A depressed office worker?s life had become a speeding train to no where until he found happiness with a start up lawn care business. What do you do when you can’t find the exact lawn care flyer template you want to represent your lawn care business? Besides going door to door, another way I will be distributing them is through a local pizzeria.
If you have property and want it maintained to it’s utmost beauty, we are the company you are looking for.
We blow all debris and dust caused by our service off hard surfaces driveways, patios and walks.
If you are looking for a lawn mowing company in Folsom, California, look no further, Folsom Lawn Service is here to help you with all your lawn mowing needs. Use our lawn care business software to assign up to 100 unique regular services for each customer's jobsite location. In our lawn care business software each service can have up to a 1,000 character description associated with it - that's almost an entire page of information! In our lawn care business software it is possible for the long description to be made public to customers on bills or kept private and just for your personal use or for employee information and instructions on schedules & routes.
In addition, our lawn care business software can also apply unlimited types of hourly rates, one-time special service charges, fuel surcharges, and many different categories of time and materials items.
Download a free trial of GroundsKeeper Pro, the best lawn care business software tool around.

I've had some bad experiences with software, but your program has been a pleasure to work with. I purchased Blizzard Buster last winter and it was the best investment I've made for my business.
We are a start-up groundskeeping company, and Groundskeeper Pro has made a hugh difference. One of our Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum members put together this great letter to send out to his lawn care customers.
One of the things I like about your letter is that you included your picture in the letter.
These are all great things to think about when putting together your own lawn care business letter.
A regular full time employee is defined as any employee who has completed six (6) months of continuous service, which is to include a ninety day probationary period. NATURE OF CONTRACT: This contract is between YOUR COMPANY, (YOUR COMPANY), and ********, who lives at ********, YOUR CITY, STATE.
QUALITY OF WORK: All work performed by YOUR COMPANY, State Contractors License # , Landscaping, and all parts and materials supplied by same, will meet or exceed standard industry practices in YOUR COUNTY. Services: Contractor agrees to furnish all labor, materials, and equipment required for fulfilling snow removal services. We have been able to capture all our expenses, new customer lists, quotes, pricing, payments, schedules etc.

I run my business alone and this software makes billing a breeze, making better use of my time. We are human just like them, & I believe they will feel more comfortable with knowing that. Therefore, the success and growth of this firm, and of the industry is totally dependent upon well trained, well qualified and satisfied personnel. Contractor also agrees to maintain adequate general liability insurance and workman?s compensation insurance for the term of this contract. That is what a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum did when he shared with us a little about his new lawn care marketing campaign.
So for those who think they can’t put together a flyer that stands out unless you have some high dollar graphic program, think again.
To give a few pointers to others who are wanting to make their own flyers, remember to use a lot of color. Many times, if a potential customer doesn’t see a service they need, they will throw your flyer away.
Finally, make some kind of offer to get the potential customer to call by offering some sort of discount or sale.

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