I believe the most graphical game possible would be like Quake III Arena but thats only in my opinion. If you optimized it to the point even better than the developer, I imagine you could make a decent game. Game Maker user since the beginningOnline Music Portfolio - High-Res Wallpaper I speak before I think. I've spent the last 5 years or so working on what will be the best FPS ever seen in Game Maker. The point is that Game Maker's users are mostly 12 year old kids, while users of - for example - Unity3D, Leadwerks or whatever software that is a bit more professional(and harder to learn), are probably a bit older. Side scrolling video games are great and you can learn a lot about game making with them but you probably want to make some 3d games where you can actually walk around in a world and interact. Here is the official website for Reality factory - This is where you can download the free software and learn more about it.
The Workspace has many different menus, tools and areas but for now take a look at the four large squares in the center.
Yes, you can add water, make it ripple, make it transparent, you can have your character sink or walk in it or walk right on top of it. After you have built your world, and worked with the textures and the lighting you then have to insert your monsters, animated objects and your player. A look at video game design - This shows you the process of how a game is designed and I take you from idea to game.
How to write a video game players guide - Writing a guide is an easy way to start learning about how games are made.
Game Development Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professional and independent game developers. My plan is to start from an really old game and build my way up to todays graphics and games.

Basically what I am asking is how to make lets say a cutscene between one game and another. I have messed a bit with Unity and XNA both of which force you to develop in a 3D environment, even when making 2D games. I would definitely learn how to make 2D and 3D games separately first THEN learn how to transition since you would know more about both.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged 2d 3d or ask your own question. To give you an idea of the time investment required though, take a look at my GMC Jam submission.
Of course, there are (a lot of) exceptions, I know.When a 12-year old kid, downloads the FPS example Mark made, and changes the textures, makes new levels, and publishes it, we all agree that it is a bad game. So for example start with Pong and then go to Space Invaders, then go to Zelda and Super Mario. That or you could create your game in 3D then force the camera to render orthographically and restrict game movement in the x and y plane.
Trying to keep up with the bleeding edge of technology using GM's 3D is always going to result in sub-par and dated-looking games. If you have done some work with the side scrolling games you have learned a lot of concepts that will apply well to 3d game making. There isn't exactly an easy way to change a game from being 2D to 3D since both perspectives require radically different design and control. If you're looking on how to make a 2D game, there are several tutorials out there that aren't hard to find. Using a proper 3D program, that would have taken a day.Just keep in mind that Game Makers 3D is not easy. As you get better at game making you will want to create your own textures, graphics, models and players into the game.

It requires you to do a great deal of optimization on your own, and if you want animation you need to create your own system for it. So instead, I think it's best to go simplistic and stylized (like Aces High Over Verlor Island, for example).
In the workspace you can change the shape of this room, change its size, add textures and colors to it then put all sorts of things in it like monsters, players, furniture, paintings or whatever your mind can imagine.
That games animation system works with .OBJ files, and operates with them similar to how the MD2 model format works. Of course you can make more rooms, make outdoor spaces underground lairs, caves and then stitch them all together and have a complete world! If you are serious about game making I would recommend you download the FPS Creator software and start using it.
Each obj file is a frame of animation, and they are played one after the other just like you would play a sprite's animation.
Some of this takes time and work and some of this is nicely automated to make your job easy. In other words, GM doesn't support skeletons and skinning, so you have to find ways to make due. And one of the most important parts of this game making is development and use of textures. Reality Factory has a very robust set of tools that will enable you to make and use lots of textures in your game.

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