Esta misma semana tenemos ante nosotros un acontecimiento muy importante en el panorama informatico: el lanzamiento de Windows 7, el nuevo sistema operativo de Microsoft que lleva publicadas ya varias versiones previas que tanto yo como otros muchos usuarios llevamos probando desde hace meses. Sin embargo Vista no lo incluyo, porque en lugar de eso Microsoft prefirio crear una suite de programas (Windows Live Essentials) bajo el famoso apelativo Live en el que tambien englobaria a Movie Maker. Siempre me ha interesado el segmento de la edicion de video, y aunque ahora no tengo tiempo para esas tareas, he pasado muchos ratos peleandome con Premiere, Vegas, After Effects, Combustion, Edius y luego probando tambien los mas sencillos Pinnacle Studio o Premiere Elements. Cada uno tiene su atractivo, pero Microsoft parece por fin haber dado con la herramienta perfecta para los que simplemente quieren crear un video rapido y sin complicaciones.
A cada clip o foto se le pueden aplicar luego algunos efectos -nada del otro mundo, cuidado-, y logicamente tambien podremos establecer las transiciones entre cada elemento del video. Y es que aquellos que busquen una solucion rapida para crear sus videos a partir de, por ejemplo, las fotos de las vacaciones, dificilmente lo tendran mas complicado. Pinchar en AutoMovie: el modo que permite la generacion automatica de una pelicula con transiciones estandar (normalmente, fundidos). Comprobar resultados: en caso de que haya pocas fotos para esa cancion, la duracion de cada una sera muy larga, y pasara lo contrario si tenemos muchas fotos, asi que hay que buscar un buen equilibrio para la duracion de la cancion que hemos elegido. Exportar la peli al formato que mas nos guste: incluidos de alta definicion, y tambien los aptos para su publicacion en Internet. Eso es todo, y aunque se le puede sacar algo mas de partido a esta sencilla herramienta, ha resultado ser un complemento perfecto para Windows 7 y sus opciones multimedia.
Pero bueno, mas vale tarde que nunca, aunque sea a base de las buenas ideas de los demas, claro.
Fran, en esa misma pagina, en el apartado de requisitos, se indica que Windows XP SP2 si esta soportado. When Microsoft launched the "wave 3" version of its Windows Live Essentials suite back in January (see my review), one big piece of the puzzle was missing: Windows Live Movie Maker, a major reworking of the underappreciated but excellent Windows Movie Maker application from Windows XP days (see my review of Movie Maker 2), was still woefully incomplete and in beta form. It's been a while since the last What I Use, but there haven't been many major changes since late last year: Surface Pro 3 has become my go-to travel companion, I've added a third cellphone line for testing Windows Phone, Android and iPhone side-by-side, and have rotated through some new tablets and other devices.
With the exception of one possible problem--sites like YouTube are designed to prevent the use of copyrighted music, which is likely all that most people have on their PCs--you should be able to create a finished video in just minutes. Windows Movie Maker 2012 is a free video editor from Microsoft. Windows Movie Maker 2012 is the stand out application of Windows Essentials 2012.
Ya he comentado que Windows 7 mola -mas que Vista, desde luego- pero hay algunas ausencias interesantes en el software incluido, y una de ellas es el famoso Movie Maker que habia sido acompanante de Windows Me y Windows XP.
El resultado ha sido la aparicion en los ultimos tiempos de Windows Live Movie Maker, un sencillo editor de video que, sorprendemente, puede que se convierta en toda una joya del sistema para muchos usuarios. Algo similar a lo que consiguen las ultimas ediciones de Pinnacle Studio -que van mucho mas alla si uno quiere- pero que en Windows Live Movie Maker es la base absoluta del desarrollo de Microsoft. Las opciones basicas se completan con la inclusion de titulos de credito y de la banda sonora del video, pero es que ahi acaba todo.
Si la prueba preliminar no nos gusta, siempre podemos cambiar algunas fotos de lugar, eliminar o anadir otras, y volver a crear la pelicula con AutoMovie.
Yo te lo decia por si querias corregir la informacion que das y hacer tu articulo mas veraz y util a alguien con XP. So I pulled the trigger on an unlocked Windows Phone flagship that will hopefully take me through at least the first half of this year. This basic video editing tool remains great while offering a few new, useful features. Windows Movie Maker 2012 takes advantage of hardware acceleration, which will speed up video exporting and encoding.

