Ayer mismo Apple lanzaba una renovada gama MacBook Pro Retina y ahora hay evidencias de que podrian tener algo mas entre manos, concretamente una actualizacion de la gama Mac Mini, la linea de ordenadores mas olvidad por la compania en estos momentos. Esta vez la informacion proviene directamente de la web oficial de Apple, mas especificamente de la web de soporte donde explican los requerimientos del sistema para utilizar Windows en un Mac con Boot Camp. La informacion ya ha sido retirada de la web de soporte de Apple, pero como podemos ver en la imagen que acompana estas lineas, entre el listado de equipos aparece un Mac Mini (mid 2014), es decir, un modelo de Mac Mini lanzado a mediados de 2014. Desconocemos si esto ha sido un error producido por el lanzamiento de los nuevos MacBook Pro Retina o si realmente en Cupertino estan preparando una nueva gama de su ordenador mas economico. Estaremos muy atentos y cualquier movimiento que haga Apple en su linea de ordenadores os informaremos. Suscribete a MactualidadSuscribete a Mactualidad y recibe toda la actualidad sobre los ordenadores Mac y ofertas especiales en tu email. We've been covering quite a few mini PCs lately, and there's one that always comes up in the comments: Apple's Mac Mini. Apple hasn't updated the design of the Mini since 2010, when it introduced the aluminum unibody design the computer still uses today. Those first aluminum unibody Minis had to make room for a few components that either have gone or are going out of vogue.
Apple could save a substantial amount of space by switching to these smaller drives, and it already has in almost all of its other Macs. There's certainly room for the Mini to get smaller, but Apple has a few compelling reasons to keep the Mini just the size it is. There's a chance Apple could ignore this and release a mini-er Mini that goes back to an external power supply. Apple's server software can really run on any Mac, so strictly speaking there's no need for a dedicated server product. Our final argument in favor of the Mini staying the way it is: the computer just doesn't get all that much attention from Apple. Like so much speculation about Apple's future plans, take all of this with a grain of salt—we don't know anything about a new Mac Mini that you don't know, so the best we can do is use Apple's past behavior to predict its future behavior. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. There is some breaking news coming out that Apple may stop the production of its Mac mini, but currently it’s just a rumor. AppleInsider has stated in a report that they have heard from respected sources that Apple Inc. According to Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider, “Even while at the top of its game, Apple Inc. Jade continued, “It comes as little surprise that sources, for whom AppleInsider holds the utmost respect, are now pointing towards the mini’s impending demise.
Apple Mac Mini is the only product from the company yet to be upgraded to feature the Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor technology.
To have the Apple’s Mac mini, next to a PC is ideal for those who work mainly with Windows. Afgelopen vrijdag, we liepen door Groningen, het klaarde lanzaam op van een natte dag naar een winderige middag. En dat doosje kon je vrolijk als een lichte handtas dragend door de stad heen dragen en thuisgekomen uitpakken. De muis was kennelijk te oud want de mac mini weigerde verder op te starten nadat ie geen muis had gevonden. De updates werden snel binnegehaald en ook het windows netwerk vinden en aansluiten was een peuleschilletje.
De glimlach kwam toen ik een uurtje later met putty op de mini mac zat ingelogd de backupscriptjes en netwerk connecties te zat te scripten in vi en crontabjes aan te passen.

