Por ejemplo, las landing page se usan cuando hacemos mailings (envA­os de correos electrA?nicos a nuestros clientes o posibles clientes) sobre nuestras promociones. Las landing page o paginas de aterrizaje nos ayudan muy positivamente a medir el exito que estA? teniendo nuestras campaA±as publicitarias en google u otra plataforma publicitaria.
Ni nos complicamos, ni te complicamos la vida, sA?lo hacemos diseA±o de paginas web economicas.
Jedy comes with a responsive layout, modern minimal design, fullscreen backgrounds, CSS3 animations, Font Awesome icons, iPhone and computer mockups, etc.
Take a look below to find the full list of Jedy’s features, the live preview link and the download link. Here are 8 pointers on how to create a landing page to boost its conversion rate using conversion centered design. Make sure to include a logo on each and every landing page you create – for the purposes of conversion, users should have a clear idea where they are and what they should do.
Use a captivating graphic design to create a tunnel vision effect – at the end of which you’ll place your main point. Monochromatic design is difficult, but when executed right, a white or black button can make an impression. Note that colors also evoke a psychological reaction – green is considered to stand for comfort, growth and has other positive associations. In order to draw attention to an element of your landing page, simply try to make it bigger. Make sure that other elements of your landing page remain proportional – too many large images, buttons and boxes will create a cluttered effect.
When designing your landing page, make sure to keep your design elements consistent – both in visual and content-wise terms.
There are various visual elements that help to direct the gaze of the viewer and help him focus on what matters most on the page. Then there’s the gaze of figures represented in the picture – people naturally tend to follow it, so place your conversion target there and expect users to look where others are already looking.
If you’re still in doubt and want to learn more about designing a high-converting landing page, have a look at this great infographic prepared by QuickSprout. Design So you have spent loads of time and possibly money driving traffic to your awesome site selling your products or services, but you aren’t getting enough leads.
Visitors may not know how to buy your product or service, they may not know exactly what you do, or they may simply just need you to tell them what they need to do in order to acquire your services. The first thing you want to be sure of before creating your landing page, is what you are creating it for. When writing supportive copy for your landing page, keeping it simple and straight to the point is the most important thing you can think about. Format your copy in ways that visitors can scan it easily and quickly and grasp the main points.
When someone clicks a button, the text on the button should tell him or her exactly what will happen when they do. Besides your main CTA, you can also include a backup or safety net CTA for those visitors that aren’t quite ready to pull out their wallet.
Quick tip: When using images of people, try using photos that have the person or people actually looking in the direction of your call to action. When designing your page, also remember that the design should be consistent with that of your ad that attracted the visitor, or any thank you pages to follow.

I know I already said the CTA is the most important, but testing is another step to success that you should not take lightly. Test two different headlines and track your conversion rates to see which one your visitors respond to.
Now that you know the basic anatomy of a landing page, go out there and turn them into successful conversions for your business! Your conversion rate will never be 100%, so testing is an ongoing area of improvement that will keep your landing page working for you for a long time. I have also compiled for you a list of 25 of the most successful landing pages on the internet at this time. So many companies spend ridiculous amounts of money driving traffic to their website, but next to zero money is spent on converting that traffic. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel. Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE. Designs copyright by their respective owners.Design Delight is not responsible for the content on the sites featured. Dicho de otro modo, la landing page es la pagina de destino donde se envA­a a un posible cliente interesado en alguno de los anuncios publicados en internet. De este modo podemos analizar si nuestras campaA±as estA?n funcionando del modo que deseamos.
If you plan to use it, a link to this page or any form of spreading the word will be much appreciated.
Avoid cluttering the space with unnecessary text or images – as a designer, your mission is to attract and direct the user’s attention. A well-executed encapsulation design will direct the gaze of the viewer exactly where you want – have a look at this brilliant example. It’s much easier to manipulate colors on the page – against a white space, a red or blue box will immediately call for attention. Color contrast is important too – in a limited color palette, anything of a different color will immediately catch user’s attention. Changing design principles will only distract the visitor from the goal of the landing page – you need to minimize the amount of time the viewer will need to orient themselves on the new page.
Arrows might seem a bit too much, but they really work – you can use them to guide users straight to call to action button.
Remember that white spaces also improve the legibility of any texts you include on your page – use them wisely and you’ll have the complete attention of the viewers.
Your website is drop dead cool and your products are definitely worth buying, so what’s the deal? It is a stand-alone page on your website that has one sole purpose of converting visitors into customers. Ask them to join you on Facebook or follow on Twitter so that you can possibly build that relationship later and keep your business in their thoughts. Don’t overcrowd it with all the bells and whistles, don’t use too much of one color and try using some interesting content that supports your product creatively. This will help encourage the visitor to follow through and draws their eyes to the most important part of your page. If done correctly, these help get the visitor excited and interested – possibly enough to take the next step.

Make sure that all of the most important things – like the CTA and headline of course – are near the top of the page so that they cannot be missed. There are no magical templates that you can plop your information into and they will be guaranteed to work. So get your landing page out there and convert that hard earned traffic into hard earned cash! She likes wearing her many hats, and has worked in quite a few different industries that give those hats a rightful claim on her head! We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company. Don’t use overly extravagant graphics – they will distract the user from the task at hand and impact the conversion rate of the page.
Even though the image is blurred, it’s easy to follow its strongly arched shape and arrive at the message. Some shapes will naturally act as a visual pathway for the viewer – triangles can be a great design tool, because their shape is already pointing at something. Ninefold is a powerful Ruby on Rails platform, that allows you to deploy Rails apps quickly and easily. If you feel that you have more than one point to get across, then you are going to need more than one landing page. Your page can be masterfully designed in all the right ways with all the right copy, but if your visitor is confused as to what they should do next, they will bounce quicker than a kangaroo right off your page, just like that. Don’t however, use images, videos and too many things that will cause the visitor to back away. If your page requires scrolling, be sure you don’t unintentionally create a ‘false bottom’.
When I say test everything, I mean make slightly different versions of your landing page (maybe two or three) and change things on it one at a time. You have to build it according to your own business and what exactly you are trying to sell.
It will also typically contain some sort of navigation, which could be your regular navigation or specific to the landing page.
You want them to instantly know exactly what they should do next without having to think about it.
Then you need to test it until you get it right – and keep testing because your goal is to continue turning out a higher conversion rate with every test you make.
The visitor needs to know exactly what the whole page is about in the first five seconds of viewing the page.
Now keep cutting it in half after that until you feel like it’s the least amount of words you can say to still get your point across.
It also helps to create sections if your page will be scrollable to break up the information so it’s easier to digest, and don’t forget to repeat your CTA at various points throughout. But make sure you are keeping track of what works and what doesn’t; testing doesn’t mean anything without the data that comes out of it.
It’s not full of ads and news, just a simple search box with a menu across the top – the makings of a brilliant landing page.

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