According to econsultancy, for every $92 spent acquiring customers, sites only spend $1 converting them. We’re going to talk about seven landing page optimization mistakes eCommerce companies make and through this discussion, help spread the word about the importance of landing page optimization.
When a visitor sees the ad and clicks on it, they have a certain expectation of what they want to see.
If your landing page headline is not the same or incredibly similar to your ad headline, the odds you’ll lose the conversion and the sale are high. Testing may seem like a daunting task, and if it seems too complex, get ahold of a landing page expert. If you look at your analytics, you’ll most likely find that most visitors to your site are new visitors, so let’s treat them as such. If you need to include a lot of text, use images, icons and color to break it up for easy readability.
The paradox of choice from Barry Schwartz explains that choice has made us not freer but more paralyzed, not happier but more dissatisfied. Have you ever searched for a product online, only to end up on a landing page with row after row of choices – most of which don’t apply to what you were looking for?
One of the best ways to speak to your new visitor is to present them with an email sign-up form.
While these are just seven of the landing page optimization mistakes ecommerce companies make, they are some of the most important. Is this the best ad and landing page based on the intent and buying stage for the key phrase? I would add No Risk to the 30 day Free-Trial on the right hand side of the landing page to continue the information scent from the PPC ad. I also would test whether words like Cancel or downgrade anytime move the conversion scale for Raven.
While that in itself might be the purpose of the campaign I would have bounced if it hadn’t been for your question. The only thing that interested me was that they are taking data from multiple sources and that is a bit more unusual. When someone can up with a tool that will help me map a path to purchase, identify action points along that path, link pages to each action point and then allow me measure success or failure, then I will be happy to hand over the plastic fantastic. Jeffrey Eisenberg, Bryan Eisenberg & John Quarto-vonTivadar are the inventors of Persuasion Architecture.
Whether your main efforts are focused on creating a successful blog or building out your own series of successful affiliate marketing campaigns, the one common theme across both models is that you need to focus on your optimization.
For a website or blog owner, a great way to optimize your site for your audience would be to make sure it loads faster, has great navigation and is responsive across all viewing devices. At the same time, you also want to ensure your site is both optimized and monetized for maximum revenue as well.
This can be done by placing call-to-actions throughout your sites, such as newsletter signups and recommended products or services.
For affiliate marketers, the act of optimization is quite possibly one of the most important things they can focus their efforts on, as usually done through the use of landing pages.

When attempting to optimize landing pages for affiliate marketing purposes, the end goal is to get the user to take action and complete the offer or sale you are trying to promote. It doesn’t matter if your main source of traffic or revenue is from blogging or affiliate marketing, the more you know about site optimization, the better you can grow and scale your brand and business over time. While the majority of these methods are focused on affiliate marketing and how to generate leads through landing pages, many of these same tactics can be implemented into site ownership and blogging as well. Take a look at each of the key points below and see where you might be missing out on further optimization on your own sites and ad campaigns.
No matter what your call to action is or how you are collecting data, make sure it pops off the page and grabs the attention of your audience. With more brands and businesses now using social media (specifically Facebook) as their marketing platform of choice, it’s also important to consider your options for creating call-to-actions that relate with your fans, followers and audience.
For bloggers, nearly the most important call to action for all of them is to get someone to join their mailing list. How many times have you been to a website or sales page only to see endless text and then immediately click the “X” button to close out the window?
While this may seem like a great way to give your audience all the information they are looking for, it can be a complete overwhelm at the same time. More often then not, landing pages are being promoted through paid advertising methods such as media buying and pay per click marketing.
This means you are sending people directly to your landing, so you shouldn’t need to worry about placing content on your page strictly to help with SEO and ranking in the search results. At the same time, sometimes the best way to convert your audience into a lead is to just give them one option, which is to click anywhere on the page to send them directly to the offer they are interested in.
For example, if you were promoting a contest online, you would want to show a picture of an excited person who just won a prize of their own.
As we keep mentioning throughout the article, keeping your landing page clean and to the point is one of the best ways to increase your conversions. Bullet points are one of the best ways to highlight all of the benefits and features of a product or service, while not taking up a lot of space of making your site visitors read to much. Keep your bullet points above the fold and near your call to action area, so the user stays engaged. When designing your landing pages and ad copy, don’t use specific colors just because they look nice and seem to blend with each other. For example, colors like BLUE offer a sense of trust and security, while PINK is often used to promote youthful and female-focused products.
Remember, you are only sending people to your landing page so they can do one thing — complete the offer you are promoting! By knowing why and where people are clicking on your landing page, you can continually improve conversions by split testing colors, placements, wording, call to actions and much more. Just by increasing the click-through or conversion rate on your landing page by a few percentage points, you can bring in thousands of dollars in extra profit over the lifetime of your ad campaign.
When it comes to split testing, we could literally talk about it all day, so I’ve listed a few of the best split testing resources for you below. With over 1,500 words in the books, you should now be on your way to becoming a landing page optimization expert!

To get the most out of your landing page, always be sure to track your campaign progress on all levels.
This means having your own tracking system in place, along with monitoring traffic and leads reporting from both your traffic sources and your affiliate network of choice — don’t rely on just what the affiliate networks are reporting to you! Through the infographic, you will discover some additional takeaways on how to create better landing pages, while also giving you some visual examples in the process! You talked about call-to-action button, what colors and sizes do you think work best for it. With more than $3 billion spent on paid search alone, you might think that increasing traffic to your site is the best way to increase revenue.
They spend so much time focusing on driving traffic, social media and page rank, that they forget the landing page. After a period of time, you can eliminate the poor performers and stick with the most optimized landing page. Many ecommerce sites make the mistake of treating new and returning visitors in the same fashion.
The question is, will the desire to see more of Raven outweigh the benefit of showing more of Raven upfront? My company sees offers for tools like this once a week and use other similar brands (SEOmoz, Crazy Frog etc) so this would be a tough sell anyway. The problem is most organizations aren’t built this way, they sit is silos, so it would have been hard for the tools vendors to sell it that way. Pre-mortem Eisenberga€™s Hierarchy of Optimization Scoring Priorities Of course, you cannot start the 3-step process without first creating actionable personas based on qualitative and quantitative data. Since 70% of the people that come to your site for the firs time will never return again, the best way to keep them coming back for more is by getting them on your mailing list. This type of image would help your audience feel that same emotion and make them want to take action right away.
Probably not, and this is the mentality you need to take when building out your landing pages and call to actions for your audience as well. To increase the focus and conversion rate of your landing pages, be sure to remove all distractions and navigation from your page.
With these actionable tips, I hope you are just a few steps closing to squeezing out some extra conversions and dollars out of your next ad campaign. Depending on it’s location and the surrounding colors around it, GREEN, BLUE and ORANGE have worked well in the past. This study says that sites spend nearly $100 getting people to their site, but then they only spend $1 to keep them there.
Namely why would i wish to pay money for a management tool that does not help me manage the real task – which is developing landing pages that match user intent. If you take them to a page with children’s, men’s and women’s jeans, they’ll probably bolt from your site because there are too many choices.

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