So, here are three simple ways that you can make social media work for you, allowing you to work smarter, not harder. The Internet is awash with industries that don’t have a clear mission statement, let alone something deeper that really lets their customers know what they stand for.
These four questions need to be answered immediately without having to ask when potential customers see your brand on social media.  Don’t be afraid to really come out and tell people what you’re about, to really define your company. Once you do this, you can begin to build your fan base on people who think alike, sharing your company’s views, ideals and interests. You see the same thing with Apple, whose enemies aren’t only IBM or Samsung, but non-innovation. Overall, you want to create a great experience for your customers so think like one.  When you do, you’ll be working smarter, not harder. If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing this article, leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Directory Submission - We manually submit your site to search engine friendly directories online & you get permanent one-way links from them.
Active fan pages are indexed by search engines when they are updated regularly and feature keywords. Facebook fan pages are also a way for you to communicate with customers and prospects in a more conversational, casual way. Hands-on workshops are the best way to learn how to use and benefit from social media marketing (SMM) and Internet marketing. Sign up for class announcements today so you can first on the list for this limited size classes. Limited class size also means you'll receive individual coaching so that you can learn how to apply the principles and strategies to your own business. Series participants eligible for one-on-one social media coaching sessions (details provided at the workshop). We'll also cover keyword selection and how to integrate keywords into your social media strategy. Discover how to create and build a list of keywords that will work across all your marketing channels. Periodically, we'll offer bonus sessions that are part of the series program or offered separately at a reduced rate to past and present Web Marketeers. I've learned that learning how to use the tools is a great help to students, however, once the workshops are done the commitment to participating in Internet marketing and particularly social media marketing drops off.
The Web Marketeers Club is forming now and will take place in a location to be announced based on the number of members.
This session is perfect for book and article authors and any professional that has breaking news to share. What if you could have a focus group help you craft a feedback from others outside of your business is one of the most valuable ways to gain insight into the right keywords for your Internet and social media marketing.
This workshop is designed for those who are new to or have limited experience with keyword strategy and search engine optimization. Professionals who are engaging in social media but are unsure of the effectiveness of their campaigns.
Online Marketing for Service Professionals: Promoting and selling your services online is quite different from selling product. Online Marketing for Restaurants and Retailers in a Local Market: Promoting your restaurant or store in a local market requires a very specific set of keywords and strategies and most most smaller retailers and restaurateurs don't know where to start.
The Web Division specializes in social media marketing to improve overall marketing results.
The Web Division provides design and marketing services that include but are not limited to: Web Sites, Web Services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Consulting and Marketing Services, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Web Site Content Development, Landing Page Design. Like any new skill you want to learn, jumping into using social media takes a little effort to learn. The most successful Meersocial users have told us that every week they set time apart about 2 days a week where they watch a new tutorial on their desired topics.
Once you set aside the time to make it a routine in your day you will begin mastering the skills needed to help you and your business grow over social media. I personally use about 20 minutes at the end of each work day to “decompress” from the day by making notes about the day or expand upon strategies that I made random notes about earlier in the day. I don’t know about you but the most effective studying I ever did in university came from group studying and bouncing ideas off someone else.
Social Media is the collective term used to describe a variety of online platforms that allow users to interact, as well as create and share online content.
With the majority of Internet users now engaging in Social Media, businesses can no longer afford to not take part in the social interaction. This course is aimed at anyone who would like to sharpen their Social Media skills and gain a comprehensive overview of the various network platforms with particular emphasis on “The Big 5? – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest for your business. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This is why competitive benchmarking, or monitoring your direct competitors to set up goals and guidelines for your performance and growth, is an important aspect of any business, especially when it comes to social media. Monitoring and analysing your competitors’ social media can be taxing and time-consuming if you don’t know the right resources.
You want to be able to optimize your social media strategy and beat the competition, and learning about your competitors’ strategy is the way to do it.
Learning how your competitors position themselves is important because this is what guides the voice and tone they use.
Monitoring your competitors also means you know when they are posting, and which times are best in terms of engagement.
You’re reading the text version of the Social Media for Authors Podcast, Episode 34 published and copyrighted by Frances Caballo every week. As usual, this week’s episode includes summaries of blog posts with awesome tips about how to create shareable Facebook content and, of course, I have your tip of the week.
As usual, this week’s episode includes summaries of several blog posts with awesome Facebook tips.
Engagement – the goal of all of our social media efforts – can be tough to attain on Facebook.
Host a Facebook Friday networking party that enables your fans to promote their books, blog posts, or other types of news.
