Platypus is an excellent utility that lets you turn virtually any script into a self-contained Mac OS X application. Using the app is easy, drag and drop a script onto the application, give it a name, assign an Output type (progress bar, script output, webkit view, etc), set drag & drop support or not, and adjust a few other variables as necessary. For a basic yet practical use case, build an app to perform a necessary repetitive task and add it to a users Login Items or put it in the Dock or Launchpad for easy novice access. Ola pessoal, como prometido no ultimo post venho falar um pouco de Ruby on Rails (RoR), como tarefinha do final de semana estou instalando RoR na minha maquina e vou monstrar para voces como fazer, sem mais delongas, start. O pacote ruby-full instala o Ruby completo, os seguintes sao para usar mysql e sqlite alem do ultimo que instala o necessario para compilacoes.

Windows nao possui nenhum gerenciador de pacotes nativo e tambem nao possui um compilador GCC como Mac e Linux possuem mas uma alternativa para a instalacao do Ruby e o One-click Installer. Concluido este passo tambem precisamos instalar o SQLite, que para facilitar prototipagem rapida, e o banco escolhido por padrao pelo Rails. Free and remarkably simple to use, Platypus will support just about any shell script, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Tcl, AppleScript, Expect, and even other scripting languages. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! O Rails e uma Gem, entao com o comando baixo tambem baixamos e atualizamos todas as gems incluindo o Rails.

The resulting application is completely portable and runs independently, letting you use the app on your own Mac or elsewhere, allowing for even novice users to perform complex tasks and run scripts that would otherwise be beyond their skill level to even execute.

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