In this tutorial, I show you how to make a fun cascading text effect shown below using Cinema 4D. Unique feature of this service is that it is integrated with Facebook, thus you can upload your Facebook album photos to create animations. Supports multiple photos with different formats (jpg, gif, png, bmp and more) for creating animated gif. On its interface, you can either drag n drop photos, or can simply use upload photos tab to upload images from your computer. You can draw anything with the selected color and can even add text to your input images to make your output gif more beautiful. Once you have added text and drawing to an image, then you can save it and close the pop up window. If you like your animation, then you can download it, or can get direct link or HTML code for your animated gif. Make Animation Online is a nice service that can help you to create a beautiful animated gif with multiple photos. After you finish making the light box or buy one, you must prepare the other animation supplies: pencils, erasers, animation paper and the exposure sheet.
The first part of the equipment preparation for the “make your own cartoon” studio is completed.
Those were the steps for creating your own cartoon using traditional animation techniques combined with some necessary cartoon animation software. It is an easy to use online gif animation maker which provides simple tools (free hand drawing tool) to edit your input photos to create nice animated gifs.

Moreover, no sign up, no email verification, and no other process is required to use this service.
And if you want to upload your Facebook photos, then you need to sign in with your Facebook account. But if you want to enhance your animation and want to adjust output size, speed, background color etc., then you can use available options for that.
After performing the changes, hit the same Make Animation button and it will provide output animated gif to you. I also show you how to light the scene by using some reflective white cards and my upcoming Studio Light Kit.
Once after creating an animated gif, you can save it to your computer and can also get HTML code for your webpage. Once you have uploaded photos, then you can simply hit the Make Animation tab and it will generate gif animation for you with default settings.
There are some very professional devices available on the market for capturing the drawings.
The vertical lines divide the sheet into 4 columns and the horizontal lines define frames of animation. In traditional animation not only all the key-frames are drawn by hands , but so also all the in-between frames.When drawing by hand animators usually work with a 12 frames per second system. So if you completed the 5 steps below or just decided those are too complicated , you are welcome to try and create cartoon characters and animations using 2d animation digital techniques or to make animated films with the help of 3d animation software. It also provides a direct link for each of your animated gif which you can share with your friends.

Although you can directly work with it, but if you create a free account with it, then it will also save history of all the animated gifs created by you. Those are really easy to use and worth buying if you  decide to make your own cartoon few more times. So you have to draw quite a big amount of frames just for one minute of animation.Many books are dedicated to the art of drawing traditional animation and it would be best to read few of them before you start working. It contains the page number, scene number and scene name .The first column of the exposure sheet is used for comments. A list of recommended books with short descriptions is provided on the cartoon animation books section of the site. The programs are relatively simple and walk you through the process of organizing your frames and running the animation on the computer.
A peg bar is usually made from metal but you can also purchase a plastic one for a better price. An animation disk is a necessity ,it will enable you to change positions while working on frames.

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