After having played Planet Horse on my PC (works on Mac as well), I found it to be a pretty fun game , with good graphics and very cute horses. By completing each challenge you get a medal, which in turn allows you buy more horses, equipment and clothes!
There is a free trial, however, if you want the full game you will have to buy it.All in all, the game is fun and the graphics are good, but it's pretty thin on content, so you will get bored really quickly. If you like the idea of running your own farm and making some profit, this game is for you.
A Virtual Horse is a complex yet exciting game that enables players to develop their skills in breeding horses, competitions and being involved in the daily activities of a ranch and a host of others.
Tags: Coloring, Fun, Horse breeding, Internet, Magical, Multiplayer, Pegasus, Pony, Sim, Train horse, Unicorn.
A Virtual Horse is an online game that involves horses, a virtual town and many other components in an environment that is suitable for all ages. When starting the game, a player has one horse, some tack for the horse, horse feed and 15000 coins and has no experience points and is a level 1 player. There are so many diverse activities in this game that it is certain to provide those who play it with entertainment for many hours. Some off the moderators are rude to players, and it’s sad that they get away with it. I have a problem with the moderator Gina… She bans me without warning and for no good fucking reason. Then she goes and always says the rudest things ever after banning people as if wanting people to react so she can ban them too.
I had to switch players to my main, just to send enough coins over to the new one to actually buy a damn horse. The search for things is terrible now I have to go on a scavenger hunt every time I want to find something! The game has been stripped of all of its good qualities to add a few animations that make it run slow but look fancy. I can’t see how the people that run the site are benefiting from their terrible changes. From my couple of days of attempting to rebuild my barn I have noticed how few horses there are to buy.
It pains me to say this but as someone who loved the game as it was before and is pained to see what it has become, hopefully it will either sputter to a stop and be completely forgotten or just be shut down.
I’m not sure where all these bad reviews are coming from so I thought I better comment… I have been playing for a few months now and I am loving the game!
My latest player, Phantom, (now named RESIGNED) is now banned for a month because of my blog. However, ever since they started adding the animated graphics to the game, which I’ve been told they paid a good chunk of cash for, it sucks. I don’t know if the owner of this site has a lot of experience with online gaming, but the graphic they purchased to be designed are incredibly old school and sloppy. I also witnessed a mod telling young girl medicine cocktails they could take to cure menstrual cramps. I joined about a year ago and forgot about it, I went back on recently to find all my horses mysteriously disappeared and the site is much to glitchy.
Today, the users are mean are mean and nasty, the mods are indifferent to all, and you can get banned for telling a user that they shouldn’t be rude when they are cussing you out.
I used to be a very dedicated player, long before the magic shop, Kathy, and any of the genetics. If you love English riding you will enjoy this free online horse game with an active community of horse lovers. Family Farm PC, a 19th Century Setting farming game lets people of all ages become a farming tycoon and have fun expanding, building and developing the home, family, farmstead and animals. Tags: Challenging, Family Farm, Horse breeding, Horse farm, Internet, Sim, Take care of horses. Family Farm PC is a relatively low stress, Sim-like farming game that is engaging but not overly challenging.
When you start out you can choose from a number of different storylines, in mini-campaigns that all have a particular goal in mind.
If you upgrade your house, you may have room to add a baby, although you will have to wait a while before the baby can help on the farm. You have to keep a close eye on all the workers on the farm all the time to be sure that no one is tired or hungry. I really liked that there were so many meals to choose from like bacon and eggs or roast beef.
Girls interested in stables, taking care of horse and learning more about ponies and their breeding will enjoy this fun yet educational game that develops many mathematical and cognitive skills.
Get ready for adventures with Pauline and her friends taking care of their horses, riding them and try to save the academy from a surprising fate!

