May 28, 2013 Leave a Comment If you’re a novice in the online world, you may be curious about the benefits of internet marketing for your small business.
Despite the continuous fluctuations in system, staying on top of the current online marketing techniques is fundamental to the success of your business. Local Search Services: If you’re a local business owner who is marketing to a specific geographic area, you need to employ your marketing dollars to attract people who are inside your target area. Claim and Optimize Local Listings: Many businesses do not realize that listings like Google Places, Yelp, Yahoo and Bing Local ar complementary or already exist and need to be claimed.
Create Geotargeted Landing Pages and Content: Targeting specific geographic areas with specific services in close proximity to your business location(s) is important. Keyword Research and Analysis: Consumers cannot find you if you are not using their se terms. Email Marketing Services: Email marketing is an increasingly effective way to encourage repeat business and customer loyalty. However, many local business owners are missing a tremendous sales opportunity because they don’t understand how to appropriately use email marketing to their advantage. Content Marketing: According to a Content Marketing Institute (CMI) 2013 Survey, 86% of B2C (business to consumer) companies are planning to keep or increase their current content marketing spending this year. This shows that demand for content marketing is increasing, and the primary reason is that the only way to rank on the first page of search engines is to consistently write exceptional content that people want to read and share. Conversion Optimization: The point to all of the above is conversion – Turning a visitor to your website into a customer! Photoeditorx® - advanced photo editor digital image, Photoeditorx™ is a complete photo editing software and training suite that includes gimp & 3 hours of advanced video tutorials. Free photo editing software (photo - download photoscape, Photoscape is a fun and easy photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance photos.
Free download - fun photo editing software - the best fun, Fun photo creator - zeallsoft funphotor is fun and easy to use photo blending software, a fun. A fantastic way to show clients how much they need a company’s services is through a company blog. Each blog entry needs to outline a problem and then define how the company solves that problem for the client.
Pinging And social bookmarking helps a company’s blog articles get noticed by potentially interested clients.
Social bookmarking works in a similar way; only the blog author is directly alerting people to read their posts. Being ranked as an authority site is extremely beneficial to a company’s online business success, and this applies more so to service businesses.
Almost 90% of local service businesses clients come from local search engine traffic and for this reason high rankings are extremely valuable.
By Following the simple tips above, a local business has the opportunity to dominate its local market and receive a constant stream of local clients – which should be the number one goal for a successful service business. Local businesses trust us to develop highly effective and profitable online marketing strategies. As a full service internet marketing firm, HelpALocalBusiness offer many different aspects of website promotions. Our business philosophy is to take our internet marketing experience and make it available to local businesses and business to business (B2B) companies. HelpALocalBusiness first step towards a successful internet marketing consulting campaign starts with an evaluation of your existing internet marketing strategies. Once these steps are accomplished, we start creating a proper internet marketing campaign for your local business.
We know that everybody would like to receive the most affordable price for quality services. Our unique combination of technological cognition and marketing expertise can help you gain strategic advantage over your competitors. We are proud to have this team of experts as internet marketing consultants for more than 2 years now. Whether your goals are narrow or strong-growing, implementation of a solid internet marketing strategy is the key to your local business success.
If you like the video and infographic, do me a favor and leave a comment and please share via the buttons at the top and bottom of the post. Below is an infographic that complements the video and presents a picture of local marketing that emphasizes its importance. I think finding the right SEO company or even a viable social media management company or independent contractor, to be a catch 22 scenario. It is hard for me to take the plunge without seeing some examples of the kind of methods or techniques that are being offered by the service provider. Thanks for making this series, I'm digging the infographics as they make the subject so much easier to understand! I really like the infographic and the video - great stuff and I like how they work together.
I can't wait for the next in the series, these first two have really helped me understand my marketing and know where I need to improve. Pablo, its a challenge to pick out the right marketing firm, especially if you're looking for SEO. Thanks, I'm a big fan of infographics too and have discovered a great tool to help me create them.