Drive traffic from other social media sites to posts your want to receive additional attention.

First up is a blog titled 7 Surefire Ways to Stay Invisible as Facebook Algorithm Changes by Socially Sorted.
As the blogger says, “If there is one thing we can count on with Facebook, it’s change.” Actually, that’s true of all social media networks. Then she proceeds to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to this post and describes seven ways to remain invisible on Facebook. Worrying more about Page Likes than taking care of the readers who have already liked your page and want to engage with you. Don’t get so focused on Facebook that you don’t pay attention to your other social media networks. See, the more often your fans engage with you in the ways listed above, the more often your posts will be pushed out into their News Feed. She notes that Mark Zuckerberg recently said that he wants Facebook to create the perfect personalized newspaper for its users. Facebook users don’t want to open their news feeds and see a long list of promotional posts.
Now let’s look at a post by Rebekah Radice titled 25 No-Fail Social Media Questions to Establish Meaningful Relationships. Perhaps some of these questions may be more apropos to a Facebook profile rather than a Facebook Author page. The bottom line is you need to get to know your readers and these types of questions can help. You can use your Facebook page to market your books, your website, and your blog – but you’re not supposed to do any marketing on your profile.
There are some authors who use their profiles to promote their speaking engagements and books. If posting times are confusing to you, I have a free Social Media Cheat Sheet on my website. You’re reading the text version of the Social Media for Authors Podcast, written and copyrighted by Frances Caballo.
As your business begins to use social media, one of the first steps is to simply observe what others are doing and how they’re using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
After a few weeks of just following along, some of the best practices for using social media will make themselves clear.
Remember that your goal is to broaden your reach and snag the attention of consumers through the use of digital marketing. Is it sometimes hard to decide what platform or platforms are best for you and your business?
Regardless of your experience with social media marketing,  there’s something here for you and your business. Google+ has displaced Blogging as the #1 platform marketers and businesses want to learn more about.
There may be an important conference or breaking news within your niche that your audience needs to know about.
Blair Evan Ball is a Social Media Coach and founder of Prepare1, a company that works with businesses, individuals and non-profits.
Blair has written three e-books: Facebook for Business Made Easy, Facebook Pages for Business Made Easy, and WordPress Blog Setup Made Easy. Blair also educates, trains entrepreneurs and business professionals how to amplify their brand, increase revenues, and raise more funds. They have a skeleton of an idea of who they are but without any flesh and substance, they quickly sink to the bottom of the internet ocean along with all of the other indistinguishable companies out there. An increase in links will help you improve your search engine rankings & will eventually increase the traffic to your site. All new classes begin this October for those who want to get started and those who want to take their knowledge to the next level. Only 12 students per class ensures that you get the level of training needed to fully understand and harness the power of social media marketing. This is invaluable as you learn how to gain more visibility, more site traffic and more leads for your business. The days fly by and best intentions are postponed and suddenly you find yourself back where you started. There is a drop in rate rather than a membership fee and during this 1 to 1.5 hour session you'll network with others in the group, exchange ideas and receive group coaching. Most of us don't have crazy, silly videos that may result in overnight sensations but we do have knowledge to share with prospects and customers. This small group size ensures that you will receive individualized attention during the session which is invaluable for creating a keyword strategy for your company. This session is ideal for lawyers, financial professionals and solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to generate more leads with their Web sites and online marketing.
You can choose from a variety of media services, social media one-on-one coaching and hands-on group workshops.
The Web Division also conducts SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media Hands-on Workshops in Massachusetts.
This means sitting down to find time to learn social media in order to master what is now a much needed knowledge base to maintain an edge in business today. For example, some watch our tutorials and take notes on their worksheets as they eat breakfast or enjoy their morning coffee. Other Meersocial users have even told me that they use this time to start reviewing their worksheet notes in order to make action items for themselves. By studying and developing your social media skills with someone else you have the ability to brainstorm and develop ideas that would have been more difficult on your own. Thus, providing you with the ability to establish a community around your company and create digital conversations with your customers and clients. Social Media Marketing allows your business’s online presence to extend to where the users are, as well as encourage your customers to communicate directly with you. Whether you voice it out or not, it happens to all of us, especially when it comes to business. There are many social media analysis tools out there that can help you with such research so that you don’t waste too much time and effort evaluating everything manually yourself. They might be using Twitter and Facebook and be successful at that, while ignoring LinkedIn and Google+. Finding this out will help you to see if their chosen networks have been working for them and if so, how well has their presence been established on these networks. You can actually find out detailed insights when and how often other brands publish posts, on which days of the week or hours of the day, and how you compare against them.

