As of last week, Google have begun to implement some changes into how it lists local businesses, which will likely effect your online presence. What this means, is that instead of showing seven Google local business listings at the top of search results, they are reducing it to only three spots. This is what Google local business listings results now looks like, with only three results or 3-Pack. Up until now, each local business listing would be displayed with the exact address, so people wanting a quick search in order to visit a shop near them would have to look no further than page one of Google.
Local business listings displayed on a mobile however, do have a call button for searchers to contact you directly. The latest business reviews you have will still be listed, although they will now just be labelled “Reviews” instead of the previous “Google Reviews”. Google have also added opening and closing times, and hours open for business to Google local listings so ensure this information is complete on your business profile. The link to your business’ Google+ page has now been removed from the initial listing that appears on search results pages. When a user clicks on a listing anywhere other than the actual “website” link, they will be shown an extended list of local business listings.
If you would like to know more about how these Google local listing changes may effect your business or it’s ranking positions, or what you can do to secure yourself one of the top three listings, speak to one of our friendly, expert consultants. Is Your SEO Service Provider Compliant with the Dreaded Google Penguin & Panda Updates? Both local SEO and national SEO contains and follow the same elements for example, on-page factors, indexing, links, social media etc. For a local SEO the first and most vital thing is that you need to create and claim is a local profile on Google or any other search engines. While creating a Google my business page it is very necessary to eliminate the duplicate page if in case it is there. The very next step is to take into consideration that you have verified your Google my business page.
Make sure that you have registered your email address that is attached to your Google my business account. For local search result it is very important for any organization to optimize the Meta description and title tag so that the search engine can generate the proper information. The real reviews for your company product and a service are the best to build up the confidence and increase the visibility for your landing page. We as a digital marketing company in Boston, believes in giving out the best local SEO services to the prospective customers, as many of them preferred to look for local business when it comes to the products or services. In order to perform affordable SEO for your small business, you need to get clear on a few things first before you even think about creating a web presence.
If you think for a moment about what the real purpose is behind your website, this will help you to understand exactly how to properly optimize it.

Is my website to highlight the products that I sell but not to actually sell them (like an online brochure)?
Search terms or search engine keywords as they’re called, form the foundation for any SEO small business campaign, affordable or otherwise. For example, if you are a local business,  a great way to uncover your potential customer is the use of local search terms, i.e. If you’ve had a website for a while, one of the best things to figure out how people are finding you currently is to look in your server logs or your analytics to see how existing searchers are finding your website. Now that you’ve determined what search terms people may find you for, when they do find you using the search terms, what is each potential customer worth to you? This is the biggest determining factor for small businesses to best perform economical SEO. However, if  your typical customer is worth only $50, then you’ll need to budget accordingly. The bottom line is that if your customer is worth more to you, then search engine optimization budgets should be accordingly larger. Regardless, you’ll need to be clear on the above three points in order for any local SEO strategy to work effectively.
If you’re new SEO, all this might seem a little scary, however the rewards of having a fully optimized website ranking highly for specific and targeted search terms your customers are searching for are very substantial.
So before you venture down the path for local search engine optimization, make sure you are clear on what your business objectives are, then align those business objectives with your website strategy, pick search terms your customers are searching for which ultimately will drive sales of your products and services. So, here’s the lowdown on what you need to know, how it will affect you, and what you need to do to stay visible. This means the last four will be cut from view, making the top three all the more competitive to reach and hold. However, Google has now made it so that only the street name of each local business is displayed. Again, searchers will have to click through to your website in order to access your contact information. The initial three businesses will expand into 20 listings, with more available if the searcher clicks to see more results.
When you login to your business dashboard, next to your business name you can see a checkmark with a verified stamp next to it or else you have to see the available methods to verify your business that Google offers. To rank high and win Google trust it is very much necessary to keep everything consistent to your web for example, business name, address, contact number, email etc. Qualitative and unique content is all what your audience look for and it drives the visitors to take an action. With the increasing competition, it is a must that we provide a best SEO solution to every kind of business.
We are the team of experts, started in 2010 to help businesses with our services like PPC, SEM, SEO, website design, mobile web applications.

In Singapore, guidelines are set by the Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Council for Estate Agencies.
While this may lead to an increase in business to those lucky three, the other listings may see a drop in calls and traffic.
This means that to find the rest of the address, searchers will now have to click through to your website to see your full address or click on the map listing.
If your target is a local customer like a local restaurant, retail outlet, lawyer, doctor etc. A citation is that online place where your company uses their NAP (name, address and phone number) as a consistent format for a local listing. In this situation it is very important to note the primary page and should notify Google to delete others. Many times people go through the verification process either by a phone call to your business or by postcard. You can check it with the help of Google webmaster tool right from whether your pages have got indexed, are there any penalties or not, crawl errors. It is our primary goal to offer best local SEO services at affordable local SEO packages by optimizing it in such a way that the website appears at the top of the local search result to boost more qualified leads, sales and revenue. You can always do it yourself by learning how to do SEO yourself, or you can hire a professional firm but specializes in affordable seo for small business.
Google has made its algorithms very strict in terms of rankings, as it ensures that your local citation efforts should match your local listing as much as possible. Even if you want to target multiple cities irrespective of your presence, make sure that you are marking down your site structure to lay out ahead of time. In this case you can take the help of some of the best & affordable local SEO company who are professional in it and know very well how to write unique content with a proper density of keywords which can help the customers to understand your services and drive them to do something. For more information about our affordable Local SEO services or any other digital marketing solutions in Boston, feel free to contact us at 774 420 7077. All just you need to do is the proper planning and a fine execution of your local SEO strategies like a consistent physical address of a city with your business phone number, hours of operations and a local website link where you want your target customers to go for a further detail.
You also need to check that you have correctly mentioned your name, address or phone number (NAP) on your landing page or website.
There are many leading SEO firms which provide the best local SEO services in Boston so that you can successfully convert them into your future customers.

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