We at JVW INC have been offering resell rights software products and software apps with source code or rebrand option since 2004. Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and Software Development company from Mumbai, INDIA. In this post I will be introducing different kinds of HTML lists, with tips on designing them, particularly on how to add an unique edge to your list. Web designers are constantly jumping from one bandwagon to the next, thus causing the website styles changing over time, but lists have stood the test of time and may very well be around in future innovation of the World Wide Web.
Most commonly you’ll find unordered lists in the middle of web articles or installation instructions. It’s also possible to change the counter from regular numbers to a handful of other options. Now that we’ve nailed down the 3 popular list styles, let’s move on to some examples! The whole collection is contained inside a <div> tag which holds both left and right columns.
The elements were put together beautifully and I greatly admire Culture Code’s work ethic. If you’re interested further in their design the Things for iPhone page actually uses a description list. Unfortunately the Digg crew has already launched v4 design live, but the Internet is a nostalgic place and with the Wayback Internet Archives we can pull up an older design of Digg from August of 2007.
There are some fantastic examples and written best practices for building breadcrumb navigation. Without going into too much detail it’s my goal to collect a fantastic setup of list-based interface elements. Cake Sweet Cake features a beautiful list of thumbnail images containing some delicious samples of their bakery works. The Cheesemonger Invitational website features 2 separate <ul> elements floating to create 1 navigation menu. The social media links at the bottom part of the Threepenny Editor’s website are all crafted under a list. Hopefully this gallery of creative HTML-styled lists has given you some inspiration for designing layout content. There are probably dozens of other fantastic lists found around the web, and with the growing amount of web designers available we’ll surely see this number increases faster than ever.
We believe in working closely with our clients, the process helps us to understand their ongoing needs.
Twitter is represented by a bird, Nike has a tick, McDonald has golden arches and lastly Apple shows an apple.
With an increasing power of Web and many eyes watching more than ever before, it is very important for any business that they communicate with their audience and viewers in a unique way.
The most important thing to keep in mind while creating logos is that they should be unique and represent the company’s name in the best possible manner.
If we considering the design which lacks professionalism, then the first thing that comes into our minds is that it was designed by an amateur. The aim of any web designer is to make the particular client?s order within limited time and limited number of changes within web design project. Workflow of the web designer should be well organized by task management software which allows to break the working processes into categories and tasks.
Discuss type of website and requirements: online business card, online shop, corporate site, portal etc. Web designer can use subcategories and tasks to break his projects further down to the lowest level.
It is extremely helpful for the web designers to make direct task attachment to hyperlinks to files or web pages.
Designers have been using them for decades to coordinate page information and layouts, and in today’s web you can see the great creativity in how web designers are using lists. Unordered lists will output data in the same way as an ordered list, however you won’t see any numeric markers to the side.
Since you can easily nest whole lists within any list item it’s a simple matter to create sub-navigation links as well. Take notice that Google and other search bots do not process your page content any differently, so your SEO shouldn’t be affected regardless of which listing type you choose.

