Of course the promotional product marketing method has saturated this point of penetration.
More power to them if that is all they have to push their product with, but were they to continue with web tradition as a place where value can be obtained by prospective customers (printable voucher or even a discount code etc) the conversion rate would increase.
If the food is as addictive and tasty as is claimed then the real profit can be taken on visit 3, 33, 133 and beyond.
You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. If we look at the number of Apps, it’s estimated by Xyologic that Google’s Android Market App store will host the same number of Apps by August 2012 (680,000 each), and as we’ll see later, for brands seeking a quick route to market on Apps, Android offers some distinct advantages over Apple.
It’s true that Nokia developed its App store before Apple took its first game changing moves in mobile.
Despite the staggering figures, businesses still need to be be honest about whether you need an App.
In my next post we’ll look in more depth at how to approach the App vs mobilised site decision. Nothing about money generated from apps on each platform, and no consideration that the number of apps per device is much lower on android, so more likely to all be made up of facebook downloads (everyone has facebook on their smartphone). The very latest version of WordPress, 4.1 “Dinah”, is now available for download or update.
Whether you’re a seasoned developer or user, this version of WordPress has something for everyone to get excited about.
Twenty Fifteen, the new default WordPress theme for 2015, is the first thing that you’ll notice in WordPress 4.1.
It’s a super-clean and content-focused blog theme, designed with a mobile first approach in mind. With a strong emphasis on typography, this new version reminds us of WordPress’ blogging basics. Twenty Fifteen makes use of Noto Serif and Sans font family, which is expertly designed by Google to support characters from many of the world’s languages. There are five free featured color schemes to choose from, so that anyone could easily personalize a Twenty Fifteen blog. Another handy feature, which has been quite controversial in the release of WordPress 4.1, is distraction-free writing mode. The “Distraction Free Writing” mode is based on the Focus plug-in, and therefore is called “Focus” mode. Generally, most of the WordPress newbies find aligning images a difficult task because of WordPress’ complex image editing functionalities. In WordPress 4.1, when a user clicks on an image in the “Visual” editor, he will instantly see five options – align left, align center, align right, no alignment, edit (the pencil button) and remove – in a floating panel on top of the image.
WordPress 4.1 has introduced a new session management function through which users will now be able to have complete control over all sessions they have on different devices.
This new version of WordPress enables users to see from which device they’re logged in and also allows them to log out everywhere, except the browser they are currently using, with single click of a button. With the 4.1 installed, you will now be able to choose from a wide range of language options available for install on the General Settings screen.
As Select2 script features a built-in search engine, the content of the drop-down list will be loaded to the browser only when needed using AJAX. The new default theme “Twenty Fifteen” also has built-in support for popular social buttons including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.
WordPress 4.1 allows users to embed videos from Vine, a short-form video sharing service, into a post or page. To know what sites can your embed content from, please see the full list of supported embeds. The plug-in installer in WordPress 4.1 now will suggest plug-ins that you should install and try. Complex Queries: Extensive improvements have been made to Meta, Tax, Date and Comment queries, resulting in support for advanced conditional logic like multiple operators and nested clauses. Customizer API: Because of Expanded JavaScript APIs, the customizer now supports conditional visibility of sections and panels, delivering a new media experience to users. The developer reference is more complete than before due to various continued improvements made to inline code documentation.
The post 10 Things All Bloggers Need to Know About the Latest Version of WordPress appeared first on Jeffbullas’s Blog.

