Simple and nice editing software, supports board video formats, really way more than iMovie. DVD Maker for Mac provides the perfect solution for you to create or burn DVD on OSX from almost any video file formats like MOV, MPEG, M4V, MKV and so forth.
Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac is the most easy-to-use yet powerful movie making software on Mac. The remake of Autodesk’s video editing software won awards at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters convention.
Autodesk is making Autodesk Smoke 2013 video editing software, a completely redesigned and repackaged pre-release version of its all-in-one video editing and visual effects tool for the Mac, available as a free trial download. Autodesk is releasing a free trial version of its redesigned Smoke for Mac video editing software. In mid-April, Smoke 2013 was introduced at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas to standing room-only crowds at the Autodesk booth and internationally, via social media and the AREA Virtual NAB. Video editing is a competitive market, with Apple, Adobe, and Sony only three of many companies with products.
Autodesk says the decision to radically redesign Smoke grew out of customer feedback and market research, in which the user community identified improved post production workflows and pipeline efficiency as vital to their business. Flexible System Requirements: Runs on most Apple iMac and MacBook Pro systems using high-bandwidth Thunderbolt storage and IO. Autodesk has created a YouTube Smoke Learning Channel with tutorials for those who download the free trial.
Stan Przybylinski: Played with one of these at the AVEVA World Summit in Dubai a few weeks back. Video editor Pro for Mac is an all-in-one video and photo editing and DVD burning tool for Mac. Besides, with this best video editing software for Mac, you can export videos to a wide range of popular video formats and portable devices for sharing and enjoyment, and you can also directly upload your videos to YouTube for sharing with family and friends. Highlight the video you want to edit and click the Trim, Crop, Rotate and Voiceover button  to start editing the video or click the gear under the video and choose the function you like. If you want to get several video parts, just click the trim button to add another mark and drag the slider to select the part you like.
Many free filter and text effects are provided for you to bring your videos to the next level instantly.
Filter: Choose from 34 professional filter effects and double click the one you like to apply to you video.
Video: You can adjust the video brightness, contrast, saturation, and deinterface to achieve the best video effect.
This video editor pro for Mac supports dozens of devices and formats, and you can also share your edited movies to YouTube and burn them to DVD. Windows Movie Maker (For Windows users): provided by Microsoft but is refused by the majority of Windows users for its unsatisfying features.
If you want a basic yet powerful editing app on your iPad, Avid is currently the best choice on the market, and at an unbelievably good price.
It has never been easier to edit videos on Mac - high compatibility with videos, photos and audios, handy editing tools, professional filters, stylish texts and transitions all make it outstanding.
Go to File > Import Media or just drag and drop photos, videos and audio files to the corresponding timeline tracks. A media browser is also available to import multimedia files from your iTunes library, iMovie, and other media sources. Highlight the video you want to edit and click the Trim, Split, Crop, Rotate and Voiceover button to start editing the video or right click and choose the function you want.
All video editing functions are done in the viewing window with real-time preview like below.
Auto Enhance: Tick the Enhance box in the video editing panel and the program will help you automatically enhance the image quality of your video.
Many free filters and text effects are provided for you to bring your videos to the next level instantly.