En plus du nouvel iMac Retina 5K, Apple a egalement profite de sa Keynote d'hier soir pour lever le voile sur les nouvelles versions de son Mac Mini. La disponibilite des nouveaux Mac Mini est immediate avec un prix de 499 € pour la plus petite configuration, 699 € pour l'intermediaire et 999 € pour la plus puissante. Base sur une architecture simple c?ur cadence a 85 bpm en moyenne, il dispose de bonnes performances generales dans les univers de l'informatique et de la voiture connectee.
Si tenemos en cuenta que el Mac Mini no se renueva desde el 2012, lo suyo seria pensar que realmente pronto veremos una nueva version del ordenador de sobremesa mas pequeno de Apple.
El Mac Mini no es ni de lejos el equipo mas popular de la compania de Cupertino, pero sin duda se merece una renovacion para incorporar novedades y, al menos, introducir los procesadores mas recientes de Intel, mas memoria RAM y mejores chips graficos. Apple started selling tiny desktops with this name in 2005, and it's been the cheapest way to buy a Mac ever since. We have no idea when or even if Apple is planning to refresh the Mac Mini, or what that refresh will look like when it comes.
It ditched its slot-loading optical drive in the mid-2011 model, and 2.5-inch spinning hard drives are slowly receding not just from Apple's Macs, but from all high-end PCs everywhere. Some versions of Intel's Haswell chips integrate the system chipset on to the same package as the CPU, saving space on the motherboard and allowing for less complicated cooling fans. The company likes to make its desktops smaller and more streamlined, even if it comes at the cost of features some of its customers like.
Pre-2010 Mac Minis came with a power brick that was maybe a third of the size of the system it powered, and both the NUC and the Brix Pro are as small as they are because they include their own sizable power bricks. This isn't usually how Apple works, though—moving the power supply into the Mac Mini's chassis was presumably done for a reason, and when Apple makes design decisions like this, it doesn't usually reverse them.
Apple killed its Xserve rack-mounted server back in 2011, and the special "Mac Pro Server" configuration died with the old gigantic chassis.
But the Mac Mini Server (a consumer computer modified to be better-suited to server-y tasks) really seems to be made to run OS X Server (a consumer operating system modified to be better-suited to server-y tasks). The company doesn't usually break out sales of specific models, but we already know that iPhones and iPads outsell Macs by a huge margin, and we can safely assume that Mac laptops outsell Mac desktops since we know that to be the case in the wider PC industry.
If you want (or don't want) a smaller Mac Mini, duke it out in the comments below and we'll run a follow-up with your thoughts in a few days. It was launched as a solution for Switchers from the Windows platform that already had other hardware like the monitor, keyboard and mouse in 2005. Even zoeken, en uiteindelijk een nieuwere USB muis opgeduikeld en warempel, hij ging verder.
Comme pour l'iMac, pas de changement de design, seules les configurations evoluent avec l'integration de nouveaux processeurs Intel Haswell. Pour les deux autres versions, on peut selectionner un processeur i7 a 3 GHz (+300 € pour la configuration intermediaire et +200 € pour la derniere), 16 Go de memoire (+200 €). Le labo et les quelques 40 membres de la redaction des Numeriques testent avec passion et rigueur plus d'une centaine de produits chaque mois. The presence of faster, more tightly integrated chips makes it easier to cram even more performance into even less space than was possible just a few years ago.
But we can look at wider trends in the PC industry, at advances in CPUs and other system components, and at what Apple is doing with its other Macs to make a case for (and against) a mini-er Mac Mini.
Leaving out components like this is part of why NUC-like systems can get so tiny—there's no optical drive, and the smallest models omit any kind of 2.5-inch drive bay in favor of thin SSDs on small cards, like the ones you'd find in a laptop. In fact, even if the Mac Mini stays the same size, we wouldn't be surprised if it picked up a PCIe slot to accommodate these kinds of SSD cards, since the current Mac Mini's 2.5-inch SSDs only come in slower SATA III variants. If the Mini skips a generation of Intel CPUs, the next-generation Broadwell chips are sure to continue to expand on this trend.
We saw it first with the 21.5-inch 2012 iMac, which used a slower hard drive and removed its user-accessible RAM slots in the name of thinness.

To make the computer part of a Mac Mini smaller than the current one is wouldn't be difficult; to make one with an integrated power supply significantly smaller is more difficult. All three of the company's desktops completely eschew external power bricks and have for years. In lieu of those offerings, Apple will sell you a Mac Mini Server for $999 that includes a quad-core CPU instead of a dual-core one and a second hard drive installed in the computer's second drive bay.
Apple has given up on the enterprise server market, but offering a computer that's meant to be a server fills an important niche in its lineup, both for iOS and OS X-centric small businesses and Windows-centric IT shops that need to be able to manage a few iPhones or Macs.
It took five years for the Mini to get its first significant redesign, whereas most Macs are redesigned every three to four years. The Mac maker is constantly evaluating the market segments in which it wishes to participate and those which it does not. Most buyers of Mac Mini preferred to use it as a media device – a competence which is now fulfilled by the Apple TV product. Toetsenbordje en muis van zolder gehaald (usb modellen, iets anders slikt ie niet) en aanzetten maar. Ik had ook niet anders verwacht, maar ik stel het op prijs om mijn verwachtingen bevestigd te zien.
Les disques durs disponibles sur la seconde version sont le Fusion Drive a 1 To (+200 €) et un SSD de 256 Go (+200 €). Currently, the only chips with integrated chipsets are dual-core chips intended for Ultrabooks and high-end tablets, and Apple's current Mac Minis use standard dual- and quad-core laptop chips with separate chipsets. It happened again with the 2013 Mac Pro, which is still an incredibly powerful workstation but has given up most of its internal expandability to fit in its new case.
It's not a gigantic component, but it takes up space and generates heat that would both need to be accounted for.
Setting these drives up in a mirrored RAID configuration provides some basic data redundancy that should really be considered a bare minimum for a server product. A smaller Mac Mini that couldn't offer the same features wouldn't be as good of a fit, and the way Apple manages its supply chain means it will probably want to stick to using one chassis for every possible Mini. The Mini just isn't a big enough revenue generator to merit a ton of Apple's attention, and we think the company would take an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to the current design when adding Haswell or Broadwell CPUs.
It’s an application of love-hate methodology that inevitably produces its share of casualties. La derniere et plus puissante des declinaisons voit les frequences de son processeur grimper a 2,8 GHz.
Pour la plus puissante, on peut choisir entre un SSD de 512 Go en PCIE (+300 €) et un SSD de 1 To (+800 €).
As we see in the NUC, though, the Ultrabook parts have improved enough in performance that they could conceivably deliver decent desktop performance.
A new, smaller Mac Mini would probably still be a decent computer, but Apple is all about the PC-as-an-appliance. La quantite de memoire reste a 8 Go, tandis que le disque dur passe a la technologie Fusion Drive — SSHD a la sauce Apple — ou a un SSD de 256 Go en PCIE, au choix. Even fully fledged quad-core desktop chips like the Core i7-4770R can fit in a Mac Mini-esque chassis—you wouldn't necessarily have to sacrifice performance to make the computer smaller. The current Mac Mini has user-accessible RAM and two drive bays, but that's no guarantee that the next one will.

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