Real-time digital music creation applications Ableton Live 8 and Ableton Suite 8 are out now!
Steinberg releases a free Cubase Pro 8.5 trial version which is fully functional for 30 days. Mamoworld released BeatEdit for Premiere Pro, a plug-in for automatic detection of beats in music and representing them as markers in the Premiere Pro timeline. The Foundry has announced the evolution of its Colorway application to address the needs of today's design industry. Adobe released the first update of Adobe Experience Design CC, its visual design and prototyping application. RED Digital Cinema released a free firmware update for all DSMC2 cameras containing support for Avid DNxHR and DNxHD recording formats. Streamstar software live production studio English English Italiano Search  contactsitemap Cart 0 Product Products (empty) No products Free shipping! Cinemawood - Advertising & Awards - Connecting All Cinema Industries like Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood & Global Cinemas in One Platform for Awards like Oscar & other Film Awards!
This particular guide focuses on how to use the software with the DaCast streaming platform. To start this process, click the ADD INPUT button located toward the bottom of your screen in the layout.
For most, they will want to select Camera, although there are a lot of rich options to choose from. There are a couple of ways to proceed, although you will need to first click the DESTINATION drop down selection.
We will break out the ways to do this into two steps, one being through the DaCast option and the other through the Custom RTMP Server. This process will be broken into steps required inside your DaCast account, and those steps required inside the vMix encoder. Once you are satisfied, you can click SAVE AND CLOSE or click START if you want to begin streaming. If you prefer to do the manual method, you can select Custom RTMP Server from the Destination drop down.
First login to your account and either create a new live channel or select an existing one.
Jot down the Login and Password for your stream, and be prepared to copy and paste the Stream URL and Stream Names in the next step.
For each you want to have a bitrate setup on, enter in the details like you normally would. So it’s always dclive_1_X, with X changing based on which bitrate you are configuring.
Create your DaCast account today and start streaming live or on demand from a white label platform.

Among the newly introduced features are: a new groove engine, live looping, revamped warping techniques, five new effects (including the Ableton Vocoder), group tracks, crossfades in the Arrangement View and a reworked MIDI editor. With a focus on accelerating everyday workflows by enhancing performance, increasing stability and delivering new functionality in the areas that matter most to artists, NUKE 10 delivers key new updates across the entire product range: NUKE, NUKEX and NUKE STUDIO. Read on as we go over how to produce live content using the RTMP based stream broadcast software. This includes both hardware and software. This guide is based on their encoder called the vMix Live Production Software.
It’s particularly efficient at streaming with a lower consumption of CPU power, which is noteworthy as many encoders are often resource hogs when being used on a laptop or desktop.
An input can be anything from a camera, to a video file to even a still image depending on your broadcasting needs. In terms of camera, it should automatically detect any compatible camera (or camera with capture card combo) and present them in the drop down. This will setup your eventual destination, in this case streaming live content on the internet.
This process will be broken into steps required inside your DaCast account, and those steps required inside vMix. As mentioned above during the DaCast destination method, you might want to change the quality setting.
It enables video and audio content owners to easily start broadcasting high quality video over the web, generating new revenue in just 20 minutes.
Ableton Suite 8 includes all that plus a massive sound and instruments library including a wide range of synths, a sampler, electric and acoustic drums (incl. Version 10 improves performance across several areas: Roto Paint, Vector Blur, timeline manipulation and transcoding are all now significantly faster, while NVIDIA multi-GPU support speeds up processing time for GPU-accelerated nodes on appropriate hardware. We are using version 16 of the software for this walkthrough, an upcoming release of the encoder. The only thing to keep in mind is that you will have to manually set the resolution to something your camera can support.
There is a switch, located below Zoom and FTB, between the two areas that lets you change between them. To do this click the gear icon found to the left of the word STREAM, located at the bottom of the layout. Also important to note is that your profile should be Baseline, although this is the default setting. This will be the login and password that you wrote down during the ENCODER SETUP step inside your DaCast account. The default here is 1500 kbps, but you should pick something best suited for your upload speed and intended audience.
NUKEX and NUKE STUDIO also save time for common clean-up, replacement and augmentation tasks through a new Smart Vector toolset, which draws on technology from The Foundry's research team.

With it, artists can generate high-quality motion vectors from image sequences and use them to automatically push or warp paint or textures across a range of frames, replacing a tedious and time-consuming manual process.
NUKE STUDIO's editorial and finishing toolset also receives updates: in addition to faster performance, there are new in-timeline Soft Effects that include real-time chroma keying, color correction and the ability to create custom GPU-enabled effects, together with enhanced audio handling. In addition, above the green check are alternate transition options as well if you want to utilize a specific effect in your transition. NUKE 10, NUKEX 10 and NUKE STUDIO 10 will be available in the coming weeks, together with HIERO 10 and HIEROPLAYER 10. Book "AAGNI" as your Event Organiser worldwide, and IMA models artists for your New year's Theme Party, Entertainment Show, Corporate Events, Fashion Show, etc. You generally don’t want to exceed 50% of your upload speed for the bitrate you choose. So if your upload speed is 2 MB per second, 1 MB per second would be a good range of bitrate quality. Be considerate of your viewers too, you don’t want to exceed 950kbps in a lot of scenarios unless you are offering multi-bitrates.
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