The cake may be a lie but this deal is 100% legit and has to be the best offer I have ever seen, ever ever!
Until the 24th of May, Steam are offering the super awesome, fantastic Portal for just ?0.00! Portal is one of the smartest and most witty games I have ever played, not to mention fantastically fun to play. Unfortunately I already own Portal on two different platforms so it makes no sense to take advantage of this deal for me!
I might just uninstall the Orange Box from my lappy and download this anyway just for the support.
Thanks, I have actually just signed up to Steam after who knows how many years of putting it off. Purchase it I mean, Steam isn't like Live and PSN and you can download content as many times as you like from there. Written by gamers, for gamers, we'll also be delivering the juiciest news from the industry, cutting commentary, insightful articles and open, honest reviews. Inside Mac Games is the premier Macintosh gaming web site and magazine featuring exclusive sneak previews, demos, news, reviews, features, and more.

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After having played Planet Horse on my PC (works on Mac as well), I found it to be a pretty fun game , with good graphics and very cute horses.
By completing each challenge you get a medal, which in turn allows you buy more horses, equipment and clothes! There is a free trial, however, if you want the full game you will have to buy it.All in all, the game is fun and the graphics are good, but it's pretty thin on content, so you will get bored really quickly. This game does not have the best graphics and a little clunky in places, but a good game for someone who is just getting used a Nintendo system or gaming in general. Free full version sims 3 download - softonic, The sims 3: university life free icon description.
It's full of awesome little touches — at this (lack of) price it would be worth downloading for the brilliant ending-song alone. I'll never get tired of explaining to people the brilliancy with which Valve teaches you what to do or how to play the game, without cumbersome or boring tutorials (or worse: text tutorials), but using the gameplay itself to help you see for yourself, to play and experiment and discover all the things you can do. It feels though that this horse game is meant for a little younger audience as it is fairly basic and simple.

After taking the time to learn how to play it correctly, this game is a lot of fun and it is also challenging. It can seem very tricky at first but once you get the hang of the puzzle style you'll be zipping through the dimensions and finding yourself unable to get out of Portal Mode even when your computer is nowhere in sight.
Even taking into account the special levels unlocked once you complete the main game, it's unlikely to last you longer than a few hours, unless you really suck at it. As I could understand, there is no real story, rather it is just a bunch of challenges once can solve. I really didn't like to steer with my mouse as it felt like I had not control over the game. The only problem is the game is kind of boring and the game doesn’t seem to have a main goal to it. But considering that it was originally released as part of the Orange Box and now you can get your mitts on it for absolutely nothing, it seems churlish to pout too much at its brevity.  Let's just hope that Portal 2 will last a little longer.

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