After the test takers have passed an exam, they get their scores and they want something more to prove their achievement. After the test-takers received the certificate, they could save it in their computer or they could print it. The name of the test-taker, the score and the title of the quiz would be filled in the reserved fields. Besides the attached certificate generators the quiz makers have, there’re some separate certificate generators online the quiz makers could make use of. With these tools, you could make Fill in the Blank quiz integrated with multimedia and publish the quizzes to web, LMS or excel, etc. Finally I want to say if you really want to make your Fill in Blank quiz more attractive, you need to think up more creative ideas before you start to make the quiz.
Didn't' we have a nightmare along similar lines about exactly this situation occurring recently? Wondershare QuizCreator Online is one of the professional quiz creating tool, which includes a function to allow quiz makers to generate a customized certificate. When a test-taker has completed a quiz, a certificate would be generated automatically if he or she passed.
However the system can’t automatically distinguish if the test-taker has passed or not, which means it will also generate certificates for those who fail.
Of course you need to choose the right certificate generator with the consideration of the quiz creator. Quiz Point allows you to post games and quizzes to the internet quickly and easily—without engaging IT, and without complication.

So here I will first talk about several ways to make online fill in the blank quiz and make your fill in the blank quiz more attractive.
For example, I once saw a quiz online which leave the punctuations as gaps for test takers to fill. Has Sony somehow been recording our nightmares!Whatever, Sony tells us that "If previous Buzz! After you sign in to QuizCreator Online, click “certificate”, then “create certificate template”.
The most important thing is you need to give the test-takers encouragement and give them a feeling of accomplishment. If you have some basic knowledge of webpage making, you could choose to write Javascript to make Fill in the Blank quiz for web. The process of making Fill in the Blank quiz with ProProfs is basically the same with QuizCreator, just a few clicks and edit.
I don’t have the time in this instance to totally read your site but I have bookmarked it and also signed up for your RSS feeds. The bracketed fields will be automatically filled in after the quiz takers complete the quiz. Game creation is a snap, posting your quiz to the web takes ONE CLICK, and our unique, no-hassle invitation wizard lets you get the word fast.
Sometimes you just need to have this kind of innovations in order to make the old fashion Fill in the Blank quiz a new fashion. Buzz!: Quiz TV gives you instant access to almost any subject you can think of, and will be supported by vast downloadable and user-generated content.

In fact, many online quiz creators or quiz creation software allow test makers to create certificates for test-takers.
Plus, Quiz Point features a robust learning management system that lets you track how each participant answered each question, which questions were most frequently missed, and more!QuizPoint isn't just a powerful assessment tool, it's also a lot of fun. Now Hot Potatoes announce that they will release a freeware version for all users on September 1.
In addition to an engaging Q&A Quiz, QuizPoint offers a Hollywood-style game format to provide a slick, captivating playing experience. Participants get instant answer feedback, and playing the game is an easy, intuitive experience. Flexible, feature-rich and fast!With QuizPoint, you can create a game in minutes and customize it to your specifications. We thought through every aspect to deliver a powerful yet intuitive software solution to let every trainer produce quizzes right "out of the box". This means that we're working like mad to add even more layouts, formats, game and quiz formats.

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