Claim your spot on Google Places – Set up a Google Places and take the time to fill out all your local online business information. Optimize for geo-targeted keywords – Include city names in your title, h2, meta tags, and content. Create “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages to target local terms—Include business hours, directions, and contact info. Focus on social media— Social media has been proven to be increasingly important factor when it comes to ranking for local search, so be sure to spend some quality time updating your Facebook and Google+ pages. Create different landing pages for different locations —If you have multiple locations, create a unique landing page for each location and optimize each page for appropriate location keywords. Get your business listed in directories— You can get your business listed in a number of online directories, providing reputable links that can improve your local online search ranking. Also get your business listed in local directories like your Better Business Bureau and local Chamber of Commerce. Create a mobile version of your site— Mobile phones are often used for local searches as searchers look for solutions and businesses on the go.
Getting your AdWords campaigns primed for local PPC is key for competing in competitive markets. First, you will need to set up a minimum of two different campaigns, and sometimes four. Why is this? Let’s look at an example.
The best technique for getting high Quality Scores, and a cheaper Cost Per Click (CPC) as a result, is to add each of those keywords to their own unique ad group, with ads containing these specific keywords.
Next you’ll have to decide if you want to run your ads only on computers, only on web-enabled mobile phones, or both. You can then choose to set up a second campaign with identical ads and keywords, enabling it for iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers.
When adding districts, regions, or cities, make sure that there are not ones with identical names elsewhere in the country, as is often the case! Once again, add one ad group for each keyword with at least one PPC ad containing these keywords for best performance and cheapest CPC.
This new campaign will be picked up outside of Swindon, perhaps by family members putting in a search for the person needing auto repair. Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget. The local search landscape is rapidly evolving, and getting found online, generating new leads, and measuring and tracking results is more important than ever for local businesses trying to succeed and generate growth.
If you haven’t narrowed your geographic scope, you’re essentially wasting money on marketing to people who are unlikely to become customers.
Listing your business information on each of these platforms greatly increases the chances that you will be found by your target audience. You want to help people find you with minimal effort, and with geotargeted landing pages, they’ll be much more likely to find your company when they search for services in their area. This is where the expertise of a local internet marketing company is especially beneficial: They’ll do the research to find what potential customers are searching for online locally and they can integrate this information into your website to improve your local search rankings. If you don’t have a set email marketing plan with a set schedule and objectives and you’re not marketing to past, present and potential customers via email, you’re losing valuable business!
54% of B2B (business to business) companies are planning to maximize the benefits of internet marketing by increasing their content marketing spending in 2013. For small local businesses this takes more than just compelling ideas and an engaging writing style. The way a company advertises online will hugely influence how that company performs in a local market and ultimately how successfully they are. One way to prevent this problem from happening is to hire a competent teenager to review the website’s advertisement copy. Once the advertisement copy passes this initial test, the focus becomes the website’s flow: does the website and its graphical representations properly lead the client to obtain the information they need? Its estimated that more than 50% of small businesses in the western world now have some form of blog connected to their website. It’s pointless to spend so much time writing blog entries if nothing is done to drive traffic to them. As an example, a water damage company such as The CS Water Pros, who focus on flood damage in Melbourne, estimate that almost 100% of its business comes from Google places! Our role as internet marketing consultants is to help you to plan, select and deliver the best solution to fit your local business needs.
These online services are all meant to help boost your website’s popularity, bring in new customers, and make you more money. A successful internet marketing consulting campaign integrates strategies that generate more customers, sales and profits through an existing website, create better search engine ranking results, render more leads and follow-up them, create better content for visitors and search engines, gives tips to integrate an affiliate program, delivering cost effective PPC, make use of video files, and integrates these processes in a flowing manner… all these to helps a local business evolve to the next level. Investing in this type of internet marketing services can be intimidating and exciting, but true online marketing is an essential commitment for any local business or b2b company to make. We concentrate our efforts entirely on the ROI and the actual business objectives of the occurring project.
If you share the same philosophy, I invite you to use the below form and request a proposal.
That’s why we have created an offer that combines our most popular services at business-friendly prices! Because we have a deep understanding of the internet marketing reality, we can help you develop an effective strategy to maximize the returns on your investment.

We are very selective with our new customers and reserve the right to reject any requests from websites that contain offensive, pornographic or otherwise distasteful content. The online strategies from HelpALocalBusiness team have helped spreading the word of our roofer services by writing articles, SEO, blog posts, PPC, video marketing and more. Discover what you are doing wrong and what you could be doing better – and ways to push forward your business to the next tier. Optimizing for web site for local online search is a fanatic way to reach new potential customers and drive quality traffic to your site. Encourage reviews with promotional offers, or try asking for feedback via social media and local mailing lists. Each citation you receive from a reputable site is a vote in favor of your legitimate membership at that specific geo-location. Having a site that allows easy mobile access is essential is getting the most out of local online marketing. Setting up your campaigns in a particular way can help you local businesses find great success in paid search. Say you run a mechanic shop and want to run a local online marketing campaign for auto repair shops in Swindon, in the UK. Tick the box of the relevant area and Google will now show where the ads will run on the map.
Try setting up identical campaigns, one which will run on computers only, and the second on web-enabled phones.
The fastest way to do this is by using a tool such as the AdWords Editor, which you can use to copy and paste the first campaign, and then change the settings. When others shutter at the thought of learning about Pinterest, Google Plus Local Pages, and what ever will come next; we say bring it.
Furthermore, email marketing is reported as second only to search marketing as the most effective online marketing tactic. There is still an underlying content formula that must be understood and followed to achieve ranking success. If a teenager understands what the company is offering, an older paying client will likely understand as well. Pinging alerts search engines to be able to find the latest blog posts that have been posted. We specialize in helping local businesses plan how they can operate successfully on the Internet and integrate their offline advertising with the power of online marketing. Our internet marketing consulting services are based on practical experience and information that’s continually updated to stay ahead of a constantly changing market.
We are proud to supply our clients with crystal-clear online marketing strategies which delivers a higher level of ROI. In other words, we don’t stop our strategies at a certain number of ranking results or links, a certain amount of content or leads, a certain amount of affiliates, and so on.
Take a moment to fill out the following form – this simple process will help us learn more about you. Their services are really the greatest we found and allow us to clearly dominate our local area.
This allows you to monitor the performance of each separately, and lets you increase or decrease bids on the two different sets of devices. I read a book a while back about how important it is to have vision, an open mind and an imagination. If it becomes obvious that the teenager is having difficulty understanding the overall message being conveyed then the advertisement copy needs to be reworked. In addition to this, a company blog is an opportunity to let clients know the company knows its field of expertise: a great way to build authority in a local market. The more blog posts an author pings, the greater the potential for getting search engine traffic to the blog. You can also set up similar accounts with Bing Local and Yahoo Local to stretch your reach even further. Maybe you will find that a mobile searcher is far more likely to convert, so you might wish to increase bids.
This is especially important for start-ups, local business and anyone who wants to innovate in their industry.
A service oriented company will lose tonnes of business if their clients do not clearly understand their company website. Galileo Galilei was burned at the stake in 1600 for saying the Earth revolved around the Sun. Imagine if he told them that in the future we would fly from country to country in relative comfort in massive flying machines. Better yet could you have imagined texting, Facebook, electricity or any of the recent technological developments? Five years ago could you imagine a single local online marketing solution for small business? All jokes aside, we now have people innovating every day and redefining what is possible and it is very inspiring.

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