps, eBooks, restaurant websites and more. Eventix is a responsive landing page made with Bootstrap that can be used to present your events.
Pratt is a simple App landing page, really easy to use and customize, made with Bootstrap 3.0.
Drew is a premium responsive landing page made with Bootstrap with different layouts and a lot of features for all your marketing needs. Teris is a free responsive Bootstrap landing page that you can use if you are planning to launch a new iPhone App.
Sleek is a multi-purpose landing page built with Bootstrap that comes with different layouts and features.

Celic is a premium template made with Bootstrap, a fully responsive multi-purpose landing page to present and promote your product, service or application. Flatty is a free Bootstrap landing page with a flat design to present your app, website or product.
Creatorica is a cool and creative landing page based on Bootstrap to showcase your application or your own studio portfolio. LandX is a multipurpose responsive Bootstrap 3 landing page with 4 homepage styles and 8 pre-defined color schemes. It also comes with some nice features to help you launch your mobile app quickly and easily, like: fullscreen backgrounds, working AJAX subscription and contact forms, Font Awesome icons, iPhone PSDs, screenshots section, video section. Kane is a clean landing page for your new mobile app built with Bootstrap that comes with different homepage styles and color variations. It’s fully responsive, flexible, clean, with a professional design, Search Engine Optimized and comes with an advanced framework with tons of theme options. Bivio is a premium WordPress landing page theme made with Bootstrap, responsive and with a lot of features. Jesis is a new premium template made with Twitter Bootstrap and it’s a perfect landing page for presenting and promoting your new mobile app. Create you a remarkable app landing page, you can upload your image, logo or screenshot and be sure to include social media profiles in sharing and to connect with your valued audience. We going through reviews in the Google Play and in the App Store to offer you recent updates and up-to-date information on different applications.
Instead of being confined to a few little generic boxes, the design and content of your landing page is completely up to you. If youa€™ve been wise about naming your app something unique yet recognizable, it ought to be available on the cheap. How soon depends on you, but a good time is probably about two or three months before your estimated launch date. It comes with a responsive layout, an elegant modern design style and has all the features you need: fullscreen backgrounds, working AJAX subscription and contact forms, video section, screenshots section, FAQ section, etc.

It comes with a clean, modern and flat design, different layouts (10+ layouts), different color schemes and a lot of features.
With this theme you can set up a coming soon landing page without touching a line of code from the Options Page inside the WordPress admin panel. It’s developer friendly, easy to customize and includes 3 ready to use color options. You can use it if you’re planning to launch a new project or service and you want to begin creating your email list before the launch. It also includes Visual Composer Page Builder which gives you freedom to create web sites in only a couple of clicks.
Below you’ll find the full list of features, the live preview link and the purchase link.
Interact to your social media pages and raise your identity then track all your supporters.
Thata€™s where youa€™ll network with other devs, as well as where users will contact you with questions and accolades. If your appa€™s not out yet, consider a way for visitors to enter their email to be notified when it hits the stores.
That way, you have enough concrete material to show potential users and PR folks so that they can get excited. You should try this Related Freebies Clemo is a free website template for companies featured by a unique and modern style.

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