Wanna make a Christmas photo slideshow DVD for enjoying on TV or DVD player with music and transitions? This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged burn christmas slideshow to dvd, create Christmas slideshow DVD on December 10, 2012 by Sarah Jablich. Torrent DVD Creator is a powerful DVD creator, DVD burner, DVD converter, and also a DVD movie maker. Allow you to define audio track features, including the file source,the language kind and the play oder.
Step-by-Step working panel, Torrent DVD Creator is clear and easy for anyone without a tutorial. Besides all the function mentioned above, Slideshow DVD Creator also have many other functions, such as set order for images and songs, select transition effect for images, or make texts into the photos and so on. DVD Photo Slideshow is absolutely a good choice to burn your photos to DVD with kinds of effects.

Christmas Photos, you’d better put all photos you want to use in a folder on your computer hard drive.
Actually, the software will apply random transitions to photos, however, you can change transitions . If you want to play the Slideshow DVD on TV, you need to choose “NTSC” or “PAL” under “TV System”. Torrent DVD Creator also has prepared some DVD menu templates of special occasions, like wedding, Christmas, birthday,etc. All-in-one DVD Converter, converts AVI to DVD, MPEG to DVD, DivX to DVD, DV to DVD, VOB to DVD, FLV to DVD, WMV to DVD, 3GP to DVD, MP4 to DVD and MOV to DVD. In Style column, press the browse button to edit subtitle style,the present version only can edit .srt format subtitle.
How on earth did Emily make it onto the series 1-6 dvds front cover when she wasn't in them series lol?

But it will even better to make these photos into a slideshow, and burn it to DVD for sharing with families and friends. There are themes for slideshows about Birthday, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Graduation and others. For a Christmas slideshow DVD, you can choose a Christmas menu or import a Christmas image and Christmas song as background music. Just add the photos and songs you likes into the soft, and add transition effects, themes, DVD menus, and so on into the photos, a professional-looking slideshow is done for you to burn to DVD. With a Step-by-Step working panel, Torrent DVD Creator is easy and clear for anyone to use.

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