BI IntelligenceWith 770 million of the 1.2 billion smartphone devices worldwide equipped with GPS, location data has begun to permeate the entire mobile space.
Location-enabled mobile ads have generated excitement for theirA effectivenessA and the impressive prices they command. To access BI Intelligence's full report on How Location-Based Data Is Transforming The Entire Mobile Industry, sign up for a free trial subscription here. This mobile advertising book explains how to setup, send, and manage advertising programs for mobile telephones.
This figure shows how a location based search is the entry of the word "pizza" into a mobile telephone search engine which is combined with the location of the mobile telephone to identify Pizza restaurants that are near the mobile telephone. As with Internet advertising, many people already receive mobile ads but are unaware they have received (and may have responded to) mobile ads. The types of mobile ads range from fairly simple text links to interactive software programs. The type of mobile ad and the way it operates varies based on the mobile device capabilities. You can infer what type of demographics will watch a certain TV show, listen to a radio show, or read a publication. Your Target Market is Mobile; a change in Location changes everything (including moving from one room to another). Traditional advertising cannot assure that the customer will be there when the message is delivered. Back in business school, we learned about “The Marketing Concept” as the total company effort to satisfy customer needs at a profit. Briefly, Location Based Marketing is: The art of transforming consumers’ shared location information into revenues. Das Kosmetikunternehmen The Body Shop startet ab sofort eine Location Based Advertising Aktion in Kooperation mit GETTINGS.
Jeder Kunde der im The Body Shop beim Bezahlen die mobile Vorteils-App von GETTINGS auf seinem Smartphone vorzeigt erhalt ab sofort ab einem Einkaufswert von 20€ ein exklusives Geschenk. The client needed a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) virtual paint mobile application for consumers to decorate their home, inside and out, choosing the paint brand colors without lifting a paintbrush, ensuring to get the right color at the first attempt.
The client needed to build an innovative mobile Sales tool that would enable sales teams to keep track of their leads, customers and deliver results by leveraging a mobile solution in a hassle-free way. The client needed to streamline its contract labor force by leveraging automated workflows and mobile technology to save costs.
The solution required to be built on cross-platform technology and provide scalability and flexibility as the organization grew. The client required an eLearning mobile solution for facilitating communication and deliver training. The client needed to build mixed-mode feedback mobile platform where various surveys can be conducted and real-time questionnaire can be created. The client required to build a retail mobile store for selling Over-The-Counter (OTC) products. The client needed a mall navigation app with a simple and effective way to navigate consumers towards stores. The client wanted to create an integrated location based advertising and social media solution for mobile users. The client needed to build a university mobile application that would help teachers and students streamline communication and deliver course information. The client required to build a retail mobile solution for distributing various coupons and offers to its customers based on their location. The client wanted to develop an automated solution helping them gain better visibility among frequencies and duration of customer visits made by its sales and marketing teams.
The client required to build a mobile document management solution for managing various confidential travel documents like Visa, Passport, License with greater emphasis on streamlining access.
The client required to build a mobile wallet solution to store credit card and debit card information for simplifying mobile financial transactions. The solution was developed to serve multiple veterinary clinics across US for streamlining veterinary practice management by managing their business and clinical processes. The client wanted to develop an automated solution to manage its supply chain and logistics management processes.
The client wanted to create an integrated solution for Content marketing and Social media marketing with innovative marketing automation feature, delivering continuous and engaging content to social networks. The client wanted to develop a centralized sales management solution helping them gain better visibility among regional sales team, regional marketing team and local sales development team.
The client, a financial service provider, followed a traditional recruitment process which was time consuming and expensive. The solution was developed to provide performance management and business intelligence to the decision makers by analyzing unstructured data integrated with multiple ERP systems across US and Asia. And many mobile ad trading platforms have recently reported triple-digit increases in location-enabled impressions. Mobile advertising is the communication of messages or media content to one or more potential customers who use mobile devices.

