The internet is now more competitive than ever before and executing an SEO strategy is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Most small businesses are discovering that staying competitive online can is a daunting task and business owners may not know where to start. Maintaining your business blog is a fantastic way to improve your SEO, keyword rankings, and increase your online lead generation lead generation.
Social media takes the cake for being the preferred communication channel for your customers. Search Engine Journal recently stated that women have a 71% social media usage rate, while men came in at 62% in 2015.
The good news is, a local SEO audit can help you get a baseline to see where your business can improve and help you develop a local SEO strategy. Bulk Email Service is the most affordable communication tool between you and your customers.

Let the Adindia360 bulk email service and newsletter delivery service help you make the most your online marketing and communications strategy.
When picking a particular social media channel to base your marketing strategy, first understand which channel is the best fit your customer.
Social media is great way to connect with your customers, however, your social media presence will not improve your search engine optimization. Once you dial-in your keyword research, it’s important to track your progress and how your keywords match up to your competitors.
Without a Google My Business (also known as GMB), Google has no direction about what they should show your potential visitors in a search query.
Keep in mind that organic search engine optimization takes time, so it’s best to get started sooner rather than later to start seeing results. The Adindia 360 email marketing, campaign management, delivery and email tracking solution enables the complete marketing cycle from initial design, to bulk delivery and campaign results.

According to Factbrowser, more than 60% of U.S consumers say they’ve made purchases as a direct result of reading a recommended blog.
Ranking reports give a pulse on your digital marketing efforts and if you see a sudden drop in rankings, you may be experiencing a Google penalty.
Business blogging creates a channel in which your customers can get up-to-date news, promotions, and learn more about your company.
Don’t commit one of the top SEO mistakes and skip researching your keywords; it’s a must-do.

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