Yahoo is closing out its week with another acquisition, this time of live concert streaming platform Evntlive.
Evntlive specializes in capturing live concerts and performances on video and creating an interactive experience.
When we started EVNTLIVE in early 2012, we set out to change the way that fans engage with live music online by creating an interactive, virtual venue. Although our service will no longer be available, we are excited to be joining Yahoo’s video team. Any application hosted on Google Cloud Platform can automatically scale up when there is a demand for huge workload and automatically scales down for the lesser workloads. Google’s Cloud Platform provides consistent computing power, memory, disk and network performance across the world. A media server is something that serves the purpose of live streaming the content to any screen, may that be a computer, a laptop, a smartphone or a TV screen. Wowza DRM – The studio-approved digital rights management platforms can be easily integrated along with these media servers and this would enable in easy encryption of the content which can be played live and on-demand. Wowza nDVR – The nDVR addon would help in minimizing the storage requirements, and thus is helpful in making higher revenues and increase the viewer engagement with the time-shifted features.
StreamLock™ AddOn – This addon, using RTMPS would provide a more secured streaming of content, which is recognized as more secure than RTMPE for securing both live and on-demand video streaming.
Bandwidth Checker – This addon helps in checking how much bandwidth is available for media streaming in the player client. The streaming license is available for monthly subscription or a day license, or even as a single-time pay Perpetual License. Welcome!Welcome to The World Wide Web Blog, a blog founded by Chetan Bhawani, on the day of Christmas in 2007. The streaming platform StreamUp has struck a deal to partner with the digital media convention Playlist Live. Take advanatge of cloud transcoding, ad-stitching, real time analytics, and live captions delivers to any device. Kaltura's Live Streaming API immediately provisions live adaptive bitrate streaming across devices. Broadcast live anywhere, using any RTMP or RTSP encoders, including Wirecast, FMLE, Teradek, Harmonic, Digital Rapids, Elemental, and from mobile devices through Wowza goCoder. Live ad stitching enables one-to-one ad targeting with frame-accurate ad insertion, without a dedicated client player runtime. If you prefer not to run your own production, take advantage of Kaltura's White Glove Production Service, offering professional end-to-end multi-camera HD production and streaming management for any sized event. With the mission to power any video experience, Kaltura’s online video platform is deployed globally across thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers, and educational institutions, leveraging video to teach, learn, collaborate, communicate, and entertain.
MediaFusion makes communication, training engagement and content management easier by streaming, storing and distributing digital media to your organization from one centralized media hub.

MediaFusion announces its adoption of NewTek’s open Network Device Interface (NDI ™) at NAB. Eliminate travel costs, logistical nightmares, save time and money by doing your events online.
Media Fusion’s digital media platform gives you the tools you need to stream video and audio, store media for playback, and distribute video and audio content through your website, on mobile devices, or on set-top streaming devices. Akamai Our streaming services are powered by Akamai’s advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN). Amazon Web Services Rock-solid storage through Amazon Web Services means your media is always ready to download, distribute, and share.
Wowza The Wowza transcoding technology that’s part of Media Fusion is designed to provide the best video streaming quality, regardless of the device your viewer is using. Amazon Fire TV Every Media Fusion video streaming customer can broadcast to Amazon Fire TV set-top boxes. Roku Media Fusion’s streaming video plans all include the ability to stream to Roku set-top boxes. YouTube Our YouTube integration lets you push content to your own channel without downloading and uploading files.
Vimeo Our Vimeo support lets you get content to your channel and in front of your viewers quickly. Media Fusion is an innovative digital media platform you can use to stream, store, and share your content. First reported by GigaOm, the deal will see the startup shut its doors, with the team joining the Sunnyvale-based company. Since launching our beta service in April 2013, we have live streamed hundreds of performances from amazing artists and festivals to fans all over the world. He carries around a big camera & likes to write about tech, startups, parties, and interesting people.
There are several apps and softwares that would do the job of streaming the media and storing the files, but not each of it would hold the same potential. This would be helpful in getting an idea of the appropriate bitrate for the remaining bandwidth.
The other option would be Microsoft® IIS Smooth Streaming® which would come for free initial usage with the OS itself, and is priced at minimum $469 but the problem is with the limitations, as the one from MS doesn’t offer the addons and extra stuff. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
This immersive Virtual Experience is going to defy every convention viewers have about conventions,” said StreamUp President Will Keenan.
Kaltura's live streaming platform offers an exceptional viewing experience and a host of features to enhance your event. Today, live streams need to support use cases from delivering webcasts on limited bandwidth cell phone networks to delivering premium OTT home subscriptions on a HD television.

As part of Kaltura's modular platform, the Live Streaming API easily integrates live streaming into existing workflows, removing concerns about scale and service availability. This, coupled with Kaltura's intelligent video player and server side protocol selection, enables broad accessibilty across devices through closed cpationing data. Real time metadata events enable interactive experiences on live content, such as slide synchronization.
From an enterprise webcast to large conferences to studio work, our production team has the experience to execute on both live content creation and streaming management to ensure you have a successful event. As easy integrations to the platform, we also offer branded apps for AppleTV, Amazon FireTV & Roku.
There is no need to add additional hardware or software, but comes with a top-tier support team. It’s capable of delivering high-quality video that adapts to each viewer’s bandwidth in real time. Google Cloud Platform service ranges from Virtual machines (VM), Blob storage, Block storage, Managed Platform, NoSQL datastore, MySQL database and Big data analytics. Get started to access the fastest cloud platform with tons of resources, documentations, sample architectures and solution papers to start building your first application.
If you believe the content on this post violates your copyright, please send us a mail for removal. We provide you with hot technology information, tools, and suggestions that help you to know the ever growing techy world better and better. Kaltura’s live cloud transcoding provides optimized defaults for delivering multi-format multi-bitrate video to the appropriate devices. Track the quality of service of stream delivery to better understand your audience and optimize the viewing experience. After the event, a single embed code can automatically transition from live content to archival content of the event. No matter where you are, or how many people you're trying to reach, we're confident Media Fusion provides the digital media services you need. It is something that can easily match or beat the capability of some of the desktop media servers which we heard of, like Plex, Subsonic, PlayOn etc.
Easily, quickly create new live events, in less than five minutes from live stream set up to broadcast.
Kaltura also integrates with live stream analytics and Quality of Service providers such as Comscore Stream Sense, Adobe Heartbeat, and Nice People at Work YouBora. This media server is dedicated to provide high-performance, high-value unified streaming media and video software for any screen.

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