Directly to the top of their logo is a small unordered list containing community links such as Top Stories, Trending Topics, and People. The strong tags are used for each of the header points which appear in darker text, and directly after this the description is added. It has worked well in most forms of social media so far, but it’s originally derived from the blogosphere. It featured everything you would expect from a news website with great social capabilities.
This template features a lot of fantastic user interface elements, but more specifically let’s focus on the footer area. The website is constructed beautifully and it features some of the best graphic designers from all around the world.
These menus visibly display the collection of sub-links you’ve traversed to reach the current page.
The anchor link is given a background image and a diminishing z-index property so the arrows will display on top of each concurrent element. This is the perfect page element to incorporate into your own website if you have multiple nested pages of content.
You could use an ordered list so search engine crawlers understand there is an order to the menu links, however as stated before this probably won’t make too much of a difference when it comes to ranking in SERPS. This is much easier said than done – but the Internet has so many options to choose from! The bottom part of the home page has a small ordered list which contains thumbnails of their latest project work. It can be difficult to nail down a concrete idea for your lists on web pages, but item lists are a huge part of the design process and offer constructive relationships between markup tags and content. If you know of any great website featuring awesome HTML lists, feel free to offer the links in our comment section below. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
For many, the easiest way of recognizing a company and to distinguish it from many others is by the logos.
This is often seen when the company wants to spend less and as a result hire an amateur who knows little about graphic designing. The main ones include Supalogo in which we simply add the text, select some related options and lastly hit the download button.
Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules. To be competitive, web designer should provide good and innovative design of sites that encourages the viewer to explore the site. Tree structure of the workflow helps the web designer perform his tasks step by step and effectively manage projects.
Task management software allows to manage project teams and control task performance of the team members such as copy writers, SEO specialists, system administrators and other IT staff. The web designer can use such links to speed up his work and get quick access to the web design projects published in the internet or to content materials used while designing a web page. There’s no more doubt on how to make your plain looking lists look unique, and let’s start to make the most from them today! I’ve cataloged 7 of my favorite websites below with specific focus on their creative usage of lists. The designer has created a sleek hover style which features a solid background and color scheme. Both unordered lists are contained within a HTML5 <nav> element to keep everything inline with the template. The list item content is actually broken into segments and CSS is used to align everything. If you check out any icon directory such as Icon Finder it’s fairly simple to pick out a set of freebie, and from here you can mockup a design and code a similar style of list in CSS.
This isn’t the recommended way to use these tags, but it does work well in some circumstances!
Hover over this to display a hidden list of categories such as coding, design, graphics, etc. The unordered list is set with each list item containing an anchor link, but as alternative these links are displayed inline and broke onto two lines for the required space.

One really interesting piece to their old design is the footer columns setup using definition lists.
It is possible to use more than one term per list, but this often mess up your HTML and you can lose track of code very quickly. There are a lot of internal objects such as an edit icon, a completion checkbox, a flag and a trash icon as well. If you’re unfamiliar with the network Dribbble is an invite-only social community of web designers sharing shots of their latest work. It features rookies who are the newest designers given invites and who have signed into the website most recently.
We have a fantastic breadcrumbs tutorial featured on Hongkiat built fully with CSS3 techniques and unordered lists.
Visitors will likely be looking to get back to previous pages without checking their history.
Also if you append any of the styles listed above into your own website we’d love to check it out! In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). A logo is considered as the most recognizable thing which gives an identity to the business. Many new business owners are investing a lot of money and time for its designing but haven’t been successful enough to grab the attention. We can also look for samples for our logo which would just need editing.  Another software is the Logo Victory which is completely free and lets us download a jpeg image of our choice. Increase productivity of your small business or office by better organizing your employees' tasks and time. The web designer can use categories and subcategories in task management software to divide projects into phases.
From here you can style anchor links to appear as block elements on your page, thus filling out a navigation menu design, and with some jQuery code you can put together a beautiful header for your site.
You can use more than one data term in a list, but W3C states that each term should be unique in the list. These columns are set to display as blocks and float next to each other with predefined widths.
The first two columns contain 6-7 links listed beneath each other as data terms for describing the header text, but after this you’ll notice columns break away from the default formatting. For whatever reason the Dribbble’s web developer has chosen to use an ordered list with each list item containing details about the user. These are both linked to their personal Dribbble profile, along with some account statistics. If you’re dying for more inspiration, check out the mini gallery below with some fantastic examples.
For this reason, it should be very simple, striking and must be able to reflect professionalism.
All across the business market, logos fail to reflect the true meaning and aim of the company. Sometimes the logo designer makes the logo so complex which fails to grab the attention of the viewers. The effective work can be reached in case the web designer can arrange his tasks and organize his workflow.
The software gives direct access to the web resource from the task list and can be used as a links library.
Often you’ll see blog comments built using ordered lists to keep each comment in a numbered sequence. Each link displays as a block element and takes up a great deal of space of the sub-navigation menu. To design a logo, one can hire an agency for their brands, or one can also prefer doing their own design in-house. The main reasons behind this are that they are either too complex, too simple, designed by an amateur, etc.

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