Split, merge and trim your videos accurately and quickly with advanced timeline in a few simple clicks and easy drag and drop. Provide a list of useful editing tools including crop, rotate, effect, split, merge, trim, so that you can edit your however you like: crop the black sides, rotate videos taken with camera held sideways, etc.
You can directly publish your movie project to YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo to share your masterpiece with friends, family and even people around. Drag in a song from iTunes to create your movie soundtracks and cut the melodies to the length of your video content. Edit audio and video independently, so you can remove video noise or use the sound from one clip with the video from another.
More than 48 stunning transitions templates for users to add before, after or between the video segments with ease in the timeline. Adjust the audio volume or set the volumes of all the video clips to about the same level with volume control in audio editing window. You can view real-time effects in two side-by-side window, so you can make changes quickly until you are satisfied with the result. I have tried several Mac video editing software products over the last few years, and whenever someone asks me which product they should purchase to edit their home videos ita€™s really a no brainer anymore.
Thanks to your review, I purchased this product and can't wait to use it in our business studio. Your program is superior to others and your tech-support people is always patient and smart, keep good work.

A decent start for Sony's audio editor on Mac, though PC veterans may be disappointed at the missing features. Sound Forge, a powerful audio editor, is one of Sony's most successful PC applications - now at version 10, it's absolutely packed with features.
MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Video Editor Pro Mac allows you to edit videos,photos,audios with powerful editing tools, like trim, crop, or add title,filter,transitions, motions. Various effects and recording capabilities make Mac audio editing software accessible and versatile.
With this easy to use iMovie alternative, you can easily edit and share standard or HD movies. You can easily remove the original video soundtracks and add you own cool background music. However, rather than try and port it to OS X, Sound Forge Pro Mac 1.0 is a whole new build from the ground up. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. This Mac Video Editor has everything you need to quickly put together a few video clips, while keeping the confusing options to the least.
Powerful and easy-to-use, even you are Mac computer newbie, you can make funny and cool video for uploading to YouTube, facebook ,etc..

The self-explanatory options help you easily make movies in minutes to share everywhere even if you are not a Pro! However, the essence of the application is certainly there, as are a powerful set of bundled iZotope plug-ins, including their Mastering and Repair Suite, MBIT+ Dither and 64-bit SRC (sample rate conversion).
Or you can use the new event-based editing system, which lets you cut up and rearrange audio files, rather like you would on an audio track in a DAW.
Once again, saving renders a new file.For processing audio, 13 of the included processors (including timestretch, sample rate conversion and channel conversion) can only be used offline as 'one-shot' processes.
The file editor sits in the middle flanked by three further panes (left, right and bottom). You can fold these in and out with the view control (top right), and populate them with whatever combination of Sound Forge's nine tools you like. We found a preference for having the meters and browser on the left, the plugin chain and browser to the right, and the remainder at the bottom (where they become tabbed pages). You can view two files in the file editor at any one time, and any further opened files become tabbed pages in whichever editor is selected."The processing is great - we were particularly impressed by the accuracy and speed of zplane's timestretch algorithm"It all works very well indeed, making most basic file editing tasks very easy to complete.
What's more, the lack of CD mastering and batch conversion is frustrating - if you're a PC Soundforge user who expects these features, this could be a deal-breaker.

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