If there’s any one single piece of kit that has changed the face of action sports in the last ten years, chances are a GoPro would make it pretty high on the list. Originally an obscure, waterproof, awkwardly wrist-mounted 35mm camera designed for the surf market, the aptly named GoPro range of HD video cameras is lauded by professionals and amateurs alike as unique in its prudent and versatile design, unmatched in sheer ruggedness. The latest model, the GoPro HERO 4 Black Edition, boasts a package of 12 megapixels, remote WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity, and 1080p at a studio-worthy 120fps – smooth running for any actioncam built to last the apocalypse. Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features and the latest offers. GoPro has helped revolutionize the way action sports community and industry share action footage today. Delivering a new camera that is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than a Hero 4 black was no small task for GoPro but they managed to do it.

Wired has a great video of the Session that we felt was worth sharing as well since it captured a lot of details that often go overlooked or glossed over.
There are a lot of things to factor in besides video quality when it comes to Mountain Biking that gives the Session some unique advantages that may offset any reduction in video quality. We all know the drill by now – since they first appeared on the market, GoPro action cameras have spread across the slopes like wildfire. The compact Hero Session was the worthy winner of an ISPO award, and the Hero 4 remains a great option as well. So prolific is this micro movie miracle, the GoPro has become the de facto medium through which the world of snowboarding is shared and experienced beyond our own two feet. Whether you’re surfing monstrous barrels, hurtling into wingsuited oblivion, or carving fresh lines, a GoPro camera allows you to share the personal and describe the indescribable.

The current range of GoPro adapter however will still work with this new one unsurprisingly.
At a similar rate, shoddy videos have choked up the internet – but those who have learned how to use a GoPro properly have delivered some of the finest footage around.
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