Effect: Choose from 80 professional filter effects and double click the one you like to apply to your video. The way to crop and rotate photos and videos are just the same as how to crop and rotate videos. Set photo duration: Click the item between the selected photo and then manually set the photo duration as you like.
You can add some title, effects and motions to your photos to make them outstanding immediately. Effect: Choose from 34 professional filter effects and double click the one you like to apply to your photo.
Motion: Double click the photo and select one of the motions you prefer and double click it to apply. Sometimes, you may like to add some background music to your photos and videos or insert some special sound effects. Face-Off: This effect will automatically add a funny face to the detected faces in the video clip. The PIP (picture-in-picture) feature allows you to embed up to 9 different overlay videos to the main video. Simply drag and drop the overlay elements to the timeline PIP tracks, and then double click the PIP elements to customize and refine them in further details. If you shoot a video in front of solid color backdrops, Green Screen tool can make the solid color transparent. You can import any video files into the program without worrying about the format restriction. With Movie Maker for Mac, you can add your digital photos and family videos to make home movies with background music. Autodesk says more than 3,000 people registered for the pre-release trial during NAB; registrations have continued at the rate of 1,000 or more per week since.
Autodesk says the three-month pre-release trial period will afford users the opportunity to not only experiment with the unified editing and effects workflow, but also to provide additional feedback to developers. In the Smoke pre-release trial, the ConnectFX workflow has been further streamlined to make it easier to add effects and navigate the powerful effects capabilities of Smoke. It is ideal Mac video editing software to edit and retouch videos with rich video and photo editing functions.
If you need, Mac video editor pro also enables you to burn videos to DVD for better video preservation. You can also click the icon which seems like a small clock to open the duration setting window and set the trimming begin and end time manually. Select the way you want to share your videos or randomly choose one since you can freely switch the tab in the Share window. And since iMovie is designed for Multi-Touch, all you have to do is tap, swipe, and drag to make some movie magic. The Avid Studio for iPad is an easy-to-use app that enables you to edit video, audio, and photos at the speed of your creativity. If you really dig video editing and want to take full control, you should get ReelDirector. The timeline is where you can add multiple images, transition effects, video clips, and audio tracks to it, and weave them into a new creative and blended video footage. You can transfer recorded videos from a video capture device or directly from the built-in iSight. Rotating 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise, flipping horizontally and vertically are all available. Double click to highlight the video you want to apply special effects and hit the gear icon on the video to choose the function you need. Like rotating video, rotating your photo 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise, flipping it horizontally and vertically are all available. For adding text and filter effects, the ways are the same as adding titles to videos and applying filter effects to videos.

To apply it, tick the option first, and then move, resize and rotate the axis on the left window.
Replace it with other phenomenal landscape or background, you can create studio-like special effects like the ones you seen on TV.
Open up the Green Screen menu, and use Chroma Key picker, click on the solid color background of the video to select the default Chroma Key color.
Click Formats to choose your target format, rename the file, and specify the output location on your Mac. Click YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook to fill in the necessary information and share your excellent video with others on these sites instantly. Click DVD to choose from DVD disc, DVDMedia, ISO and DVD Folder to output your videos, and then select the burning speed, destination folder, DVD title, video mode, video quality, etc. It enables you to trim, crop, rotate, add stylish titles, apply filter effects, insert transition and motion effects, etc. The beautiful retina display on the new iPad features a 2048×1536 resolution, which makes watching movies or reading books more fantastic. You can make beautiful HD movies anywhere with iMovie and share your finished projects with the world right from iMovie.
Swiftly arrange your clips in the Storyboard, make precision edits using the Timeline, and add high-quality transitions, effects, and a soundtrack. It is an easy-to-use and fun video editing app with powerful video editing tools like trimming, splitting, splicing, adding titles, special effects, music and transitions, etc. And then go through below tips on how to edit video, audio and photos using Wondershare Video Editor for Mac before you start.
You can switch to the storyboard mode by clicking the  button to look at the sequence or ordering of the clips in your project and easily rearrange them. Double click the transition between the clips to have a preview and set the transition duration freely. To add these three effects to a video clip, select the video and click Power Tool button in the middle tool bar.
Then share your movie directly to YouTube, Facebook, and more—or export your project to Avid Studio for the PC and continue editing with even more advanced tools. The Video Converter for Mac can also help you do some simple video editing like trimming, cropping, rotating, merging, adjusting videos, adding special effects, etc.
As you can see, you can also apply one favorite transition effect to all the clips or let the software do it randomly for you.
So you may have got some high definition videos on your new iPad and want to edit the videos? With the above video editing apps, you are sure to have an easy and absolutely perfect experience with your new iPad.
Alternatively, you can highlight the audio track and click the trim button or edit button on the tool bar.
Provide handy video editing features (trim, crop, merge, flip, rotate, add stylish video effects, etc) to edit the source video freely. There is a lot of video editing software for iPad and it might be a little hard to choose what are the best iPhone video editing apps. Advanced video settings such as video bright, contrast, saturation, crop, zoom, are available for customization. Here we list the 5 best video editing programs for iPad for you to edit videos freely and create spectacular trailers and thrilling home movies in minutes.

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