Play Free Online Games, Download Games Free for PC, Mac Games and Mobile Games for iPhone, iPad and Android. Tags: Adventure, Cross-country, Horse jumping, Horse life, Riding, Sim, Take care of horses, Train horse. There are many things to do with your horse in this game from going for a long ride on a beautiful trail to participating in cross-country, dressage and show jumping. Overall, this game was very fun to play, not too difficult to get the hang of and challenging enough to want to play again. Younger girls who want to learn about running a horse farm and how to make it successful by breeding and training their horses to be champions will be most interested in this game.
Secret of Shadow Ranch is a really fun adventure horse game, however, in the free trial version you get to play it for only 1 hour! If you love horses and are not afraid of some hard work, you will get a chance to rebuild your uncle’s ranch.
It feels though that this horse game is meant for a little younger audience as it is fairly basic and simple. You can tend your garden, care for animals, buy new land to expand your farm and even a horse. Players in the game can have different goals as there are many opportunities that are provided for them. The regular horses are over 100 in number and are in three categories of regular, pony and draft.
The goal is to advance to higher levels which is done by going to onea€™s stable and entering the horse into as many shows as possible. One of them is to build up their ranch by upgrading buildings, collecting raw materials, creating jobs on their ranch and hiring other players.
Sure, on occasion she bans people for what they should be, but the rest of the time she’s awful.
It’s awful, only the high leveled players earn enough to be even partially okay with it.
I used to look up a certain breed of horse that was for sale and search for days… now I look one up and if I’m LUCKY I get 2 pages! Like many of the reviewers I’ve read the review of on this game, I joined quite a while back, in 2010. I loved the pictures at the time, the amount of breed, and the fact that you could personalize everything on your page with layouts, pictures, and descriptions that really made your page YOU. I feel so strongly about the previous statement that if I ever decide to leave AVH, I won’t leave without voicing my opinion on their forums first.
I can’t buy more or even see the one horse I still have (which was at level 3 and somehow is now retired).
Great for older horse loving girls who enjoy horses and socializing with other players in a virtual world. Designed for even the younger generation of gamers, the game virtually combines different life situations and aspects of farming together into one great game that takes place in the 19th Century. Although this game requires some skill and multi-tasking, it is suitable for even younger gamers who enjoy planting something and watching it grow.
On Ozzoom Games at Planet Ozkids we are dedicated giving you the hottest games you can play on your PC, Mac or mobile device. My favorite is to go for a long ride and shop at the local shops, where there is a ton of things to purchase including cute riding outfits.
Pick a young horse and work with it so that you can earn some money to upgrade your property. As I could understand, there is no real story, rather it is just a bunch of challenges once can solve.
I really didn't like to steer with my mouse as it felt like I had not control over the game. The only problem is the game is kind of boring and the game doesn’t seem to have a main goal to it.
They can build a ranch for their horses, color virtual horses, play horse games, learn about the genetics of horses, train horses for shows and manufacture tack for competitions.
The magic horses are not breeds that are found in real life and can include mythological breeds such as Unicorn and Pegasus or made-up ones like the Winged Zebra or Ponypeg. Another path is to become a manufacturer and make tack for horses which can be sold on the market. They didn’t understand her, and I, knowing some French wanted to help get it through to the French player that chat was only for English speakers. I suppose the kindest player on the game was Jobob, but when he left everything seemed to go wrong.
Not only are they not aesthetically pleasing at all, they are so glitchy and cause browsers to crash.
I witnessed a mod mute a young girl because she asked for help three time, and they would only post her a link to the wiki, with nothing else said.

You can not seriously expect eight year olds to comprehend everything that was written by a fifty year old admin. How many girl could have done damage to themselves if they did do that right, or if they were allergic to content they knew nothing about. Whenever I tried to buy a rescued horse it would take my coins but wouldn’t give me the horse, I spent all my money trying to get one horse.
And although, some are indeed nice, many players, including myself, have been banned from chat or trade for not spacing out my advertising out right. The moderators do not help at all and if you misspell a word on chat, you are banned for up to the entire day. Because a user can play for free forever, and has a decent chance to get paid items every week. Each farmer has a certain skill such as cooking, working with animals, tilling the ground or chopping trees. Immerse yourself in an enchanted universe and ride through luscious forests and exotic deserts. Play games free in all the popular categories - Hidden Object Games, Puzzle Games, Time Management Games, Match-3 Games and lots more! Although you do not get to see the foal grow up because it shoots you ahead three years, it does not take away from the game at all. You can also purchase different items at the tack shop including clothing, treats, food and saddles.
The graphics are OK, with cute horse, but there isn't all that much to do when you play the game.
Some want to develop their skills with regards to horses while others just want to raise and have the best virtual horses and engage in online conversations with their friends. An important characteristic of any breed is its color and players learn how to generate the colors they want in their horses by learning about genetics and the colors of the parent horses. Gina, on the other hand, flipped out and banned everyone who tried to get it through her thick skull that THEY DONT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!!!!!!
I thought the horse images rocked, the community was helpful and the forum was quite alive. It was still a pretty good game until I tried to log on one day and I was blocked from the game because of an inappropriate blog. She couldn’t comprehend everything on that also terribly designed wiki paged, and asked for help again, and they muted her for the day, saying if she could spend that time figuring it out on her own. After coming back from a short break from the game, I realized that I was down to level 69 and a practiced rider! When you tell a player who has more experience then you that they are swearing, being disrespectful or breaking the rules; BEWARE: YOU WILL BE THE ONE WHO GETS BANNED! The farm workers need to cook the food themselves, so you have to be careful to keep a balanced number of people working and eating. Gain unique items on your fantastic rides, and unlock different horses for you to ride in this fun Action & Arcade game.
Training, grooming and mucking stalls are all very realistic, although they can seem to take a long time to complete. You can go out and walk with your horse, do grocery shopping and collect water for your horse, or even compete in pretty simple competitions.
Experience points can also be earned by working in a stable as a stable hand or a veterinarian. Although I am an adult player, I quickly grew fed up with al the drama and changed in the game. This game used to be fantastic back in the day, but the past few years, they’ve paid good money for absolutely TERRIBLE graphics. I can’t even have my own blog without it being constantly reviewed before anything is posted. A horse of mine I bought that was level 66 now has to wait until level 1000 to breed again (ridiculous!).
When I asked a mod about it, they simply said that the player is not allowed to have the rules on their blog because it may lead to bullying another player.
The game administers do nothing for the children, they do whatever they can to make the graphics better, or the money harder to get. Playing now is almost painful because I remember the good days, when we at least used to have a forum, too! I remember when you could get a horse for 10000 coins but now if you get one from the market, it is 500000 coins, which in my voice, is ridiculous.

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