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Magento has a great built in feature to allow customers to compare products side by side as they browse your store. The missing piece with the Magento compare has been the ability to create comparison pages similar to how apple presents comparison pages for their MacBook models, ipads models, and iMac models. Using the Product Comparison Magento Widget by Iceberg Commerce, you can embed product comparisons and embed them anywhere on your store. The biggest problem of Retina-based MacBooks is the small number of applications optimized for them.
In our case, the native applications satisfied all our needs, so Microsoft Office was the only disappointment. Websites in Safari looked even better on this model than on the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, with artefacts being less visible.
In general, if you mostly work with office suites and can switch from Microsoft Office to Open Office or Apple iWork, your Retina experience will be quite satisfying.
After the 13 inch Macbook Air has been launched, the main question which is running in every mac laptop lovers mind is to go for which Mac laptop?? The answer to this question certainly depends on the kind of use you want to do with your mac laptop. The lesser difference in price is an advantage for pro lovers, as they can only increase their budget to a little more, to get that pro retina model whose price was on the higher side in early 2014.

Due to the retinal display technology, movies, photos and videos are more rich, has splendid view, and amazing colors to watch for. For any other model, you may have to settle down with less, or with a change in the configuration. As far as wireless connectivity is concerned, MacBook Air laptops are not far away from Macbook Pro retina model. However for video calling, movie watching, photo storage, the Macbook Pro retinal display stands out due to its amazing graphic design. Otherwise if you need a smart, reliable, performance oriented and with a longer battery life companion to help you in work, Macbook Air is your choice. Kodak Camera Error – “Memory card cannot be read (please format card or insert another card)” – Solved!
The low resolution in Cyberduck or Transmission was not a problem, because these application run in background most time. Obviously, a website design bug, but you should be ready for these to pop up elsewhere as well since not every website is "optimized" for such a high display resolution. Again, bear in mind that third-party software is still poorly optimized for such outstanding resolutions. But before you make any decision, let’s see the pros and cons of each one to help you find a better choice. The 13 inch and 15 inch Macbook possess better and wider connectivity than the 11 inch Macbook air.

If you want to stay up to date, like to experiment with new features and specifications, enjoy music, videos and gaming then Macbook pro retina model is your choice. She loves to write on latest trends in data recovery, technology, Software, latest gadgets etc. This update, along with having an inconveniently long name, addresses hanging issues experienced by some customers using the new 13″ MacBook Air. This update is a whopping 461KB in size, and can be acquired through Software Update located in the Apple menu. But when it comes to choosing between Mac products itself, the decision is a bit challenging. This update addresses a very specific issue wherein the a customers MacBook Air might freeze up when using iTunes.
This MacBook Air is the best choice when someone only wants to do serious work, study, working with documents, emails etc.

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