We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Y cualquiera puede usarla ya (compatible desde Windows XP SP2), ya que Microsoft publico la nueva version el pasado mes de agosto. Menos mal que en el centro de la pantalla te indican claramente que desde ese momento puedes comenzar a arrastrar clips de video y fotos a la interfaz.
You can do things like add captions, which can be handy when you want to describe the location or subject of a particular photo or movie clip. There is also a new video stabilization feature, which will be a boon to those with cameras that don't offer this feature. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.
Puede que se trate de un programa sencillo, pero cumple a la perfeccion con las necesidades basicas de los videoaficionados. Esos clips y fotos pueden reorganizarse como mas te guste, y ademas los clips de video pueden ser recortados para que solo nos quedemos con la parte que mas interese.
And what we see is a product that is much more in keeping with the lofty expectations that were established with its predecessors, but reimagined for the needs of today.
It's the right movie editing and sharing solution at the right time, and if you've been collecting short home movies and scads of photos but weren't clear on how you could get them in front of friends and family in a quick and easy but high quality way, look no further. They come complete with optional special panning effects, custom fonts, transparency settings, and even fine-tunable start and end times. The video timeline also features a wav form so you can easily see where audio is placed within the video. Overall, Windows Movie Maker 2012 is a great update to an already great video editor.
The UI is user friendly and for a average user it is a great program and one of the best available yet.
However, Apple trounced Microsoft by unexpectedly shipping its first version of iMovie, setting the stage for a feature war that would engulf the next couple of Movie Maker versions. Windows Movie Maker 2 went on to be a much better video editing package than anything Apple offered at the time, though few people realized it. If it's a photo, you can determine whether (and how) it pans and zooms while onscreen, in a nod towards Ken Burns. And while consumer-oriented video editing can reach up into the realm of more professional solutions, as Apple has done now and then with iMovie, why bother? Visual effects range from the expected grayscale filters to some horizontal and vertical mirror images.
The application is essentially all-new and aimed at what Microsoft sees as the sweet spot of the market: People who want to take photos and short home videos and combine them into 2-to-3 minute movies they can easily share with others.
These videos need to be high quality and professional looking, but they need to be made quickly and easily.
In keeping with the evolving worldview of video sharing, you'll see three default choices in the ribbon, in this order; YouTube, high-definition (1080p), and DVD.
We make it really easy." This change in focus maps to what's going on in the consumer electronics market.
Today, many people have a camera of some kind with them at all times, typically in their cell phone.

When they go on vacation, they bring a better quality camera or maybe a tiny handheld video camera like the popular Flip HD camcorders. But when it comes to sharing, video is where photography was ten years ago: It's easy to capture, but difficult to edit.
And while people are familiar and comfortable with video sharing sites like YouTube, most of the video there is unprofessional and painful to watch. YouTube, of course, is one of the most popular web sites in the world and, by far, the most popular video sharing site. The UI is logically split between a full-featured ribbon-type toolbar (which is much more impressive than the ribbon UIs in either Paint or WordPad in Windows 7), a video preview pane, and a content pane. You pretty much just click the YouTube button, fill in some information about the video, and then click Publish. Windows Live Movie Maker will create the video--which could take several long minutes, depending on its length--and then upload it to YouTube (which could also take a while). From here, you can proceed manually and discover some of the application's more advanced features, which we'll examine below.
That's pretty sweet, and removes the silliness of needing two separate YouTube sharing buttons, one for standard definition and one for HD. It can also optionally fit the length of the video to a song (or other audio track) of your choosing. The resulting movie is in WMV format, by the way, so it will work fine on Windows PCs, Zune devices, Xbox 360s, and various set top boxes as well.
And, as hinted at earlier, YouTube doesn't allow you to use copyrighted music in the videos you upload. Editing each is as simple as can be expected, and most people will be up and running in no time.
So if you made a soundtrack to your vacation video using your MP3 collection, chances are YouTube will block the audio. It'd be nice if there was some kind of free background music collection included with Movie Maker, but, hey, it's free. This is a high-quality video, with an 8 Mbps bit rate, and will look fantastic on the HD televisions that are now quite common around the world. Once the file is created, Windows DVD Maker fires up and starts a new project with your video as the sole content entry. I'd like to see some form of H.264 output in a future version, however, as that is absolutely the de facto standard for video, not WMV.
It is compatible with both Windows Vista and Windows 7, but you should understand that the application provides support for additional video formats--including QuickTime MOV and QT, AVCHD, and various MPEG-4 formats--on Windows 7 only. It features a full ribbon UI, as previously discussed, and builds on the format support inherent to that release. There are a few missing pieces, like H.264 output and the lack of a Microsoft video sharing service.
If you were looking for a quick, easy, and professional way to share your photos and videos online, Windows Live Movie Maker has you covered.

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