Your party guests will be so excited when they hear they're about to star in their first music video!
Ask the children who wants to be in the video, who wants to film the video and who wants to do other things. Ask about our cold air blasts, confetti cannons, stages & scrims.A We can accomadate any crowd as big as you can imagine. Our new digital Graffiti Wall excites guests and gives them the ability to express their own artist creations on a larger then life canvas.
Americas hottest new challenge Compete and Have Fun Playing Guitar Hero Giant Video screens and monster sound systems. Anyways, you are no more than a basic b*tch if you haven’t familiarized yourself with YG or the HARDfather himself, Gary-HARD-Destructo-Richards. It doesn’t get more exciting than knowing you have the opportunity to make your own music video at your hen party. We have worked hard to make sure our hen party activities are fun, so that in the future you’re able to look back on them fondly. Once you have chosen the song you want to dance to, our talented choreographer will create a routine that all the girls will be able to learn.
Our Policies Magic Steps offer a wide range of affordable dance classes and activities for hen parties, birthday parties, kids parties and corporate team building events.
It's up to you if you want the birthday child to be the star of the video or if everyone lip synchs in unison.

You'll be surprised what the children come up with, for instance someone may want to be in charge of lighting or props. For instance, they may just want to jump up and down and sing or they may want to film additional scenes of the dog running around or balloons floating in the air. If not, then do this after the party and mail each child a copy of the video when you send out your thank you notes. This system comes with a giant field of inflatable bunkers, tons of places to hide & take cover!A 10-12 Ball Launchers that shoot up to 100 feet, sound system with adrenaline pumping music. After we snap an individual or group photo, guests easily paint on the photo just like a coloring page with a realistic spray paint. Phantom Drive-In Theatres feature AC-3 Digital Surround Sound, gigantic rear-projection video systems. 16,000 + Lipsync and Karaoke Songs Dating from 50's to present-Gigantic Costume and Prop Dept-Microphones for live singing-Free DVD of each act-Free Master Copy for your organization.
The music video which consists of booty clapping strippers, twerking, and rain making provided by YG, Gary Richards and friends.
In reality, you have to recognize that these two individuals are running sh*t behind the scenes of sunny Los Angeles and if they want to party up on a party bus, best damn believe they will, and of course make it G approved as possible. This track and music video serves as another steeping stone to the conjoining of the two genres, as we can now happily add YG to the plur list of rappers gone clubbing 2014.
Having an actual re-playable memory of your hen party is an exciting prospect, and here at Magic Steps we have made this possible for you.

You pick your town, and we will make sure to create your music video party around your schedule. Making sure it looks and feels like the music video of the song you have chosen, if that is what you are after. We at Magic Steps are giving you the option to do just that, because we recognise how appealing it could be.
Providing specialist instructors for each of our fun and engaging activities which include; dance class activities, cocktail making, cupcake decorating and pop video experience.
Use your best judgment but also ask the children if any of them want to be in the spotlight or the background of the video. Comes with HiTech lighting, Giant up to date DVD music video library, fogging, pan and tilt IMAG cameras, and Video DJ. This is your hen party, so you will have the power to make the final decision about all the important decisions.
The iconic dance routine is one our talented dance instructors will be able to teach to all the girls. Not only is it a rewarding endeavour, it will also be a memory that can be replayed over and over.

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