Ten years ago, Apple introduced the Power Macintosh G5, the first of a new generation of Macs based on IBMa€™s PowerPC G5 architecture.
At the time of its debut, Apple claimed the G5 was the a€?worlda€™s fastest personal computer,a€? a controversial statement that held up with mixed success in lab tests at the time of its release.
Aside from its 64-bit CPU, the Power Macintosh G5 debuted a few other firsts for the Mac platform.
From design perspective, the Power Mac G5 was Applea€™s first computer to ship in an aluminum enclosure. For such an excess of volume, youa€™d think the G5 would contains an excess of expansion potential, but in fact, most of the case was dedicated to heat dissipation.
Apple spent a large portion of the Power Mac G5a€™s 2003 introductory keynote explaining how it engineered around the PowerPC G5 CPUa€™s hotplate nature with four separate a€?thermal zonesa€? and no less than nine internal cooling fans that, if run together, sounded not dissimilar to a jet taking off when things got a bit too toasty.
That Applea€™s engineers had to bend over backwards and upside down to accommodate the thermal profile of IBMa€™s G5 CPU must have been powerful evidence for Applea€™s executive staff that the company had to change direction in CPU architecturea€”as it did three years later with the switch to Intel CPUs.
By modern standards, thata€™s a surprisingly inefficient use of space: three bays and three slots in a case that could swallow 36 modern Mac Minis in cubic volume.
By then it was painfully obvious that the PowerPC architecture, which had failed to break the promised 3GHz barrier for over two years, was proving too limiting for Apple. But even after that switch to Intel, one thing remained the same: Applea€™s then-new Mac Pro retained the dimensions and general exterior design of the Power Mac G5.

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Oct 18, 2010 Three laptops are connected wirelessly, while my iMac G5 is hooked to the to delete the MP drivers. Such drivers usually exist in the expansion ROM of expansion cards that are needed you can actually delete the reg entry using the delete-property command, and specify changes (for example, the format changed with the PowerMac G5). Unveiled by Steve Jobs during the 2003 World Wide Developera€™s Conference, the G5 replaced the aging Power Mac G4 and carried the banner for the ultra high-end Mac market until Apple released the Intel-based Mac Pro in 2006. But it was fast, no doubt, and capable: The high-end model shipped with dual 2GHz CPUs, and as Applea€™s first 64-bit computer, the Power Mac G5 could utilize up to 8GB of RAM. It was the first Mac to integrate Serial ATA hard drives, which provided a significant speed advantage over its parallel cousins (it did retain a Parallel ATA interface for its DVD-burning SuperDrive). For internal expansion, the initial G5s included one 133 MHz 64-bit PCI-X slot and two 100 MHz 64-bit PCI-X slots.

Only now, a decade after the G5a€™s introduction, is Apple finally ditching the aluminum beast for a mysterious dark cylinder.
The design must have served Apple very wella€”as well, at least, as it did the millions of professional users who have used the Power Mac G5 and its spiritual descendants over the previous decade.
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German, French, and so on), the drivers for printer models that you don't own in Terminal and wound up deleting or changing some important underlying files. To add extra oomph, each of the three introductory G5 models featured a front-side bus clocked at half the CPU clock rate, including an astoundingly speedy 1GHz FSB for the 2GHz model.
It was also Applea€™s first computer to include USB 2.0 ports, which had already become standard in the Windows world.
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