Be prepared to enter the exciting world of Chain Reaction and let yourself be mesmerized by this unique arcade puzzle game. Targets are initially empty, but getting filled when you're collecting chains of the corresponding type. The mixture of easy control, quick to learn plus 100 unique levels makes jalada Chain Reaction a nearly never ending game experience for the whole family. Good News and Bad News: The good news is that Cover Orange is one of my all-time favorite physics-puzzle games. There’s no time pressure to worry about even though you know bad rain is on the way, instead the game waits for you until all the objects you are given are used–then the rain comes.
Collect the color bubbles on the field by combining them into chains to enter the next level, and create the longest chain ever to get the highest score.
This number indicates the minimum lenght of chains you have to collect in order to fill such a target. Instead, falling items appear on the field, and you have to let them reach the most bottom line of the field.

The bad news is that comparing Casual phsyics puzzle games to Angry Birds or Cut the Rope has become a cliche. If a single drop of rain touches an orange then the poor thing suffers from being poisoned to death–perhaps this is a glimpse of our own fate from chem trails.
The scenery changes enough along with different wildlife keeping each stage visually fresh. The only way to keep from getting buried in the avalanche is to connect the black spheres and open up the tunnel. Cliche or not, Cover Orange deserves as much respect as the other known successful physics games.
Simply interacting with the objects on a one-on-one basis just won’t cut it here, instead setting up daisy-chain reactions with the environment along with timing makes up a big portion of this game. Anyways, even after failing a stage (sometimes several times), I never felt frustrated nor  discouraged since each level can be beaten rather quickly and without the worry of failure. You have to cover the orange (who would have thought) from the evil, cute storm cloud, and it gets really hard after a while.

And, the only way to connect the black spheres is to get rid of all the snowballs in the way. Besides strategically dropping the items, how and why you use the item varies greatly and interactions can change vasty from level to level.
I keep trying to pass a level, and sometimes 45 minutes will go by without me knowing it because I am so absorbed in it. Sadly what this game is missing that others have (see how I avoided the Angry Birds cliche? Some stages can be beaten without the use of all  objects but in the end it doesn’t matter since the outcome is all the same.

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