How to Make a Ballroom Competition Dress DVD Collection consists of six DVDs that are designed to teach you how to make your own ballroom competition dress. We know that to create a cover for a DVD cover requires a powerful image editing program; such professional tools like Photoshop or Corel.
You need RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker a€“ a multifunction program for creating CD covers, labels and box inserts. Run the RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker by clicking on the icon on your Desktop or in the Start menu. Creating a new document with the Template Generator to create a document from a custom-size DVD cover template.
The document already contains a background image and four text objects (4 titles and a list of items). To change the background image of a DVD cover, click on the button 'Load' in 'Properties' window, which is located on the right side of the screen.
The image will be automatically adjusted and cropped to the size of the DVD cover template.

To insert an Image or a Clipart object into a DVD cover, click the 'Image' or 'Clipart' item in the 'Insert' menu or on the 'Objects' toolbar of DVD cover maker.
To insert the text into a document click the text item in the 'Insert' menu or on the 'Objects' toolbar. The program RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker can also draw geometric shapes (Lines, Rectangles, Rounded Rectangles, Ellipses). To add a rectangle into a DVD cover, click a rectangle item in the 'Insert' menu or on the 'Objects' toolbar. To print a DVD cover or insert click the 'Print Item' in the 'File' menu or on the 'General' toolbar.
It just remains for you to fold and insert the printed DVD cover in the DVD box for the disk. He has had the privilege of designing outfits for some of the top dancers in the world such as Vibeke Toft, Allan Tornsberg, Sammy Stopford and Barbara McColl. To apply text formatting for all text forms, select all previous objects by holding down the 'Shift' button on your keyboard.

Text properties are presented in the following sections (Text, Font, Alignment, Placement, Blending). It is much easier to use our specialized DVD cover creator that contains all the tools you need for this task.
Here you can select the part of the image that you want to see in the background of your DVD cover. Double-click the template thumbnail or click the 'OK' button to load the selected DVD cover template. It will allow me to construct one of a kind competition gowns that are on of a kind and suit me perfectly!

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