At any given time, you’ll find us chatting with clients, sharing advice, scheduling posts, answering questions and browsing online to see what’s new to share with our community. As I’ll talk about later in this episode, Facebook keeps tweaking the algorithm, making it harder for the posts on our Facebook Author Pages to reach all of our readers. People do not buy books from brands; they buy books from writers so don’t be afraid to share information that reveals more of your personality. Vary the topics, the length, the types of images you use, and the types of questions you pose. Try to respond to comments as soon as you can and be sure to type their name (tag them) in your response. This is how: When you click on the date stamp of your Facebook post, you will see that your post has a unique URL. If a fan doesn’t engage with your post in at least one of five ways—like it, leave a comment, share it with others, watch it, or click on a link—it’s not considered engagement by Facebook standards. I’ve tried using these types of questions, and they don’t work well with my fans but they do with my friends. You want to make a splash with your brand, turn heads, draw people to your website or physical location, and create new sources of revenue. They can be used on any form of social media now, but you have to make sure you know how to use them. Be selective about who you tag and when you tag people, targeting those consumers who will make your efforts worth your time.
If you’re a beginner, take a look at the time commitment, benefits and platforms that your peers are using. I suspect with the launch of GOOGLE MY BUSINESS this past week, that businesses will be rushing to Google+ once they understand the implications for their business. Are you getting a lot of Facebook likes and thus traffic to your site?  Spend a little time there building up a report with your Facebook fans.  Perhaps Twitter? We'll meet either at your office or at The Web Division office and work your strategy based on your goals and objectives. You can post to your blog, tweet, update your LinkedIn account and have some fun while doing it. Video is a great way to engage your site visitors and showcase your expertise in a more dynamic, interactive way.
You will learn how to make online and social media more fun for your restaurant or store with promotions, contests, surveys and much more. As we lay out in our tutorial on effective Time Management in social media it is about making sure you are making the most of your time and learning social media is a very similar process.
Because our tutorials are short and to the point they tend to be able to easily work the time into an already existing schedule without disrupting their already hectic lives. Find a colleague, friend, spouse, pet (okay, maybe not a pet), or even your boss and start learning together. By incorporating various Social Media platforms into your marketing mix, you will have a combination of excellent tools which can help you manage immediate customer service, increase website traffic and reduce marketing costs.
You always want to do better than your competitors – better sales, better customer service, better quality products, services and better marketing. And with the right tools, you can even analyse those pages and get some extremely useful insights from them. So, instead of going through each brand and each one of their social media channel, page by page, you should use a tool which will give you clear, summarized reports for each brand you insert.
By comparing your social media performance to that of your competitors and other similar brands might reveal some surprising companies you weren’t even considering as competitors before.
Competitor monitoring can offer endless business development opportunities – it’s up to you to start tracking and to utilize the information in the best possible way! A description of the Guest Blogger’s profile will be added in the end of the post, with a link to your website. Please understand we can’t guarantee publication until the review board reviews and accepts a final draft. But you’ll also want to check for when they are most likely to engage, and the only method to find that out is by mixing it up. Text overload is rampant these days so if you want your fans to read your post, keep your posts short. From product demos to full blown ads, video marketing is one of the most effective ways to build a loyal following. You'll learn how to market your business locally on Twitter and Google as well as harness the power of email marketing.
In some cases though, it's not the product or the descriptions but the usability or look and feel of the site that may prevent you from enjoying more sales. Just as you can’t expect to rock six-pack abs without hitting the gym, you can’t expect to build a sustainable and progressive social media presence without putting the time in to learn how to do it best. The other person will be a tremendous source of motivation to keep you moving, learning, and developing your social media progress so you can start growing your business. Some small brands with a strong social media presence and community can easily take on bigger industry leaders when it comes to growth and engagement. The caveat here: Some people do have success with very long, personal revelations and that’s great.
Video is shared by many and can help you generate a highly effective viral marketing campaign. All sessions are planned for Mondays so you don't have to worry about the store while you're gaining new marketing knowledge.
All these insights can inspire you into changing your own publishing routine and could increase your engagement. Twitter limits you to 140 characters, but the other three will let you go on and on and on. Plus having someone else on your case to keep studying is an awfully powerful force to keep you on track. Don’t be shy and take inspiration from the ideas that have worked for your competition. RiteTag is an excellent resource when you want to find out which hashtags are getting the most traffic.

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