Local SEO can bring customers within miles of your business’s location directly to you and you can circumvent the ‘global market’ for search results. With local SEO, it is extremely important to become listed as much as possible in local directories. The more you show your presence online to a regional group of people, the more they’ll talk about your business and website. A few positive reviews can greatly increase your chances of being chosen by a prospective client over another listing with no reviews.
Your address is important and it should be on all pages of your website to re-enforce your geographic location. More than 90% of customers are now using search engines to find goods and services instead of the phone book such as Yellowpages, and that number is rising every day. This makes local search engine optimization more important than any other type of advertising you can invest in right now.
We separate ourselves from all competitors by providing a face to face meeting where we review our comprehensive monthly SEO report for your firm. One surefire method to enhancing your efforts for local SEO is using the WordPress platform. But what makes WordPress so great for local SEO, and is it really worth it to the average business owner to learn the platform?
Wix is a DIY small business web design platform that makes it easy for business owners to publish their own website. For business owners who are serious about SEO, choosing WordPress is essentially a no-brainer. WordPress is an extremely user-friendly CMS system that nearly any business owner can learn.
Furthermore, WordPress allows you to customize every page with a URL containing your keywords.
With the flexibility of WordPress, business owners can easily move forward with their SEO strategy on both a content and technical basis. The first step to understanding why Yoast is so helpful for SEO is to take a look at its anatomy. Snippet Editor is a tab within the plugin that contains the field you need to customize your keyword and meta data. Your content analysis is included underneath the snippet editor, which gives an overview of your content in terms of a technical and user-friendly standpoint. The best part about Yoast SEO is that it will give you specific direction in terms of what you can do to improve your local SEO. Yoast SEO also has a local SEO plugin that is specifically designed to help small businesses rank better on Google. In order to get the most out of WordPress and the Yoast SEO plugin, you’ll need to have a few keywords in mind.
To find the keywords for your company website, you’ll need to step outside of Yoast and use a tool such as Google’s Keyword Planner.
Once you’re setup with your small business website on WordPress, you’re ready to put your local SEO strategy in place with this powerful platform. Whether you’re using WordPress or another CMS platform, knowing how your website is performing is crucial to your SEO success. Use our FREE website scanning tool below to get your visibility score – Takes 45 seconds. Areas ServedBigfoot Media provides website design & development, search engine optimization(SEO), local search marketing, and more to Upstate, SC including Greenville, Spartanburg, Easley, Anderson, Clemson, Seneca, Pickens, Taylors, and Simpsonville, South Carolina.
Though the economy has been in a state of unrest for years now, the Local Search Engine Optimization industry has grown and continues to do so. Further, the graph shows that while 13% of SEOs had 21+ clients last year, 10% more now have that many as well (bringing the number to 23% of SEOs with 21+ clients). This success rate refers to “converting leads to new customers.” This is a promising statistic, showing that there is a great deal of business out there for the taking. It’s impossible to ignore the overwhelming power of the internet (and the incredible power of the search engines, especially Google, for that matter).

