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This posting is part of the online Encyclopedia of Cartooning under the subject heading, Animation. Seeing the fantastic examples by Mary Blair, Milt Gross and Jack Kirby reminded me how UN-designed many animated films and print cartoons are today.

When I went to design school, I don’t remember any real serious analysis of compositional techniques beyond the most basic principles.
I dug through my reference shelves and pulled another invaluable lesson from the Famous Artists Course. The Famous Artists Course was created in the mid-1950s by Norman Rockwell, Rube Goldberg and Albert Dorne, among others. This title is unavailable for purchase as none of our regular suppliers have stock available. EnderFTWPlaysMC, sory man, Im running outa drawing juice, and my 80's slang is coming back, man. Mark Kennedy has a great post on Rhythmic Composition that you’ll want to check out too.

This section details the production process, including great pictures and artwork from Terrytoons in the late 30s.
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In methodical fashion, the famed illustrators Albert Dorne, Norman Rockwell, Al Parker, Peter Helck, Austin Briggs, Ben Stahl and Fred Ludekens team up to break down the nuts and bolts of what makes a picture work.
I dunno but you shouldn't be jealous of anything because you'll be able to do whatever you want when you're older, alright?

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