If you have more than one Mac, you probably need to exchange files between the two computers from time to time. To access another Maca€™s files in the Finder, choose Go > Network, double-click one of the computers or devices that displays, and enter your username and password. If you have one or more small files you need to send to another Mac, you can send them as attachments to an email message.
If you use Dropbox to store some of your files in the cloud, it seems obvious that you can easily transfer files from one Mac to another by placing them in your Dropbox folder. Applea€™s iCloud Drive is mostly designed for apps to store files, but you can add files to it as well, which you can later access from another Mac.
If you use Google Drive, Box, or another cloud repository for your files, you can obviously place files there from one Mac and access them on another.
Let us not forget that these many ways of transferring files from Mac to Mac are fine if you have a handful of files, but they can take a long time if you want to move, say, all seven seasons of a€?West Winga€? episodes. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. File sharing site were very popular a few years back, has the email services like the Gmail began to provide unlimited storage space, they are been focused less these days. Additionally you can also protect your privacy and file with password, set permission and expiration time.
Driveway offers you 2GB of free online storage space which you can use it to backup any important files on cloud.
It is a one click file sharing service, just upload the file, give some description (optional), set the privacy option and share it.
MediaFire is one of the popular and favorite file sharing service for many of the internet users. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot.
Don’t get confused now.  This is not a list of services that let you store all your files in the cloud, organizes them, or allows you to collaborate with friends. Rapidshare is lacking in features & design, but if you’re looking for a one-click file host, you came to the right place. I always liked drop.io and even now with much more usage than before, it is still simple to  understand.
Filedropper aims to give the most basic file hosting service that enables you to share stuff quickly.
I actually marked this one as a favorite: Wikisend – an elegant and simple interface that helps you share files quickly. With the free plan of Send6, you can send files up to 100MB size, which you can store in your 250MB free space. Overall, 2large2email has a nice and comfortable email-like interface for sharing large files. I couldn’t find the exact amount that you can upload per file to Flyupload, but the service looks great. I was surprised to see that underneath the new layout of DivShare is the same great service from three years ago. Back when I tried MailBigFile in 2005, I thought this was a great service that offered a convenient solution to sending larger files.
Last but not least is good old Yousendit, which has never plummeted in its presence online.
RapidShare has a storage capacity of several petabytes (a petabyte is a million gigabytes) and an internet connection that transfers hundreds of gigabytes simultaneously. MediaFire is a cloud storage service that helps people store, organize, and share data via the Internet.
After starting as a college business project in 2005, Box was officially launched in March of 2006 with the vision of connecting people, devices and networks. Box provides more than 8 million users with secure cloud content management and collaboration.
There are lots of ways to do this, and which method you choose may depend on the type of file, or how you manage your workflow. You can then browse that Maca€™s folders and files, and drag files to and from that computer.
But you may think that, when you need to transfer large files, such as videos or large software installers, it isna€™t practical to put them in the cloud and then download them. With most of these services, you can also upload files via a web browser, so you dona€™t need to run their apps if you dona€™t want to. OS X used to include an option to share files via File Transfer Protocol but this is now somewhat hidden.
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Although the email services allow you to share files, you cannot upload and share large files. Most of these services allow you to upload, store and share files on cloud, which you can also use as a backup service. It offers you to share and manage content online and also collaborate projects with your friends and co-workers.
There is no need of registration or subscription, just select the file to upload and get a unique driop.io URL to share the file with your friends. It also offers data protection and mapped drive backup service if you register with the site.
It is very easy to share files using this service, free users can upload file up to 500MB and for registered users it is 1GB limit.
It is very easy to share, you can create free account with this site and upload unlimited number of files and get unlimited storage space. Actually for many reasons: for larger files, for privacy, multiple files, file format support, and more.
None of them will ask you to download anything to your computer, and all of them are easy to use, and worth using. It’s more focused on file-sharing only, in the richest capacity—well, okay, you be the judge of that.
But I couldn’t keep it from the list because it’s really a good one and despite all its features, it’s actually simple to use.
Send6 also has a free plug-in for Outlook that allows you to send large files directly from your Desktop. With Zshare you can host files, images, videos, audio and flash in the same place, and as long as they remain active they can be downloaded limitlessly.
It’s a one-page platform that generates a private link from the file you upload (100MB Max) for easy sharing. Flyupload allows you to store, access, share and backup your digital documents, photographs, and music easily with complete privacy online.
And, even more surprised to discover some files I had stored 3 years ago in the service are still there! A reliable and secure service since 2004 that offers the ability to send free 100MB files with a maximum number of 100 downloads allowed per file.
The options I listed here will help you explore the diverse file-sharing opportunities currently available.
At first the service (then called YouSendIt) was a simple way to send the large attachments that email couldn’t process, but has since grown to offer robust online file storage, sharing and management capabilities.
