DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit-based advertising agency Lowe Campbell EwaldA is losing Cadillac's ad business.
BoredPanda has written before about powerful advertisements that were designed to raise awareness about important social and environmental issues. These powerful animal ad campaigns address different types of issues, but they’re all about giving a voice to the voiceless.
There are lots of powerful animal ad campaigns out there, so if you’ve seen one that we missed, share it with us at the bottom of this post!
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The Scrub Morning Glory is a rare flowering plant in the (as the name implies) morning glory family.

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Design SCENE is a daily style and design destination and home of monthly print & digital magazines Design SCENE and MMSCENE as well as internationally distributed magazine D'SCENE. Publicis, a global firm based in Paris, confirmed today that it would take over the Cadillac account.Industry publication Advertising Age reported the move Thursday morning. Most of us love animals, and yet we remain ignorant of or apathetic towards the abuse of domestic or circus animals or the extinction, poaching and over-harvesting of wild populations. They don’t have any way to raise awareness about the issues they face, so it’s up to us to help them out.
If you’re an animal lover, consider putting your time or your money behind one of these noble campaigns!

In September, Cadillac announced that the brand's headquarters would move from its Detroit home in General Motors'A Renaissance Center to a new office space in New York.
When the company's move into the city was first announced, 7 Action News reported that Lowe Campbell Ewald would have a long-term lease on their five-floor downtown office space.

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