The survey also revealed that SEOs do on-site optimization on a weekly basis and find directory submission and link-building to be the most tedious tasks. There is clearly a need for more guidance when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Google +.
For more information about Local SEO, Google places, or Search Engine Optimization in general, please come back and read our blog on a daily basis. Rachel Lindteigen recently penned a great piece on how to manage SEO for different local branches of a franchise. As a business branches out it does make sense to create a separate landing page for each local branch, franchise or not.
Rachel ran into a problem where users were searching from work—often in the city center—but needed to be connected to local results for their suburban homes. If you want your business to reach customers within a particular geographic region, then you need help from a local search optimization service provider which has the right experts to fulfill your demands. Only an established firm can provide your services that are fully compliant with Google’s Penguin and Panda Updates. Use of only ethical white hat search engine optimization tactics as per Webmaster guidelines of Google and other search engines.
Only experienced optimization experts can provide you customized solutions since they have gained considerable years of experience by providing solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. Search engine optimization professionals have deep understanding of how Google, Yahoo and Bing operate and with that knowledge professionals can provide you broader geo-targeting strategies to make sure your small business growth.
For focusing on one particular target location, most experts use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) for designing local SEO strategies for increasing the efficiency of the final output. Getting involved with a community also means that Google’s local results are likely to rank you much higher if you have a few other prerequisites listed here done properly.
You want to also make sure that each location links back to a page on your website that is all about that location and what it has to offer. With so many algorithms, best practices, and new techniques, it can be hard to keep track of what will be effective for your company website. WordPress isn’t new to web design and digital marketing, but it can be very effective in terms of implementing your SEO strategy and beyond.
However, there are a lot of technical reasons why business owners should avoid Wix at all costs. They’re unable to include good keywords and write descriptions that can increase click through rate. There are endless opportunities for design and customize your website to look exactly as you want it. The URL structure of Wix includes hashbangs (#!) due to its AJAX coding, but WordPress provides a clean and hassle-free URL for business websites. It’s extremely easy to use and implement, and can help business owners achieve higher rankings in the search engines.
This is the place where you can edit your title tag and meta description, as well as assign a relevant keyword to your post. As long as you have good content and focus keyword in mind, Yoast can help guide you through the process. It allows you to add features such as a Google map, store locator, operating hours, and more. Keep in mind that you’ll want to add a geo-modified term to your keyword to optimize it for local search.
Bigfoot Media specializes in helping small businesses achieve higher search engine rankings and get the most out of their company website. If these SEOs provide high-quality services, growing competition can be healthy for the industry. Not only are businesses motivated to utilize SEO to increase visibility to customers and potential customers, but also in order to stay ahead of (or keep up with) the competition. These SEOs have likely seen the results and payoff that Local SEO can bring (as we have, many times over, within our Atlanta SEO company).
Apparently, “37% of businesses like social media but don’t know how to use it.” Further, nearly half of SEOs think that social media can be effective for marketing.

Here, you can find news that we find notable having to do with SEO, Google and the interactive marketing world.
This presents a real problem for SEO because there are often individual websites, or pages on a single domain, for each location. This allows you to optimiz each page using localized versions of keywords (“Atlanta real estate” instead of just “real estate”). Her solution was simple and effective, creating one landing page for the inner metro that offered links to all the surrounding local branches. Optimizing local branches is in many ways no different from optimizing for one-location local businesses, and many of the same tactics apply.
By “offsite” we mean all the local resource pages—mainly maps and review sites—that people often go to instead of the SERPs. With the help of skilled and experienced optimization specialists, your business enterprise will be listed in top ranking local directories and yellow pages.
This allows people who are specifically looking for a type of service that you offer in their area to be found quickly, easily and without effort.
In short it allows you to list vital contact information like your address, telephone number and website while allowing users to leave reviews. If you’re in a major, highly-populated and competitive locale, you may find ranking in Google Places just as hard as ranking in a search engine. Its URL format is also served through JavaScript and may affect bots that crawl your company website from Google.
You’ll find it below the text box and it contains multiple forms to fill out to help improve your search engine rankings. You’ll need to do a bit of research ahead of time to ensure that your chosen keyword has a good search volume and low to average competition.
Internet marketing is so pervasive and effective that if one company is utilizing it, it’s likely that the competition will engage in it as well. This is why social media consulting companies have sprung up recently, and it’s also why many SEO companies have integrated social media into their campaigns (there are other reasons, too however- let’s not forget Google’s Caffeine update and its call for a “wider footprint”). For more information about developing your site’s organic SEO strategy or for advice having to do with questions that are more specific to your business or website, contact  our Atlanta SEO company at 770-481-1766. They all represent the same brand and try to rank for the same keywords—often in very nearby geographic areas. That’s stronger than a single home page trying to cover every location, and a lot better than every branch fighting over the exact same search strings. Priority one for optimizing local branches would be making sure that each individual location appears on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps and Yelp. It lets local branches reach search users immediately, even while building up their local SEO chops. But it becomes particularly important when a number of local branches are all struggling to stand out, because these are tools that let you get around the keyword competition and reach local consumers.
In addition, your site will be optimized in such a way that the site will be ranked high in local search results and will start attracting local search traffic.
We’ve found that different locations of any chain business can have similar problems, even if they’re not actually franchised. But for this to work it’s absolutely crucial to create non-duplicate copy on the individual web pages. Here are the important reasons why you need professional assistance for fulfilling your local marketing objectives. Rachel used a mix ‘n’ match system where franchise owners could combine different paragraphs from a menu. Since these resources are based more on geographic proximity than search strings, they offer a space where branches can become prominent without competing over keywords.
We would actually go a step farther—that still leaves the possibility of duplicate pages and guarantees the use of duplicate paragraphs. The cost of writing individual landing pages is small and worth it to avoid a red flag with Google.

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