The history of viruses and computer security is interesting and dynamic, starting with geeky pranksters and evolving into a multi-billion dollar business.
Following is a brief visual history and timeline of the most significant Macintosh viruses. 1994: The short-lived INIT-29-B virus modifies system files and other applications, sometimes crashing the system. While the risk isn’t nearly as prevalent on the Mac landscape, the threat of Macintosh viruses is real.
Malware attacks targeting Macs should have made it abundantly clear that Mac owners can no longer go without an antivirus.
Given the long-time perception that Macs don’t need antivirus protection, you may not have budgeted for such a purchase. Norton’s iAntivirus (Free) is a lightweight model that specifically performs on-demand virus scanning, without on-access or scheduled scanning. Comodo Antivirus for Mac (Free) and Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition version 8 (Free) are straightforward solutions that scan on demand, on access, and on schedule. Social engineering threats like phishing work by fooling the user, independent of the computer platform or operating system. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac ($39.95 direct) focuses specifically on blocking access to fraudulent sites. While quite a few of the Mac antivirus products stick to malware protection, others offer a range of additional security features. VirusBarrier and F-Secure Anti-Virus for Mac ($39.99 direct) both offer firewall protection along with antivirus. In general, Mac antivirus products don’t seem to update as often as their PC counterparts.
If you are really losing your important files from your Mac, you can get the technical support about Mac lost file rescue on our site. In this guide we intend to help you decide what the best antivirus for your Mac is and whether it needs one or not.
However, malware for OS X, even though in limited number, does exist, despite the fact that Macs are a lot safer from internet attacks and viruses than PCs. We analyzed six of the most known and best antivirus for Mac and we will present you with short reviews that will help you decide which program offers the best protection for your computer.
Avira for Mac is a very capable antivirus suite that doesn’t slow the Mac as much as other antivirus software. The Avast antivirus for Mac is free and provides appropriate protection against malware for your computer. The Cyber Security suite from ESET is perfect for users that wish to optimize and tweak their Macs. This antivirus software works really well and is constantly being updated by its developer. Mac Internet Security from Intego is very simple to install and causes minimal slow-down on your Mac.

The Internet Security for Mac from developer Kaspersky provides adequate performance but tends to be a bit unstable.
Out of the six antivirus programs we’ve tested, Kaspersky was the most disappointing one and our two favorites were Intego’s Mac Internet Security and ESET’s Cyber Security. Detox My Mac is award-winning Macintosh cleaner and anti-virus software that drastically improves your Mac’s speed, reliability, performance, and more importantly - guards it from malicious malware and viruses. Drastically speed up your Mac by removing leftover files, settings and folders from previously uninstalled and moved applications.
Remove unused language files for applications and your system Mac, helping free up masses of disk space. Free up space by blasting all unnecessary files left in the trash can and downloads folders for multiple apps and systems. Scan every inch of your Mac and remove cache files safely to help speed up and optimize your system. Speed up and clean up your Mac by deleting unused history files for browsers and applications.
Fortunately (whether by design or destiny), Macintosh viruses have been noticeably missing.
While (thankfully) not as epic as the volumes of PC viruses, the history of Mac viruses is an exciting chapter, complete with unexpected twists, self-replicating elk, random pickles and even hit dance songs from the '90s.
The boot sector virus spreads itself on Apple II computers via infected floppy disk, and results in a short poem showing up every 50th boot.
Fortunately, a hacker would pretty much have to have control of your Mac already to use it. Luckily, there are professional security solutions available, including Mac antivirus software.
On the plus side, it can detect and remove Windows malware as well as Mac-specific threats, so your Mac doesn’t serve as a carrier. It relies on the open source ClamAV engine and aims to please the more technically inclined user.
Trend Micro checks over 50 million IP addresses daily and offers three levels of protection. VirusBarrier also offers a private data protection feature, to help avoid inadvertent transmission of user-specified personal information. Of the twelve products in this roundup, just four experienced significant updates: Panda, Sophos, Trend Micro, and VirusBarrier. We tested six antivirus programs and analyzed the best and the worst features they have to offer.
On the other hand, it has also been said that Macs, like any other computers connected to the internet, are a target to malware and cyber-attacks.
Macs are certainly not invulnerable to all cyber-attacks and thinking that they are indeed immune is very dangerous.
The operating system is based on UNIX which means that there are various securities already built in it, like the way the data and executable code are stored inside the system in different folders.

On top of this, the family-owned German company doesn’t seem to be monetizing on its freemium model by forcing the user to purchase additional data for the antivirus. Avast does a great job in monitoring Mac malware but our tests show that it can slow down your computer when the software is running in the background. Even though it was the slowest in scans, the software doesn’t have a real time component that will slow down your day to day work on the computer. Detox my Mac has been featured and reviews on MacTrast, CNET, Tucows, and is trusted by major corporations worldwide. And while the threats for Mac are few and far between, they’re not completely nonexistent.
Our reviews and articles on Macintosh antivirus, virus scan, virus protection and more will help you learn the features and benefits of the best Mac antivirus software. Free Antivirus for Mac (Free) omits scheduled scanning, but does scan for threats in email.
It does scan email, but in place of full on-access scanning it just scans each new file that appears. However, quite a few Mac antivirus solutions include some type of Web reputation reporting, to steer users away from dangerous or fraudulent sites. Intego blocks fraudulent and malicious sites and also protects against Web-based attacks such as cross-site scripting and malicious JavaScript.
VirusBarrier now scans for Windows malware passing through your Mac system, and Panda added scheduled scanning. Some of the earliest known viruses started on Mac computers and new malware still pop up every now and then, even for Mac OS X. Most come from the familiar vendors who make the security software for your PCs; a few are Mac-specific.
Sophos’s latest edition blocks access to known malware-hosting sites and scans all downloads.
You can see at a glance whether the site is safe or dangerous, with an indication of how many votes support the rating. It is true that the Mac OS X is far from being the number one target of criminals as virus developers are more interested in infecting and controlling computers for profit. Avira Free Mac Security (Free) detects both Mac and Windows malware, and does offer on-access and scheduled scanning. So these developers focus more on platforms that are used by a wider audience and that are more vulnerable and less secure, such as Windows PCs and Android mobile phones.

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