Facebook is expanding into mobile payments by letting users exchange money through its Messenger app. The move would mean that users would not need to open another app such as PayPal or Venmo to send them money- keeping users on Facebook’s site. The service will carry zero transaction fees, making it free to exchange money with friends. Users who want to take part can do so by linking a Visa or Mastercard debit card to their account. The money is transferred immediately, though like any bank deposit can take one to three business days to actually be available. Facebook is also taking steps to ensure the transactions are secure by adding a PIN to be entered before completing the transaction. Google Wallet exist primarily as means of completing transactions in stores but can be used for direct to user payments as well. Facebook will begin rolling out the new feature in the United States over the coming months, with the payment option landing on Android, iOS, and desktop. Commenting on the move Joanna Parnell, Strategy Director at Unique Digital, said: “Facebook Messenger’s move in to mobile payments is a clear sign that that the ‘innovators’ have finally arrived in the payment sector and we’re certain to see a big shake up to old payment modes and business models. TK Keanini, CTO at Lancope, discussed the potential security threats of the service, and why consumers need to take their Facebook account more seriously from now on. Tim Erlin, director of security and risk, Tripwire, added: “While Facebook may be late to the mobile payments game, they’re large enough that they can still dominate the space. A much more low tech measure with Pizza companies supplying fridge magnets to targets with call to action and delivery phone number have been very effective in the past. Perhaps it is because I don't come from the USA and know their beef is amongst the most highly hormone contaminated in the world, but I would hardly see that as a point of differentiation for Wendy's.
Apple’s App store has now reached 25 billion downloads, tracking at 1 billion downloads a month, a figure nine times greater than McDonald’s sells burgers. Both points underline that the App world is no longer an enduring love affair between Apple and its adoring iPhone and iPad users.
It’s true that Microsoft offers mobile customers an App store with some 25,000 featured Apps. In fact it is the most popular blogging platform globally and is used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January, 2015.
Named “Dinah” for jazz singer Dinah Washington, version 4.1 proves to be the apparent milestone for WordPress due to a plethora of improvements, general updates, fixes and new amazing features.
In this post, we’ll talk about various improvements made to version 4.0 “Benny” and what they mean to WordPress lovers, especially for users. It not only looks perfect across a wide array of devices, but it also adapts to any screen while maintaining the most important aspects of web usability or design integrity.
As WordPress developers know that sometimes you want to focus solely on your writing, they have modernized WordPress content editor to put you in a hassle-free writing environment. Focus makes it easy for you to efficiently switch back and forth between normal and distraction-free writing mode during the post-editing process. You can bring them back by moving the cursor away, with a single toolbar API included in the Focus mode. Where earlier versions of the WordPress require you to go through complex image formatting process to get your image in the right place, on the other side, WordPress 4.1 features a new inline toolbar to give you quicker access and full control over image editing tools. Using these easy formatting options, you can format your images embedded into content unlike you have done before.
Log in sessions, which were implemented in version 4.0, now have management user interface in the “Users” section of dashboard.
The system also displays other valuable information such as access type, originating IP address, and log in time etc. This is the first year in which non-English downloads overtook English downloads of WordPress, as founder Matt Mullenweg mentioned in his State of the Word 2014.
Select2 is a jQuery based replacement for creating drop down lists that have support for remote data sets, searching and infinite scrolling of results.
All you need to create a menu (go to Appearance a Menus) containing URLs of your social profiles along with their names and the theme will automatically convert them to respective crisp and perfectly-sized icons. Embedding videos from Vine is now as simple as you embed a YouTube video: simply copy a Vine URL from your web browser’s address bar and paste it into a post or page. The new add_theme_support( ‘title-tag’ ) function tells WordPress to handle all the complexities of the tag.

From there, users will be able to initiate payment from within a conversation by pressing a “$” icon.
With recent innovations in contactless payment systems, the early success of Apple Pay in the US, Transferwise in Europe, and the reinvigoration of Google Wallet the stage is set for some fierce competition.
Why can’t friends discuss trips, deals and events and make impulse decisions with brands benefiting from more common and in turn, more lucrative interactions? Once the payments platform proves successful, there is no telling how many dots Facebook can join up to provide a complete, convenient experience for users.
It’s not hard to imagine how this feature might expand from peer-to-peer transfers to compete with the likes of Apple and Google for payments to more traditional vendors. Around 1 million, with 500,000 available on Apple’s iTunes App Store, and a similar number on Google’s Android Market at the last count, and multiplying at breakneck speed. And it’s true that BlackBerry users can access Apps through the BlackBerry World App store. But perhaps an app offers a better opportunity to expand your reach, either through app development, sponsorship or purchase.
Besides that, good post with lots of charts but there really was nothing on money generated.
At a high level, Apple generated approx $6 billion in app revenues in the first 4 years of apps (April 2008 – April 2012). My view is most paid-for apps are downloaded by iPhone users, rather than Android users, and that since paid-for apps have greater perceived value, they enjoy a longer lifetime on the device. From a customization point of view, this gorgeous theme allows users to add a custom background and a custom header image. Now just start typing and everything will fade away to let you concentrate on putting your valuable thoughts into shimmering words.
No doubt this new feature would prove to be very useful in case your phone is lost or you forget to log out at a public computer. Additionally if you’re a Super Admin, you can keep track of all users’ session activities and limit using what device they can log in. WordPress is being adopted at a much larger scale than ever before across the globe, keeping this in mind, some improvements are made in WordPress 4.1 for better language pack support. However, this new feature might not be directly visible to users, but would prove to be beneficial for both users and developers.
But in the 4.1 release, when you access the Add New plug-in screen, you’ll see a new “Recommended tab” has been added there for the purpose of exposing new and useful plug-ins to users. The Facebook platform, including the mobile app, is already a big target for attackers, but adding a financial component to messenger puts it in a different category. You’ll probably have seen the amazing story of Zynga purchasing the “Draw Something” app since it was in the Business Insider’s words “‘Draw Something’ clobbering Zynga’s ‘Words With Friends’.
As of now you can switch between 44 languages, while more are in progress and expected to be available over the next couple of updates. Its Android Planet App store has established real scale, is growing faster than Apple’s iTunes, and poses the real threat to Apple’s dominance. As a rule, Apple and Android take 30% of both download and in-app sales; Microsoft takes 20%. A message or an offer that is targeted to a user at that decision moment is far more likely to drive traffic into a store than other media."Mr. Fast foodWendy’s is running mobile banner, expandable and audio ads within Pandora that promote its menu items and ingredients. Consumers are encouraged to tap on the mobile ads to get a taste of the ingredients the fast food giant uses. From there, users are taken to a mobile-optimized page where they can scroll through each screen and tap the icons to learn more about the way Wendy’s approaches fast food.
In December, the fast food chain drove consumers to its locations to try the company’s new hamburgers via two geotargeted mobile ad campaigns (see story).
Most recently, Wendy’s made mobile a key element of its digital strategy by rolling out a mobile app that focused on providing important nutritional information (see story).

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