For Shokoufeh Abdi, the decision to move to London and study BA Advertising and Marketing Communications at London Metropolitan University was perhaps the quickest, yet the best decision she has made so far.
Back home in Iran, Shokoufeh was in her 2nd year studying IT at one of Tehran’s Universities whilst also working for a company selling advertising space and working on marketing projects.
However, on discovering the different advertising and marketing Bachelor’s degrees in the UK as opposed to the more traditional disciplines such as IT, economics or finance in Iran, she decided to change her life completely and started at London Metropolitan University within a few weeks.
Since studying at London Met, Shokoufeh has managed to completely focus on her passion for PR and marketing.
In 2007, a year after starting her BA Advertising and Marketing Communications programme, Shokoufeh started to work on organising and promoting a charity concert for the MS Society at the Royal Albert Hall. The concert by Ebi, a famous Iranian singer, was filmed by BBC Persian and London Metropolitan University was one of the main sponsors. Shokoufeh has now graduated from MSc in Project Management and continues to work for Cultural Signatures.

Campus Services liaise with the University's procured supplier for branded merchandise such as pens, lanyards, bags and t-shirts. Built into each section of our brand guidelines is the flexibility to allow for creativity and vibrancy. Any design concept may be considered, as long as the guidelines and the design and production processes (including the requirements for approval from Marketing or PR) are followed. She came to London originally for a holiday to visit her sister and to take a short course in advertising. The practical and career focused approach to the course allowed her to apply what she learned in the classroom directly to organising and promoting cultural events. Since her success in organising and promoting the charity concert, Shokoufeh co-founded Cultural Signatures, an events company which promotes and organizes cultural and charity events. It can use a range of colours from our colour palette but please note that the logo must always be presented in black or white.

We have developed a set of templates for staff with graphic design skills to use to put together frequently produced items.
She also continued her education and enrolled into the MSc Project Management course at London Metropolitan University, which she found directly relevant to her work at Cultural Signatures. She tells me that it was invaluable to have the expertise and experience of her teachers at London Met to support her.
Please read the brand guidelines before you start designing to ensure that your work is consistent with all of our other communications. The graphic designers the Marketing team uses also enjoy creative freedom when it comes to creating eye-catching materials but will always adhere to our guidelines.

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