While you might associate WordPress as a content management system for blogs (like this one), many companies build websites on it, as well. While the fundamentals of landing page optimization do not change based on the technology powering the website (it’s still all about the customer), the growth of content management systems has made it easier for marketers to create landing pages … and thus split test new treatments. I also sent the page over to Tony Doty, Senior Manager of Optimization, MECLABS, for a few optimization suggestions that would help our audience.
Today’s MarketingExperiments post will share some of Tony’s suggestions, using the page that Charles submitted as a live example that will hopefully give you some ideas that you can add to your testing queue. Also, before you read further, you may want to print off your landing pages and see where you can find opportunities for optimization in these areas. Headlines can give marketers an ulcer due to all of the hats that your headline is asked to wear in your marketing.
Your headline is your first impression, your opening line in starting a conversation with ideal prospects, and it should also answer the question, “If I am your ideal prospect, then why should I buy from you?” or as Tony described for this particular example, “Why would I get preapproval with you vs. He also cautioned that a larger image can affect the other elements on a page that do have value. The images used in your marketing should either directly state or support the value proposition of the offer on your landing page. Test Idea: Try testing a treatment with no image, and instead use that space to mitigate anxiety (see next test idea). Testimonials are a boon to your marketing because they can mitigate anxiety on your pages by giving you authentic, third-party credibility.
But, how useful are they buried at the bottom of your page or placed somewhere too far from where an element of anxiety exists? In the example page, Tony uses the distance of the testimonials from the call-to-action to make a point about the relationship between anxiety and proximity. So, when testing to mitigate anxiety on your landing page, try placing your testimonials, security seals, third-party ratings or other credibility indicators closer to the elements on your landing pages that you identify as potential sources of anxiety. A final thought I would like to offer Charles and our audience on optimization using WordPress, or any platform for that matter, is that when it comes to optimization, the content management system is irrelevant. There are, of course, factors to consider before you select a testing platform, but what I am talking about is the bigger picture of optimization. Stock photos are not only a distraction, they are an enormous waste of very valuable space. Some of our discoveries in video optimization are that you should produce high quality useful content and the first frame needs to be interesting.
Moshe Chayon: What do you think about running different campaign on each social media channel? The views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily reflect in any way the views of MarketingExperiments, its affiliates, or its employees. BookPage is the landing page template for all those internet marketeers who are releasing their own ebook. JustLanded is a landing page template designed for one thing only, to turn a visitor into a paying customer. It’s not directly made to sell ebooks, but with a little customization it will be a great ebook store. Whether you’re planning to launch a new website, app, or product in the near future, or simply revamping an old one, a landing page is the way to go. When trying to select the ideal landing page for your landing page, or up and coming website, the most important feature to look for is a responsive layout.

Landing Sumo is an amazing and free WordPress landing page that can also double up as an app page theme. Appz is a breathtakingly beautiful free WordPress App theme that can be used for any type of app website.
Launch Effect is a free and awesome WordPress one page theme specially built to serve as a landing page. Onesie is a unique and versatile free WordPress landing page theme that can also be used for a portfolio or event website.
SKT The App is a free multipurpose one page WordPress theme that was specially created to display any product or app, and can be used for corporate, business, and consultancy sites.
Optimizer is a simple yet modern WordPress landing page theme that is fully free to download and use.
TA Meghna is a top quality and free WordPress multi-purpose theme that is extremely versatile.
DW Timeline is a sophisticated free WordPress theme that can be used for a blog, business, portfolio, or landing type of website. Feel free to contact us or give us a shout in the comment section if you have any cool and free landing WordPress themes that you want us to add to this list.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Landlr is flat, modern, flexible and has a fully responsive design based on WordPress and Bootstrap 3.
An image should strengthen the message on your pages by giving your offer a single, undistracted voice that is tightly focused on what it is you want to say to your potential customers. Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director and CEO, MECLABS, who often teaches in our Web clinics, “Optimization does not occur on a webpage. Your asking a lot from visitors in terms of perceived cost to watch an entire segment, so the perceived value needs to outweigh that cost. It focuses on the key elements used in successful landing pages: the product itself, building trust, providing an option to buy your product and an easy way to contact you. And thanks to this collection of the very best Free WordPress Landing Page Themes, you do not have to pay a dime when it comes to letting your visitors know your new site or blog is under construction or ready to launch.
This clean theme is simple yet offers a professional look, making it perfect for a business site or app page. It includes awesome functionality making it ideal for a landing page or app launch website. This beautifully designed landing page and launch template features a bold countdown timer in the middle of the page, and also offers an email subscription form so keeping your users up to date on the latest events & dates will be an easy task.
This one page template showcases a countdown clock front and center so your visitors will stay informed on your launch date. And despite being free, Landis provides users with multiple color skins. This simple theme is fully responsive and optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. This simple yet powerful theme was specially crafted to showcase a product or a mobile app. This terrific template gives you the ability to showcase your product on a single page design with a slot for a featured image — think an iPhone app. This wonderful template can be used for business, agency, web design, freelance, and the most important one of all — as a landing page! This theme is quite unique as it incorporates the Facebook timeline layout into it’s design.

It showcases only the best themes for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and many other content management systems. Each section is optimised for Downloads, Overview and Samples, Reviews and an Author Bio’s. This site template is especially good for selling online products, ebook or any sort of marketing landing page. JustLanded is very lightweight with fast content delivery in mind – a crucial asset for any landing page – and easy to extend and to customize. Some amazing Free App WordPress Themes are also included for those in need of themes for their iphone Apps.
Because this ensures your site will be viewed excellently on mobile, tablet, and computer devices. Landing Sumo’s features include a drag and drop page builder, themes option panel, 2 custom post types, a fully responsive layout, plus an awesome pricing table shortcode. This theme was created for all types of  web applications including iPhone apps, Google play apps, and more. The best feature of Launch Effect would have to be the cool option of allowing your visitors to sign up for your website or newsletter with their email address.
Arcade allows you to customize the header image, page layout, and site width via the theme menu. And because it’s a one page design, the App comes with multiple sections, and is fully integrated with WooCommerce and Contact form 7. For starters, Optimizer boasts a Full width & boxed size layout option, sliders, logo uploader, Google fonts, and multiple color variations.
With Bootstrap and responsive design it is easily usable with any device (Desktop, tablet, mobile phonea€¦), without removing any content! Just answer four simple questions or use the advanced filtering system for a perfect search.
The book cover artwork is easily customizable with Photoshop Smart Objects, just past your cover image and the smart object rescales and fixes the image perspective perfectly. Another great feature is a countdown timer to let your visitors know when your new site will launch and make its debut. With a modern and clean design, Starter is completely responsive and optimized for smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices. Even better, this launch page theme is fully responsive, SEO ready, WooCommerce compatible, and multi-lingual ready.
TA Meghna offers great features such as a cool scrolling animation, powerful theme options and a responsive layout. During some research i stumbled on these templates more than one time and especially the first three templates are brilliant as hell! The Booker template is a fully responsive theme meaning it is optimised for all device sizes, Booker is also Retina Ready, meaning no more blurry images on your HiDPI and Retina displays.
Landing pages work by basically letting your audience know a new product or site has launched or is coming soon.
We also offer some great Free Business WordPress Themes if you’re in need of more options.

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