You may have twigged to the fact that without a Firewire port the MacBook can’t do target disk mode as we know it. According to Geoff Winder Product Manager for Hardware at Apple Australia Target Disk Mode relied upon part of the Firewire standard which isn’t replicated in USB. Winder said that Apple now believes that there is no real need for Target Disk Mode anyway – there are alternative methods for everything people would want to do with it. This is definitely a debatable point — Target Disk Mode is a key part of the special sauce that makes maintaining Macs much easier than PCs and Migration Assistant does nowhere near as exact a copy as something like SuperDuper cloning between two Macs with one in target disk mode. According to Apple (not tested by us yet) the version of the system migration tool that comes with the new Macbooks is now considerably faster than it was before. Apple has made a big deal of changing from the Intel integrated graphics to the NVIDIA 9400M on the MacBook. The MacBooks may be running an Intel CPU but they’re not running an Intel controller chipset any more.
Then again the Mac product manager demonstrated the stiffness of the aluminium plate backing and also showed the screen flexing under some pressure without cracking. Coming from the point of view of someone who has never liked the chicklet keyboard on the MacBook the latest gen version of it is surprisingly good. Even comparing a Pro screen next to a standard MacBook screen with ideal viewing angle it’s clear that the Pro screen has considerably better colour vibrancy and contrast. MacBook Pro on the other hand seriously requires disassembly by an Apple qualified technician or you run the risk of damaging the case irrepairably as you try to prise it open adding to the cost of a hard drive upgrade by $100 or more. Apple is not providing any video port adaptors with either machine which is outrageous grab for cash considering this is the first machine on the market to come with DisplayPort Mini which means you WILL need a video adaptor to plug it in to an external monitor.
The MacBook Pro now has the same superb design for accessing the hard drive as the MacBook (described in point 10 of our list above).
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MacX Video Converter Pro delivers astounding YouTube downloading and converting performance on your Mac. Now there is a faster, easier, and more delightful way to record on-screen action on your Mac OS X. The Mac video converter software has a standout screen recorder feature, assisting you in recording anything shown on your screen conveniently. MacX Video Converter Pro features video recording that excels in creating video clips with Mac's built-in camera or externally connected camera. The basic functionality of taking a screen shot of a window or desktop in Mac OS X takes an complete image capture of the desktop and all open windows and running apps and dumps it to a unique file on the Mac desktop. Saving the captured image directly to the clipboard functions a lot more like the Print Screen feature in the Windows world.
One final thing to note here involves multiple monitors; screen shots that aim to copy the entire screen will copy all screens if the Mac is using multiple displays. This article is really aimed at newcomers to the Mac platform, particularly those that are migrating over from the Windows world. How the OS reacts to that key is a different matter entirely, but the key itself is just A KEY the same as every other key. Being one that used the Print screen button multiple times daily, I really like it being a button. If you have a mac keyboard hooked up while running windows (boot camp), I do not think you can screen capture with any combination of keys.

I’ll probably figure this out, but do this for me (which is trivial in a Windows environment). Years ago, I used nothing but Macs … but the mythology that Steve Jobs knew how things should work much better than the rest of us is pure nonsense. Yes, it takes longer on a PC to take a screen shot, paste into software where I can crop and resize it, then place it in its final location. The PC print screen may have a unique button on the key board, but you’d still have to paste that image in another program, then crop what you wanted, save that, then print. But simply hitting my ‘print screen’ button on my archaic Windows machine is clearly so much harder than hitting 3 buttons simultaneously!
Ridiculous nonsense written by a mac snob who seems to want to say anything to cast Windows machines in a bad light. I believe your are missing the crux –that it is simplifying the keyboard, not the command.
Ahem, why is that nobody cited the fact that using the System Preferences, in the Keyboard control panel one can redefine which keys and which “chords” are assigned as shortcuts to a function? I tried googling how to take a screenshot on Mac without having to play keyboard twister, but no dice. If you absolutely need to keep googling the directions every single time, then make a move to help yourself and practise it until you’ve got it memorised! I am running windows on a mac book pro in order to run some specific applicaitons — how do you take a screen shot while running windows on a mac book pro style keyboard? As one who switched about 4 yrs ago, Grab has helped me not have to remember the mac kbd shortcuts. Just imagine the size of a keyboard that only has buttons as specific as the print-screen key… Now THAT would be a dumbed-down interface.
The article covers the basics of capturing screen shots in Mac OS X, is there any other question you had, or a way that something could be clarified? Transforming Windows look into Mac OS is one of the most favorite tasks of all customization lovers. We have shared a few Mac OS transformation packs in past to make Windows OS look-like Mac OS, you can find them in our Themes and Wallpapers section.