In this example, a company creates and submits a small banner ad to a mobile advertising network and selects location, time and category as the ad promotion criteria. The mobile ad network receives and reviews mobile ads from content providers or mobile agencies along with the ad campaign name and criteria. This example shows that some of the listings include coupons that can be used immediately at the restaurant. Lawrence Harte is the president of Althos, an expert information provider covering the communications industry.
Ads can be targeted to very specific types of users, triggered to display at specific times, and have several new real-time interactive options. Mobile ads have response types that range from text link clicks to launching new software applications.
These capabilities include display, media processing, limited amount of memory, and input control functionality.
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On the other hand, mobile coupons served to customers through Location Based SMS produce a double digit redemption rate. But you cannot be sure that those specific customers in a particular target market will be present when your message is delivered.
Instead of just aiming at the same place, hoping somebody passes by when you shoot, you should add location based marketing to your marketing mix.
From a business perspective, I would define the “Location Based Marketing concept” as the company’s effort to integrate consumers’ location information into their business marketing strategy, to better satisfy customers needs in their contexts, to make a profit. Location in the hands of the right artisan multiplies the value of your business marketing plan. Note that the key word defining marketing is process; therefore LBM might be a PART of your business marketing strategy, but never an isolated factor. There are many ways to acquire customers location information, and despite common belief (lack of knowledge I would say) you DON’T necessarily need a GPS in the phone to know the customer location. As much as mastering the usage of MS Word doesn’t make one a poet, knowing how to claim a business in foursquare doesn’t necessarily make one a LBM expert. The app must also have an editing tool for anyone looking to remodel such as painters, realtors, interior decorators and landscape designers.
The solution should have a functional Sales CRM and Reporting tool to deliver a full set of daily, weekly and monthly emailed sales reports to sales managers, helping improve sales productivity and efficiency. The client wanted the solution to navigate the decision makers and contract workforce through the ever-changing complex state and federal worker classification rules & regulations. It should also support multi-site management to assist one for many work site locations and transient workers.
The solution would bridge the gap between top management and trainers for keeping records of the training & educational processes. The solution should have an intuitive user interface and strong back-end questionnaire engine that would display questions based on the feedback received from the customer, eliminating redundant questions and simplifying the feedback process. The solution should have an intuitive user interface with added features like user management, product listing, product search with shopping cart and payment integration. The app needed to deliver retail promotions through location based services when in close proximity to the stores. The solution would enable users to leverage location based services and discover offers and deals at nearby retailers through advertising.
The university was looking to facilitate its students with the ease of confirming their class timings, lectures and course information through an easy to use mobile application at the touch of a button. The application needed to run flawlessly on various iOS, Android based devices and also notify users about limited offers. The customized solution should provide automated approach to allocate accounts to sales reps and also keep check of their calls and visits. The solution should have an intuitive user interface with added secure encryption engine to safe guard the documents. The solution needed to have an intuitive user interface with a secure transaction engine for processing various mobile payments. The solution should simplify the cab reservation process to deliver cohesive customer service with operational efficiency by leveraging the cutting-edge GPS technologies.
The existing process was operated manually, leading to low productivity and no centralized tool was available for reviewing and managing medical cases by veterinary doctors and clinics. The customized sales management solution should bridge the gap across multiple geographies by showcasing real-time sales information worldwide on its network of operations spanning in more than 100 countries through its widespread network of dealers and distributors. Due to high manual operations and complex processes, they were experiencing low efficiency and productivity.
The enterprise business intelligence and performance management solution provided accurate information through real-time dashboards, empowering the organization to take right decisions. According to strategy analytics, the mobile advertising industry will reach $14.4 billion in 2011. The mobile advertising network submits these ads to multiple mobile networks and keeps track of the transmission, selection and response to these ads.

If the ads conform to the required guidelines and are approved, the mobile ad network can forward these ads to mobile carriers that have been defined by the mobile ad campaign.
He has over 29 years of technology analysis, development, implementation, and business management experience. Mobile ad targeting can be performed by using mobile communication channel types that can include mobile communities, download sites, entertainment applications, information services, and specialty portals.
As a result, some guidelines have been created to help ensure the user’s experience with mobile ads is reliable and acceptable. Airlines like JetBlue, KLM, SouthWest, Virgin and others use Location Based Social “check-ins”. You can mail a coupon to your prospect, but you cannot be sure they will have it in their pockets when they are close to your POS. Consequently what you need in order to integrate a Location Based Marketing strategy is first and foremost a knowledgeable marketing individual. Therefore you need a person that understands mobile technology, knows most of the available technological solutions, and can identify which one to use for every case. That means you need to be ready to identify if Location Based Marketing makes any sense to your business.
This means that you need to choose feasible and appropriate tools in order to increase sales, and maximize revenues. And that’s what I say to my customers: buying butter, sugar, flour, and eggs is one thing, using the same ingredients in order to bake great pastry is a different story altogether.
In other words, brands that strongly integrate their mobile social networking strategies with their location-based marketing plans will probably see an accelerated benefit than those who don’t. The solution also needed to integrate a set of business processes to optimize employee productivity on both an individual and organization level. Apart from delivering a unified experience, it should also provide effective document and user management. It should also have an intuitive user interface with user management and collaboration features like chat, video tutorial sharing, skill monitoring, Q&A forumand a logbook.
The application must run flawlessly on various iOS based devices and smart-phones and deliver a unified shopping experience. The user interface needed to be simple and intuitive with a floor-by-floor view to map stores and a directory listing of retailers with their promotional offers.
They can even communicate through social media features like chat and share the offers with their friends. In addition, it should run flawlessly on various iOS, Android based devices and also notify users for renewal of expired documents.
In addition, it should run flawlessly on various iOS based devices and reduce unwanted, illegal and non-traceable payments, by eliminating the use of cash.
The SharePoint based hiring platform simplified the staffing process and improved collaboration within the recruitment team.
The mobile system operators review the capabilities of the mobile devices in their network to determine which devices can receive and respond to mobile ads. The mobile carrier or their portal operators receives and delivers the ads to the appropriate channels and report the status of ad delivery to the mobile ad network. He has setup, managed, and provided training for keyword advertising, search engine optimization, affiliate links, email broadcasting marketing programs.
Different types of services including short text (SMS), multimedia messages (MMS), WAP, xHTML, or packet data connections may deliver advertising messages. They added relevancy and context to their customer social media engagement resulting in enhanced customer service and stronger loyalty.
You can promote your brand through many channels, but doing so when the customer is nearby your business boosts the probability of more sales.
If your message has the right “what” “who” and “when”, “where” is the missing ingredient to a perfect recipe for success. The mobile ad network uses this information to produce marketing reports to the advertiser and to calculate their mobile advertising costs. The list of food and retail chains that have implemented Location Based Marketing tools, and transformed location information into sales opportunities, grow every day. The 21th century is all about a mobile lifestyle in which immediate contacts OF ALL KINDS are important.
Harte has interviewed hundreds of Internet web marketing experts and tested many types of web marketing systems to discover the key success principles used for Internet marketing programs.
Harte's combined knowledge and experience in business systems, communications technologies allow him to communicate well with all people within a company that have a need to understand marketing programs and communication systems. He has authored over 80 books on communications technologies and systems on topics including Internet Marketing, Business Finance, Mobile Communications, IP Telephony, and Billing Systems. Harte holds many degrees and certificates include an Executive MBA from Wake Forest University (1995) and a BSET from the University of the State of New York, (1990).

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