MediaFire offers free, secure, and unlimited cloud storage so users can store and share data with their customers, colleagues, friends, and family. Unfortunately, AirDrop isna€™t always reliable, and it does need to be active on both Macs, so you cana€™t easily copy files to a server or other computer, but it can be easier that messing with File Sharing if you only need to send files occasionally.
When you get to your other Mac, open your email client and download the message and its files. Dropbox has a feature called LAN Sync that allows Dropbox to sync them across your network to other devices. Just add a file to the top level of the iCloud Drive hierarchy or create your own folder, and youa€™ll be able to access the file on your other Mac. To turn on FTP on a Maca€”more correctly, SFTP, or secure FTPa€”enable Remote Login in the Sharing pane of System Preferences. Thata€™s the term used for copying files to a disk, then connecting the disk to another computer and copying from the disk. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Checkout the list below for the services that offer you to share large files online for free. When you create an account with this site you can also create sub accounts to share files and folders that you have backed up with your collaborates.
Although free users can upload a file up to 200 MB premium users can upload a file up to 2GB. It is actually great to see services, such as Yousendit, MailBigFile, and Rapidshare, that are still relevant and are good choices, but if I had to pick one it would be Mediafire. With Rapidshare, users can upload big files (200MB) in one step and subsequently make them available to friends and family via the download link. Maximum file upload is 100MB, but there are three different packages that will give you a whole lot more. Zshare lets you upload files up to 1GB, and if you register for the service (still free), you’ll be able to share them privately. You can send the link via email through Senduit’s page directly, or copy-paste the link to any other communication channel (IM, Social networks, etc.). Registered users get extra features like 2GB space of files, Multi-uploads with an upload progress bar.

It lets you share files even when you’re not logged in and gives you a set of tools to complete this experience. DivShare is a file management service that not only lets you share files, but also saves them for later (for an unlimited period of time).
You don’t need to sign up, but if you choose to this is the best pro account for your dollar. You use it just like an email, choose a recipient, send it directly to a person’s inbox, and you get a notification when your file is downloaded. Whether you need to send a file privately or publicly, small or big, temporary or permanent, the options are all in this list, you just need to find the best match for your needs. Every month, more than 150 million people use MediaFire to store and share their files and media online. If you want to only share specific folders, or allow certain users to access them, add folders to the Shared Folders list, and then select a folder and add users in the Users list.
It still uploads them, but if you have a bunch of files to transfer from different folders, just drop them all in a Dropbox folder, and let them sync to the other devices. Whenever I take a new screenshot for an article on one of my Macs, it instantly syncs across to the other one.
I use Transmit to transfer files between my iMac and my Mac mini server, and I find it practical when I have a lot of files to copy since I can control how many get sent at a time.
You can use a USB stick or a portable hard drive, and it will always be faster to use sneaker net when you have lots of large files to move. All that you have to do is upload the file which you like to share to the site and share a unique URL with your friend to share the file. If you are looking for a service to share a file that is larger than 25MB then this is not your pick. Would you upload a funny video from a friend’s email to any of those services or would you search for it on Youtube and share only the link? Premium accounts offer additional convenience, through TrafficShare that provides the option to make files available for direct downloading. Back to the free service; you can share, collaborate, and present music, videos, documents, audio, in a private drop, through email, web, phone, fax, and more. Filedropper says you can upload up to 5GB per file, which looks a bit odd to me – after all, who needs that (unless you are transferring HD videos, I guess)?
Premium members get faster downloads (like most of the services here) and the ability to upload up to 2GB per each upload.
You can also upload large files via FTP or create folders and keep track of files and Images. For individual use, you can freely share files up to 100MB with unlimited uploads, unlimited downloads, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage. Even though, you can use the service for free and as long as you want to send up to 200MB per file via email (but with no additional features). When youa€™ve got the files on the second Mac, move them out of your Dropbox folder, so they dona€™t stay in the cloud. I also have a folder for current projects, which also stays in sync every time I add or change a file. Would you upload an MP3 file in order to share with whomever, or would you search for it online, grab the link and then share it? 5 collaboration folders, 1GB storage, mobile access, public file sharing, folder widget, and a few more options. Additionally, you’ll be able to privately chat with the people you share a file with, in real-time. The service won’t give you any additional features but password protection, and your files can be downloaded up to 7 times, will be saved for only 7 days, and will expire after that.
Additionally, Flyupload lets you share files from your database, to your Twitter account with a side tool called: Flyontwit. After the upload, you’ll be able to embed your videos, audio and slide shows on any web site or profile.
Ia€™ve had some issues getting folders to sync with one of my Macs, but, in general, this software works very well, and is essentially transparent. And finally, would you use a file-sharing app just to share a picture on Facebook when you can do it directly from your desktop to your Facebook profile?
The other plans are far richer, but for personal use, the free one is enough (except for the lame file uploads limit). Diveshare has an iPhone and Facebook applications, a WordPress plug-in and an open API, if you want to build something yourself. BTW, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pay for premium services, but if there are other services for personal use, that offer you more for less, you may want to check them out first.

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