After downloading extract the file using 7-Zip and you'll get a folder containing 2 DLL files and 2 BMP files. How to Restore “Close Multiple Tabs” Warning Message (Confirmation Prompt) in Mozilla Firefox? How to Add Program Shortcuts and Other Useful Shortcuts with Icons in Desktop Context Menu in Windows 7 and Later? 32 bit version is used by myself and 64 bit version is tested by a very well known member of Deviantart. There’s Boot Camp for backup and the Apple Migration Assistant for full-disk cloning. You can also pause it so that if you accidentally disconnect the two Macs from each other you can resume the process.
One particularly prominent one (resolved now) was with NFORCE 680i chipsets — the SATA controllers were actually causing disk data corruption. It sits next to the battery so all you have to do is pop the metal battery cover off undo one screw pull out the existing hard drive and slide the new one in.
This means that if you were prepared to jerry-rig it up you could actually take out the optical drive and put a second hard drive in there.
Note these are likely to be nothing too high tech — just a couple of paper dots stuck inside the machine which are chemically treated to change colour when they come in contact with moisture. The most expensive adaptor (DisplayPort Mini to Dual DVI) costs $AUD149 which is a considerable extra cost on top of the machine.
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If you’d rather not save the file to the desktop though, you can have it copied to the clipboard instead, which can then be pasted elsewhere just like what happens in the Windows world. That does not apply to the rectangular drawn box method, or to choosing a shot of a specific window rather than the full screen. Two other helpful tips for recent Mac switchers regard running Internet Explorer for Mac through various tricks, and understanding the Mac Task Manager known as Activity Monitor. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Perhaps if you can provide something as damaging as your comment, but actually useful, people would be inclined to read your opinions, since they wouldn’t then be toxic stupidity. I have been playing around with images and wasting a lot of time on this mac for something that could have easily been done on a pc, with simple screen shot and paint.
You sensitive types should learn to ignore trolls instead of getting butthurt over a drive-by comment. I fully appreciate using keyboard shortcuts, but in Mac-land, they are impossible to remember.
But at least I can remember the steps without having to Google it…which is how I ended up here in the first place. In the effort to protect users from clutter, they’ve introduced contorted and impossible-to-remember work-arounds as is evidenced by the suggestion that I practice this abstruse key combination so that I can remember it next time. I didn’t have access to my Mac referance books at the moment so this helped in a pinch. Like on a windows print screen and open microsoft paint and press Ctrl V (paste) and i’d have the picture. I find this so much more user friendly than the print-screen command with the PC which forces me to open it in Paint and crop it. Unlike Mac developers, PC developers understand that this is a command that most people use about every few months on average.
I know many people who love to convert each and everything in their Windows OS to look-like Mac OS whether its Windows theme, icons, boot screen, eye candy effects or wallpapers.
These transformation packs automatically modify system files to change Windows UI and to make it look-like Mac OS. Today in this topic, we are going to share Mac OS X "Mountain Lion" look-like login screen for Windows 7 users. After replacing DLL files and restarting your computer, you'll be able to enjoy new Mac OS X login screen in Windows 7.
Should you drop the machine and bend the aluminium or break the glass fascia you’ll have to replace the entire screen and top case.
Apple has made this abundantly clear by using 56 screws to affix the keyboard to the top case. It also enables you to download videos and music from 300+ sites and convert YouTube to MP4, MP3 for offline playback.
And the built-in High Quality Engine maximizes image quality dynamically to keep a good balance between speed and video quality, up to 98% quality reserved. As to DRM video, it's almost impossible to convert iTunes DRM video directly, but this video converter for Mac allows you to record iTunes DRM video without losing output quality, whereupon you can have the DRM-protected video played on any mobile devices as you like. However as my MAC doesnt have a print screen button, this also does not enable to print screen on my windows using the tips u have provided. Microsoft makes it simple and doesn’t waste time with pressing many different keys when you can just have one. And the thought of practicing the steps to reinforce memory (as another person has posted to this board) is just absurd.
If I can find more tips as useful as yours, maybe my brand new and very pricey Macbook Pro won’t have to become an expensive paperweight after all.
That's why we have shared a Mac theme for Windows 7 in past which can be downloaded using this link.
World's first video converter supporting Intel QSV hardware acceleration tech to greatly accelerate video conversion speed, 16X faster than before and no quality loss. This is both easier and much more powerful, given that there are ultimately six unique options to perform variations of the screen print. The good news is once you learn how to perform the print screen equivalent by capturing the desktop with a keystroke, they quickly understand why there isn’t a need to over complicate the keyboard with unnecessary buttons, plus get to experience the benefits of just having more options and control over what ends up being saved and how.
I, myself, print screen very often and do not want to waste time by clicking many buttons, saving it on desktop, then finding it on desktop, then cropping it and deleting the original. I bet there is a tool that supports just the same insane keyboard shortcuts as Mac provides.

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