Entrepreneurs and small business owners can take advantage of today’s technology to make their businesses more efficient and effective. Small businesses should also be taking advantage of mobile apps and devices as an essential. Mobile devices have the ability of utilizing what is called “location-based” services that provides information and directions to the users based on their location to guide them to a particular business. Using bank-developed mobile applications, cheques can now be deposited using the camera on your mobile device in the US.
Finally, small businesses can take advantage of both Internet-applications and mobile devices by tapping into the marketing and real-time interaction made possible by social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Cloud applications as well as mobile devices are two technologies that used jointly can provide significant savings and increases in productivity and revenue for small businesses.
Large businesses have started to make great use of the opportunities that lie within mobile marketing, but the truth is that mobile marketing doesn’t only work for the big time businesses, and in fact, local mobile marketing for small businesses can be very beneficial, and can make a replacement for many other advertising or marketing campaigns at a lower cost. The word ‘local’ in the term local mobile marketing is the only thing that sets it apart from average mobile marketing and it’s as simple as the definition itself. There are plenty of innovative ways for a small business to integrate local mobile marketing into their business, but here are a few examples. You don’t need to have your own app development team to build an app for you as you can find many WYSIWYG app creators on the internet. Everyone hates spam SMS messages that contain dodgy looking links and information about saving money, and for this reason many feel uncomfortable with receiving SMS messages from businesses.
If you have an app, email address or website, or even just a plain business card, you could use one or more of these to point out your SMS service, so that customers of your business will know how to keep updated.
The greatest strategy with all local campaigns is to try and build relationships with your customers.

There are many methods of marketing via mobile, and the examples above should hope tick your brain into thinking of innovative ideas to involve your customer’s mobile into your business. With a relatively short window to get its message out, H&R Block recently utilized the flexibility of mobile billboard trucks from Guerrilla Billboards to support its regional and local marketing staff in the Northeast. A bright spot amid the disappointment over the thousands of jobs that have been lost in Massachusetts, Partners Home Care needs more Rehab Therapists.  To effectively reach its target audience, the organization has included a mobile billboard truck from Guerrilla Billboards in its media mix.
While supporting messages from Partners’ radio and print ads, the truck was also tasked with visiting the neighborhoods around numerous competitors’ hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities in the greater Boston area, in order to closely target its coveted professionals, highly skilled Rehab Therapists. In the current economic climate, I would certainly want my media buyer finding the highest visibility billboard spots possible.  Mobile billboards can absolutely achieve that critical requirement. BI IntelligenceLocation-based mobile marketing promises the sky: high conversion rates, surgical targeting, and rich consumer profiles. Not surprisingly, retailers, brands, and agencies are scrambling to hone their location-based approaches.A These encompass everything from "geo-aware" and "geo-fenced" ad campaigns, to hyper-local efforts keyed to Wi-Fi hotspots, and algorithmic location-based targeting of audience segments like soccer moms, bargain hunters, coffee enthusiasts, etc.
To access BI Intelligence's full report on Local-Mobile Marketing, please sign up for a free trial subscription here. Mobile Marketing on Google Places Your browser is obsolete and does not support this webpage. Using specific internet applications and mobile applications can help them save money and increase productivity and revenue massively. Also, mobile devices can be used to conduct payments with applications such as Square, Intuit and PayPal. A local mobile marketing campaign makes use of resources available that can help to boost a business’s profile in their local area, and not anywhere else. Although some cost, these programs will allow you to create an app how you see fit, and then push it to the app stores.

However, there are those that want to keep up to date on latest business information without having to check their email or call you directly, and this is where SMS subscriptioning comes in handy. When you have a list of numbers, you could either send them out manually or use an app to do it. If you can provide more details about your services, and reply quicker to questions and queries on Facebook, via text, twitter or by email than the corporate businesses sitting in the busy part of town, then customers will build a preference to you over those other businesses, and this is something that you should try to capture with local mobile marketing. Geo-aware ads, geo-fenced ads, and location data paired with audience demographics or purchase intent are all proving to be extremely successful. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.
With these apps small businesses can accept payments virtually anywhere using their mobile devices. Being able to make a ripple in your local community can be hard, but local mobile marketing is a step in the right direction. Don’t be too aggressive with the texts as most of your customers will want to drop out, however sending a text about your services once a month or two could make a big difference.
Also, a study by Morgan Stanley concluded that by the year 2014 more people will be accessing the Internet through their mobile devices compared to their personal computers. A good WYSIWYG editor is named brickandmobile, and they have plenty of prebuilt apps that have been based around certain businesses that you can inspect and then build upon.

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